October 15, 2019
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God Eater 3 - Announcement Trailer - Nintendo Switch
God Eater 3 is a Nintendo Switch Port Done Right

[Applause] so before God Eater 3 was announced to be coming to the Nintendo switch I admittedly was not very familiar with his franchise and this was kind of an out of nowhere announcement right the game released in the States earlier this year on the Xbox one and ps4 and it was late last […]

God Eater 3 Nintendo Switch Review-MONSTER HUNTER Vibes!

Gani 2/3 is out now on the Nintendo switch but is it just a monster hunter clone or is it good game in its own right and what about the quality of the poor how good a job have they done I'm Jason arrow this is switch watch let's jump in and take a look […]

How God of War perfected the dodge roll | Game Mechanics Explained

If you played God of War (Polygon’s 2018Game of the Year), you might have noticed that Kratos, a once prolific double jumper,can’t even single jump. I guess fatherhood really does change you. But, you probably didn’t even miss thatjump, because you were enjoying the company of a different button. The dodge button. Dodging in God […]

Should you play God Eater 3 if you liked MHW?

so we are undoubtedly in a Content drought at the moment in monster hunter world 18 ERG is coming but admittedly there will be about a week at most of entertainment and of course I spawn is coming which will be so good but that's not gonna be coming for months now a lot of […]

GOD EATER 3 - OVA Trailer | PS4, PC