December 6, 2019
  • 8:48 am Mafia initiation ritual caught on tape: Chilling ‘poison’ oath (Italian with English subtitles)
  • 8:48 am Morning Ritual (10 Minute Yoga) | Fightmaster Yoga Videos
  • 8:47 am Jimmy Kimmel, Cousin Sal, Guillermo, Yehya & Aunt Chippy go to Meditation Class
  • 11:14 pm Top 10 Highly Unusual Animal Mating Rituals
  • 11:14 pm Planet Earth Narrates Single Millennial Male Dating Rituals
All My Hope – Hillsong Worship

Light in my darkness Peace for my soul You are my rescue You’ve never let go Light in my darkness Peace for my soul You are my rescue You’ve never let go All my hope Is in You All my strength Is in You With every breath My soul will rest in You Here in […]

Don Moen – Deeper In Love | Praise and Worship Music

There is a longing only you can fill A raging tempest Only you can still My Soul is thirsty Lord To know you as I’ve known Drink from the river that flows before your throne Take me Deeper Deeper in Love with you Jesus, Hold me close in your embrace Take me Deeper Deeper than […]

Stand In Awe – Hillsong Worship

Better than all this world Better than all I know Better than life itself Your love is All that I have is Yours All that I’m living for All that I need is in You Lord You alone are better than life Than anything in this world You alone are all I want In everything […]

I Will Praise You (Official Lyric Video) – Hillsong Worship

Your love came first Before I knew the cross You carried Now free at last I’ll freely give as I’ve been given For everything You’ve done And everything to come I will praise You Live to glorify Your name Forever anthem Your acclaim Lord I will sing Your praise Should words fall short May they […]

Yours Is the Kingdom – Hillsong Worship

Yours is the Kingdom And the power And the glory forever is Yours Heaven and earth bow down In the wonder of Your Name Heaven is open Death is broken And the glory forever is Yours Nothing can overcome The power of Your Name King above kings All the universe will sing Everlasting God You […]

Take It All – Hillsong Worship

Searching the world The lost will be found In freedom we live As one we cry out You carried the cross You died and rose again My God I’ll only ever give my all You sent Your Son From heaven to earth You delivered us all It’s eternally heard I searched for truth And all […]

Total Praise- Liberty University Center for Music and Worship

Your peace you give me. In times of the storm. You are the source of my strength. You are the strength of my life. I lift my hands in total praise to you. You are the source of my strength. You are the strength of my life. I lift my hands in total praise to […]

Graham Kendrick – Worship is a Journey Graham shares his thoughts on the aim of leading worship

The worship journey is about being sent out and I think this is such an important thing that we build into this journey the commissioning to go and do, to go and live. And that of course is the way that we step into the story. Now if you were in church and I stood […]

Sing Of Your Great Love – Hillsong Worship

All that is within me Lord Will bless Your Holy name I live my life to worship You alone You brought me out of darkness And into Your glorious light Forever I will sing of Your great love Forever I will sing of Your great love I love to see You glorified To see You […]

King Of Majesty – Hillsong Worship & Delirious?

You know that I love You You know that I want to Know You so much more More than I have before These words are from my heart These words are not made up I will live for You I am devoted to You King of majesty I have one desire Just to be with […]