September 22, 2019
  • 7:14 pm Why Do Non-Jews Have a Special Appreciation of Jews?
  • 7:14 pm What Is the Role of Jews in the World?
  • 6:14 pm Scripture and Tradition with Fr. Mitch Pacwa – 2019-09-17 – 09/17/2019 Mail Bag Show
  • 6:14 pm 10 Things That Will Happen When JESUS RETURNS!
  • 6:14 pm Real Christians DO NOT SIN
Koolaid Cults and Eyebrows – The Antichrist and His Shameless Lack of Eyebrows

Social media spectacularly reveals how uncreative and unimaginative so many people are, and how unaware they are that every thought they have ever had has already been thought, and everything which they think is new and clever is actually really old, stale and boring, and been done countless times before. In the UK, there was […]

OSHO: My God! There Is No God!

silence shared in words presents My God! There Is No God! Do you consider yourself a god? My God! There is no God, so how can I consider myself a god? God is the greatest lie invented by man. Why? Because man feels so helpless, so afraid of death, so burdened with life’s problems. Because […]

Facts, fiction, or freedom? | Deborah Johnson | TEDxBerkeley

Translator: Tanya Cushman Reviewer: Peter van de Ven I was in prison. I’d been in Pleasant Valley State Prison, Fresno, California, many times before. This particular time, I was there for an interfaith celebration sponsored by the Muslim American Society. We’re in D yard, visiting room, approximately 200 African American men that were there. And […]

OSHO: Jealousy- Society’s Device to Divide and Rule

presents Jealousy society’s device to divide and rule What is jealousy? Does our jealousy show that we are very far from aloneness? Society has exploited the individual in so many ways that it is almost impossible to believe. It has created devices so clever and cunning that it is almost impossible even to detect that […]

The Essence of the World Religions East & West | Part 2 of 2 | The Beautiful Trail

Hello and welcome to part two of the Golden Thread of Wisdom which distills the essence of the world’s great spiritual traditions and highlights a core theme sitting at the heart of each one In part one we looked at the faiths stemming from Abraham, namely Judaism Christianity and Islam as well as the pagan […]

Why I’m Religious || Mayim Bialik

– I’m often asked about, and sometimes criticized for, being a religious person. Why would a scientist be religious? Why would someone who knows so much about the universe believe in mythology and magic? Why do you need religion as a crutch? That’s what people ask me. First of all, that’s not how I see […]

Meditation | Is It Connected To Religion? | Saqib Rizvi

Many people think that meditation is a religious practice. They think that people who are monks or yogis or people who follow practices of religions like Hinduism, Buddhism; or people who follow mystics like Rumi and Osho, these are the people who do meditation. Well, let me tell you very honestly that there is no […]

J. Krishnamurti – San Diego 1974 – Conversation 15 – Religion, authority and education – Part 1

Krishnamurti in dialogue with Dr. Allan W. Anderson J. Krishnamurti was born in South India and educated in England. For the past 40 years he has been speaking in the United States, Europe, India, Australia, and other parts of the world. From the outset of his life’s work he repudiated all connections with organised religions […]

OSHO: Books I Have Loved

OSHO OSHO International Foundation presents Osho: Books I Have Loved I have loved reading from my very childhood. My own personal library consisted of one hundred fifty thousand rare books of all the religions, philosophies, poetry, literature. And I have read all of them, but with no purpose; I enjoyed it. My father used to […]

How to Unlock the Full Potential of Your Mind | Dr. Joe Dispenza on Impact Theory

It’s a scientific fact that the hormones of stress downregulate genes and create disease. Long-term effects. Human beings because of the size of the neocortex, we can turn on the stress response just by thought alone as I think about our problems and turn on those chemicals That means then our thoughts Could make us […]