October 15, 2019
  • 11:14 am Hristos Anesti Romanian Greek Orthodox Byzantine Chant
  • 11:14 am Life after “death”(subtitled) Orthodox monk father Nikon of Holy Mountain
  • 11:14 am ND Filters EXPLAINED | Featuring PolarPro + Peter McKinnon Variable ND
  • 11:14 am How To Get BETTER AUDIO In Your Videos!! [CHOOSE THE RIGHT MICROPHONE]
  • 11:14 am Quick Bytes with Ralph Pagan featuring Maruchan Raman Noodles
Black Cats & Bad Luck

Hello my good friends, how are you? I hope I find you in good health Today’s video is rather short, after all it’s a Sunday video, therefore it’s not a too heavy a subject, or rather, the complexity of the subject doesn’t require a lot of research Today I’m going to talk about black cats […]

HOODOO | 5 ingredient PAGAN, WICCA spells for FAST money!!  The craft

Yep, you landed on the right video, you know what it is because today we bout to discuss Hulu five-ingredient pagans slash Wicca spells to get more money Faster. Hey Congress. Thank you. You contribute to my bank account faithful Cheese, bicycle. What yo y’all get was good as your girls. Hi, Jane, hashtag cup […]

Easter Is A Pagan Celebration [March 31, 2018] 04 of 04

14. And wheresoever ye shall go in say into the goodman in the house, the master saith, where is the guest chamber? Where I may eat the Passover with my disciples, they ate the Passover You are missing it you should have been observing Passover yesterday. One of my grandchildren said to me grandma can […]

Exorcism in the Orthodox Church (Pencils & Prayer Ropes)

hello my siblings in Christ I’m Boyan and in this short video we will feed your off-putting obsession with exorcisms the Orthodox Church believes in the existence of Satan demons and demonic possession we do practice exorcisms for us Satan isn’t a symbol of human evil he and his demons are real entities however this […]

Easter Is A Pagan Celebration [March 31, 2018] 01 of 04

Well last night was the first night of Passover, and I taught this in service, and I’m going to kind of go back over it a little bit. It doesn’t hurt to repeat for all of you who are joining us. First thing I want to say is, thank you so much for sharing your […]

The Cult of Hecate

hello friends my name is Arith Härgerr and today i’m going to talk about Hecate now if you have been around this channel for the past few months you know that when I talk about mythology and the gods I usually talk about the deities from the Norse pantheon but Hecate was one of the […]

Why Communism is the Deep State’s Mind Control Cult [Ep1]

(eerie music) (futuristic music) – [Woman] Edge of Wonder. – Welcome to the Edge of Wonder. We’re your hosts, I’m Rob. – And I’m Ben. We’d like to welcome everyone to a very special series we’ve put together on Communism. – And while it might not seem like it, this series is over a year […]

Casting Curses and Love Spells with the Most Powerful Witches in Romania

I have always been fascinated by witches women whose reputable power was so feared 100s of thousands were killed in the great European witch hunt But in Romania, the homeland of Dracula and superstition, witchcraft has not only survived. It’s very much alive and well So I’m heading there to learn about witches and how […]

Koolaid Cults and Eyebrows – The Antichrist and His Shameless Lack of Eyebrows

Social media spectacularly reveals how uncreative and unimaginative so many people are, and how unaware they are that every thought they have ever had has already been thought, and everything which they think is new and clever is actually really old, stale and boring, and been done countless times before. In the UK, there was […]

The Occult Science of “Structural Psychology” and Eugenics in Modern Cults and Religious Movements

hey welcome back alright just picking up where we left off on the connections to OTO, Eugenics and breeding programs and how they might be influencing modern cults and the occult science of the cults really. I want to refer back to some presentations that I did using the Defense Intelligence Agency report on “Controlled […]