November 15, 2019
  • 6:18 pm Gaffi fi Debbii Oromoo orthodox Church malif jarun barachise Sher Walli godha.
  • 6:18 pm Holy Rites of the Eastern Orthodox Church
  • 6:18 pm The Ritual
  • 6:18 pm SIGNIFICADO DEL OJO TURCO ~ Ritual de Protección
  • 6:17 pm The Power & The Glory – Hillsong Worship
Astrology, Psychics, Kundalini, Spiritual Energy; Truth or Confusion ?!?!

hello it's good to be here with you all Sunday evening just a couple of quick announcements you know one just a really big thank you to everyone offering donations especially thank you to ivy Taylor bush Tatyana Lee Jones a sim I hope I'm saying your name right Mary Ann and and Kathryn yes […]

My Spiritual Awakening (Part 1)

one of the most frequently asked questions I get is to talk about my own personal spiritual awakening when it happened how it happened and so on I was at dinner the other night with a girlfriend and she I was telling her she's having one right now and I was telling her about mine […]

Top 10 Spiritual Teachers on Youtube

the top 10 spiritual speakers on YouTube in my humble opinion these 10 individuals are among the greatest speakers of life and spirituality on YouTube listening to each of them has really just been so tremendously helpful on my own journey so making this video is more of an attempt to share that wisdom rather […]