September 19, 2019
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Palestinian Christians: Why did many Christians leave Palestine?

Fadi Ramallah The problem wasn’t a Christian or a Muslim thing it was more an issue of the war Which war? The Iraq war in 1991 and there is also the occupation that was a huge factor and also it became economically difficult here in Palestine So why not in the 70s or the 80s? […]

Israelis: Who is Jesus to you?

Shimon Tel Aviv The Christian prophet Do you want to add something? No, he’s doing a good job The prophet, the God for the Christians He was a good man May God rest his soul He was a rightious man Like our Moses You need to repect them Like there is Mohammad and Jesus there […]


For all of our new members – welcome to us. We are uplifted by your presence and flattered that you chose us – mindful that there are so many other appealing synagogues in our city. To all our experienced congregants – and by that I mean anyone who has been here for at least a […]

Do All Muslim Women Wear a Hijab? ft. Fareeha Khan | Decoded | MTV

– You know what they say, you can’t be a Muslim robin if you’re not hijab-in. – What? That makes zero sense! – Yeah but it rhymes! (upbeat music) To say all Muslim women wear hijabs would be like saying all hipsters in Brooklyn drink fancy coffee while riding unicycles. That would be inaccurate and, […]

Christianity (Part 1) 5 Great Life Lessons from Christians • Meek Heroism and Reaping what you Sow

How’s it going everyone? I’m Nick and you are listening to the Fresh Perspective Podcast. You may be thinking, “Wait, Nick, if you are an Atheist, what in the world are you doing propping up a religion like Christianity?” That would be a fair question, and the answer calls back to what the Free Thought […]

Christianity (Part 3) Love and Morality According to Jesus Christ • Respect, the Poor, and Enemies

How’s it going everyone? I’m Nick and you are listening to the Fresh Perspective Podcast. When many of us leave spirituality, dogmatic belief, and religion behind, we tend to throw the good out with the bad. We think of our past religious beliefs like a pie in which we found a worm. Do we really […]

Palestinians: What will happen to the Israelis when you take back Palestine of 1948 (Israel)?

If Palestinians take back all of Palestine (what is today Israel) what happens to the Jews? Ahmad Nablus They would be spread seperated to other countries spread to other countries around the world So they would be thrown out Of course They can’t stay? No, they can’t stay Why? Because this is our land Even […]

Quranic Park Dubai (What is It!!! )

brothers and sisters I’m here today with you again with another video and this one is about the Quranic park what is the Quranic park I mean park that is about Quran I think it should be the most beautiful park in the world so you know guys let’s not talk anymore about this until […]

Israelis: Are you the descendants of Biblical Israelites?

Do you think that the Israelis of today are the descendants of the Biblical Israelites Of course Why? Why not? Tsipi Raanana Because they are the descendants of the Israelites So you think that people came from Poland Morocco and Iraq but their roots were from are from here That’s what I think That’s what […]

10 Surprising Similarities With Islam and Christianity

Two of the biggest religions are Islam and Christianity both of which are pretty similar yet incredibly different at the same time Islam and Christianity having different beliefs on and how to gain salvation and in this episode there are three facts i am highlighting ten surprising similarities between Islam and Christianity how is it […]