November 14, 2019
  • 10:14 pm Transcendental Meditation: Mechanics of the Technique (Maharishi Mahesh Yogi)
  • 10:14 pm Vipassana Guided Meditation – Insight Practice
  • 10:14 pm Romanov Family | Faith in God to the End (with Helen Rappaport)
  • 10:14 pm Behind the Scenes of Ounce of Faith: Part 2
  • 9:14 pm To The Ends Of The Earth – Hillsong Worship
10 News Stories That Will DESTROY Your Faith In Humanity 2016

10 News Stories that will destroy your faith in humanity – 2016 edition 10) Fast and Furious Snapchat in 2016 has had people thinking that their life is a movie. Some users go to dangerous lengths just to entertain their followers, even if it means risking their lives and others. That’s what happened in October, […]

Antisemitism | Anne Frank House | Explained

Antisemitism is another word for hatred of Jews. It has existed for a very long time and still exists today. When Jews are verbally or physically abused this is called antisemitism. The murder of 6 million Jews by the Nazis during World War II is the most extreme example of antisemitism. But how did it […]

Exploring the ‘Nazi Village’ of Jamel

Salut, c’est River, des bureaux de VICE à New York. Récemment, les gars de VICE Allemagne se sont rendus dans un village du nom de Jamel, où des suprémacistes blancs ont créé une base pour leurs idéologies impopulaires. Regardez. DEPUIS LE DÉBUT DES ANNÉES 1990, LE VILLAGE DE JAMEL A ATTIRÉ DE NOMBREUX PARTISANS D’EXTRÊME […]

World War II: Crash Course World History #38

Hi, I’m John Green. This is Crash Course World History and today we’re going to talk about World War II. Finally, a war with some color film! So, here at Crash Course we try to make history reasonably entertaining, and fortunately, World War II was hilarious…said no one ever. Mr. Green, Mr. Green! Is this, […]

The Occult Science of “Structural Psychology” and Eugenics in Modern Cults and Religious Movements

hey welcome back alright just picking up where we left off on the connections to OTO, Eugenics and breeding programs and how they might be influencing modern cults and the occult science of the cults really. I want to refer back to some presentations that I did using the Defense Intelligence Agency report on “Controlled […]

Rachel Bloom – The Hunt For Adolf Eichmann – Drunk History

– Hello. [snorts softly] I’m Rachel Bloom, and today we’re gonna talk about the capture… of Adolf Eichmann. So Israel’s established in 1948, and Israel’s like, okay, we need our own CIA. And so they form the Mossad, and David Ben-Gurion, who’s the prime minister, is like, I’m going to appoint you, Isser Harel, to […]

SCP-2430 Immortal Hitler Clone | euclid class | Sarkic cults / humanoid / gru division p scp

SCP-2430 Immortal Hitler Clone object class euclid Item #: SCP-2430 Object Class: Euclid Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2430 is to be held in a standard humanoid containment cell at Site-17. Tissue samples extracted from SCP-2430 are to be disposed of after analysis via incineration of said samples. Description: SCP-2430 is a humanoid entity with a physical […]

Nazi Influence in the Odd Fellows & Rebekahs – Cults, Secret Societies, Religion and Eugenics

okay welcome back, before I get into talking about the structure of these religious movements and cults, or whatever your preferred nomenclature. I need to kind of explain why I’m going to start talking about the Odd Fellows and Rebekahs again and I guess the genesis of how I came across this information. I’ve been […]

How did Hitler rise to power? – Alex Gendler and Anthony Hazard

How did Adolf Hitler, a tyrant who orchestrated one of the largest genocides in human history, rise to power in a democratic country? The story begins at the end of World War I. With the successful Allied advance in 1918, Germany realized the war was unwinnable and signed an armistice ending the fighting. As its […]

10 Fake Documents That Changed The World

10. Protocols of the Elders of Zion (1903) First published in Russia, this book is an antisemitic hoax claiming to document a secret Jewish plan to take over the world. It’s authors remain unknown, but the contents were widely reported as fact throughout the world, with the likes of Henry Ford helping popularize it by […]