October 15, 2019
  • 10:14 am English Orthodox chant: Open to me the gates of repentance (Lyric Video)
  • 10:14 am St. Peter and Paul Russian Orthodox Church celebrate 100 years
  • 10:14 am Does the Instagram Grid Matter? A Conversation With Dunna and Becki!
  • 10:14 am 🎄What are the Pagan Origins of Christmas?🎄
  • 10:14 am Young Guns 16 Winners Announced – Juan Carlos Pagan
The Occult Science of “Structural Psychology” and Eugenics in Modern Cults and Religious Movements

hey welcome back alright just picking up where we left off on the connections to OTO, Eugenics and breeding programs and how they might be influencing modern cults and the occult science of the cults really. I want to refer back to some presentations that I did using the Defense Intelligence Agency report on “Controlled […]

Exposing The Music Industry: Celebrity Cloning, the Deep State & the Donald Marshall Story

It all began innocently enough 20 years ago. When we cloned the first mammal. But many say there is a very dark agenda other than just the advancement of the science when it comes to cloning. And despite the obvious ethical implications, one must ask, have humans been cloned and for how long? And if […]

Corey Goode Discusses His Spiritual Awakening | His Views on Channeling | Consciousness & More

our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world and yet I ask you is not an alien force already among us the gravest Sarah a thinking person can make is to believe that one particular version of history is absolute found history is recorded by a series […]

THE ONLY TRUTH: False Religion, Post Reality Era & the TRUMP PsyOp (Drugs/Secularism)  2017
Isaac Kappy what happened? Corey Goode & Spiritual Awakening, Live Q&A, Guitar playing

all right hurry life man this this is hold on one second you guys Hey okay we got a couple people hold on one second okay hey guys are you um sorry man I had some crazy I don't know what was going on but my my none of this was working so I had […]