November 15, 2019
  • 6:18 pm Gaffi fi Debbii Oromoo orthodox Church malif jarun barachise Sher Walli godha.
  • 6:18 pm Holy Rites of the Eastern Orthodox Church
  • 6:18 pm The Ritual
  • 6:18 pm SIGNIFICADO DEL OJO TURCO ~ Ritual de Protección
  • 6:17 pm The Power & The Glory – Hillsong Worship
Don’t apply to Cornell! MY SON wants to apply too! – r/entitledparents
TRUE SCARY Almost Kidnapped Stories | Possible Cult/Walmart Creep

This story was submitted by Josie. I live in a small town outside Glasgow, Scotland. My parents gave me what they thought was a great childhood, but unfortunately I was being abused by my grandfather who lived 2 streets away from us; who often looked after us on the weekends when my parents worked. I […]

3 True Stories About INSANE CULTS

Number One A friend of mine in Japan had a sister who got involved with a weird cult over there. They meant by the name of Aum Skinrikyo The Supreme Truth. It was led by a guru, Shoko Asahara. A man who literally declared himself to be Christ reborn. He believed his mission in life […]

True Scary Stories| Possible Cult Activity/ My Friend and Her Mom’s Demons

I grew up in this very small Midwestern community out in the middle of the country. It was really an awesome area to grow up in because of the environment. Woods and creeks surrounded the whole area, and growing up there I spent a lot of time out in these woods. This area I grew […]

Non Virgins WILDEST First Time Losing Virginity Stories (r/AskReddit)

Non-virgins of Reddit how did you lose your virginity for the first time? And what’s something you wish you knew beforehand? With the neighbor girl while we were out here fine around in an abandoned mansion in the woods by where I grew up We went out with a group of kids. We were 15 […]

Former Christians Explain What Made Them Lose Their Faith - AskReddit

I had to confess to a grown man that I masturbated so I can be forgiven and go to heaven and that was honestly the last straw for me former Christians that became atheists what made you lose your faith going to Catholic school did it for me they were teaching us things that contradicted […]

What Made You Lose Faith In Your Religion? (Reddit Stories r/AskReddit)

serious Christians turn atheists what made you lose your faith lack of evidence supporting the existence of any of the thousands of God's people have worshiped over humankind's existence tell me why you don't believe in other religions and there you have my reasons why I do not to believe in your religion the church […]

Former Christians Share Why They Left Religion

Christiane's turned atheists what made you lose your faith this quote from Jefferson question with boldness even the existence of a God because if there be one he must approve of the homage of reason more than that of blindfolded fear going to Catholic school did it for me they were teaching us things that […]


-I'm gonna ask youa serious question, okay? Are you religious? -Mm…-I don't know. -Yeah.I consider myself religious. Sure.-We're culturally Catholic. -I think you'd sayI was a heathen. -I'm kind of a "Taoist-afarian." -I've got a little bit of Jewin me. [ Laughs ] -What do theyteach you in church? -They usually talk aboutholiday stuff like […]

Nurses, What Dangerous Health Tips You've Heard People Give Out? (Reddit Stories r/AskReddit)

doctors and nurses offered it what is the dumbest health tips you've heard people give out not so much advice but I had a patient who was having an asthma attack we arrived at her house and she was smoking a cigarette I try not to be a dong two people if I explained to […]