November 16, 2019
  • 9:14 pm Qesis Dr. Mebratu Kiros – Bible Study @ Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church – December 16, 2017
  • 9:14 pm Qesis Tekeste Admassu – የኅዳር ጽዮን ጉባኤ @ Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church – December 1, 2017
  • 9:14 pm Slavski kolač za početnike (posno) Br.2 – Ritual Bread
  • 9:14 pm Strangest News | Man Allegedly Disappears In Brazil, After Performing Occult Alchemy Ritual
  • 9:14 pm Rise – Hillsong Worship
OSHO: सक्रीय ध्यान फिर विपस्सना Sakriy Dhyan Fir Vipassana

If any person from the twentieth century has to reach the heights of meditation then he has to start with dynamic meditation. Because the thousands of types of desires that are repressed inside, are taken and thrown out by dynamic meditation. And the second meditation I told him was Buddha’s famous Vipassana meditation. That is […]

OSHO: Why Not Pay for Meditation? ध्यान का मूल्य क्यों ना चुकाएं? (हिंदी सबटाइटल)

Why must everybody who wants to do meditation or hear the lecture pay for this? Why not? The rabbi climaxed his sermon with, “Life is like a glass of tea.” Later, one of the congregation asked, “Rabbi, why is life like a glass of tea?” “Why not?” answered the rabbi. I also say to you: […]

Devageet – Transomatic Colour Dialogue

and that developed into how when you were called transom attic dialogue as I started working with that I realized actually I didn’t need any color at all I started using simply transom attic dialogue without color for a number of years but when I came to teach it people were asking me you know […]

Subhash Ghai: Osho Lord of the Full Moon will be about the mild side of Osho

Subhash Ghai is currently working on Osho Lord of the Full Moon. Veteran producer-director Subhash Ghai, who on Tuesday announced here that his banner Mukta Arts will co-produce a biopic about the controversial Indian guru Osho in collaboration with Rome-based Navala Productions, said his involvement with the upcoming project was inevitable “I have been reading […]

OSHO: ईर्ष्या – प्रेम का अभाव Eershya – Prem Ka Abhaav

Why is there jealousy in love? If there is jealousy in love then love, is not love at all; then in the name of love some other disease is happening. Jealousy is a sign of the absence of love. This is as if the lamp is lit and there is darkness. If the lamp is […]

OSHO: Therapy-Group (समूह चिकित्सा)

To rise above psychological disorders like anger, greed, desire, obsession and egotism; Buddha, Mahavira and all the Indian saints have only used methods like mindful meditation, praying-singing, satsang etc. But why do you, out of what knowledge are adding new methods like therapy groups along with other methods for Indian friends– Please help us understand. […]

Rajneeshpuram | Down the Rabbit Hole

When asking someone from Oregon about Rajneeshpuram, they will usually either answer with confusion or discomfort. Many of them will recall watching the situation deteriorate on the news, while remarking about how weird or surreal it was, but the details are often lost, with only a few surviving in memory, such as its Indian guru […]


cold stances baby welcome to cult status the show where we explore the fascinating world of cult figures and show you about their mysterious rituals and their secrets today we’re talking about the legacy of a very mystical controversial Indian guru named Porter it was worshipped by millions and one minor detail he owned 96 […]

What Makes Something a “Cult”?

Welcome to I Am Your Target Demographic and today we’re diving into the concept of cults. In my earlier video outlining Scientology, debates have arisen in the comments about cults versus religions and what the difference really is, so I thought it’d be useful to look at what these two terms really mean and how […]

OSHO: There Is No Creator

OSHO Talks: silence shared in words OSHO International Foundation presents There is no Creator You’re having fun. Let me get to some of your quotes that are out there in the Press, the one where you say there is no God — or at least that’s what primary headlines read: “There’s no God” Could you […]