November 17, 2019
  • 2:14 am 【西瓜JUN】原创《鱼》 一定要听到副歌!!!
  • 12:18 am He was sexually abused as a child. Now this Orthodox rabbi tells his story
  • 12:18 am Ecstatic Rituals at Humber Street Gallery
  • 12:18 am Zahoďte rituály (Getting rid of rituals)
Rami Malek: Becoming Freddie Mercury

– Rami – Rami, yeah exactly. Good pronunciation. I speak Arabic pretty well. Oh, do you? Ahlan wah sahlan (Welcome…welcome) Ahlan wah sahlan fik (Welcome to you) Alright, shall we continue in Arabic? Slama lakum brother. A character actor, Rami Malek can become anyone you want him to be. From Mr Robot to an Egyptian […]

The Man With Stars On His Knees – Aaron Buchanan And The Cult Classics

Every time that I feel, that I’ve made amends. I don’t seem to quite get it right. In my heart, there’s two wires, that are crossed between, my blood, your tears, our desires. Switch me off, put me away. Shelve me for another day. Prop me up, with your other toys. Forget me not, when […]

Hong Kong protesters sing ‘God Save The Queen’ in plea to Britain

Send her victorious, Happy and glorious, Long to reign over us, … save our gracious Queen, Long live our noble Queen. God save the Queen. One country, two systems is bad. One country, two systems is bad.

UK Government for Dummies… and Americans

The UK held an election this last Thursday, but it wasn’t a regularly scheduled election, it was a snap election, as sort of a way to say “Okay for real though, Brexit, for real this time.” If you’ve heard anything about the results, you know that it ended up being fairly controversial and anything but […]

Morals? – Aaron Buchanan And The Cult Classics

Speak to me, speak to me. Are you alone? I ain’t got nobody keepin’ me home. I’m in the moment, I’m in the red. I ain’t Prince Charmin’, you heard what I said. Lay on the leaves, and hold on to the trees. This forest ain’t something, you want on your knees. No guarantee, it’s […]

Should Christians Pray the Rosary?

Gary: Now “Religion in the News” A report and comment on religious trends and events being covered by the media. This week’s item is from Vatican Radio, October 7, 2007, with a headline: “Praying the Rosary for Peace.” The following are excerpts: Pope Benedict XVI asked that the Rosary be prayed for peace in families […]

50 canciones poser

Hola disculpe ¿aquí hablan de “posers”? ¿aquí? ¿en el canal del tío Tupac? oye no lo sé hola. Hace mucho que no nos vemos. Empezaremos la saga de vídeos resubidos con este clásico imperdible. Este vídeo se llama: canción “poser” Poser: es simplemente aquella fase por la que uno pasa, escuchas bandas super comunes como […]

Eagles – Hotel California (Lyrics)

[Hotel California – The Eagles, 1976] On a dark desert highway Cool wind in my hair Warm smell of colitas Rising up through the air Up ahead in the distance I saw a shimmering light My head grew heavy and my sight grew dim I had to stop for the night There she stood in […]

Led Zeppelin – Stairway To Heaven (Lyrics)

[Music] there’s a lady you sure all that glitters is gold and she’s buying the stairway [Music] it restores are all closed with the word she can get [Music] – there’s a sign on the wall but she wants to be sure cuz you know sometimes [Music] there’s a songbird who sings sometimes all of […]

10 Most VICIOUS Female Rulers in History!

– You know, in grade school I had this vicious old woman teacher named Ms. McClellan, and she’d be like, “Did you finish your homework?” And if there was a number 11 on this list, she’d be it. Generally when we think of the most vicious rulers in history, we think of names like Genghis […]