November 19, 2019
  • 7:14 pm Meditation Tools and Rituals: Secrets of Effective Meditation
  • 7:14 pm Anthony Milford & Pre-Game Rituals | Rexona Pressure Athletes
  • 7:14 pm Marcus Aurelius – How To Build Your Self Confidence (Stoicism)
  • 7:14 pm Top 19 Hindu Mantras – Sai Mantra – Gayatri Mantra – Hanuman Mantra – Shiva Mantra – Shani Mantra
  • 7:14 pm Beneath The Waters (I Will Rise) – Hillsong Worship
Ορθόδοξα Θαύματα  – Η Παναγία εμποδίζει τα τάνκ των Ναζί στον Ορχομενό

Orthodox Miracles – Virgin Mary blocks Nazi’s tanks at Orhomenos Took place in: Orhomenos, Viotia September of 1943. Italians capitulate. A team of residents from Orhomenos (Viotia) approach the railway station of Livadia, and ask the Italian garrison to deliver their guns to them. Otherwise, they warned them that they would be attacked by rebels […]

Rabbi Jen & Jason Talk About A Ritual for Surrogacy – A Jewish Baby Story

Three… Two… One… So we dealt with fertility struggles for about three years, and it was challenging. We prayed, and through the magic of science and medicine and G-d it all came together. Thank G-d we have these two beautiful children who are reading quietly. And we then felt “well, what do we do Jewishly?” […]

Jewish Mourning Rituals: An Overview

The death of a loved one is a very disorienting time, and isn’t something many people think about until it’s actually happening to them. Judaism offers structured periods of mourning that help provide some support in the grieving process. Jewish tradition is to bury the dead as soon as possible. The period from the time […]

Frequently Asked Questions About Quaker Meeting for Worship

Sitting in silence doesn’t mean it’s quiet all the time. It doesn’t mean that your mind is quiet, it doesn’t mean that the spirit is quiet, and it doesn’t necessarily mean that the surroundings are quiet. It’s more about focus, it’s more about where you place your attention, and I think the quiet of a […]

Ορθόδοξα Θαύματα – Η Αγ. Υπομονή θεραπεύει από καρκίνο του δέρματος

Orthodox Miracles – St. Ypomoni (Patience) cures skin cancer Took place in: Athens, Greece (…) “St. Ypomoni (Patience) appeared as a nun to a citizen of Athens who was a taxi driver. She hailed a taxi and ask to go to Loutraki. The taxi driver had skin cancer on his hands and was very desperate. […]

Intelligent Faith | Misconceptions

Like so many other people, I did believe that the Christian faith was a blind faith, but after becoming a Christian, and studying what Christ taught and the Bible teaches, I realized this: the heart cannot rejoice in what the mind rejects. God has given us a mind to know Him, a heart to love […]

The Life and Legacy of Thomas Berry Panel 5

we’re moving now to a panel with a wonderful name to a vision taking shape and in that sense we’re moving into some of the links between the visions and the ideals and the practical I’m Katherine Marshall I’m at the Berkeley Center for religion peace and world affairs which means that I grapple and […]

Indian temple is not a place of worship or prayer – Sadhguru

A indian temple is not a place of worship or prayer. Are you aware of this? it is not a place of worship or prayer today because you don’t know what else to do you are going and doing things that everybody else is doing everywhere nobody ever leads a prayer in the indian temple […]

Zen kōans: unsolvable enigmas designed to break your brain – Puqun Li

How do we explain the unexplainable? This question has inspired numerous myths, religious practices, and scientific inquiries. But Zen Buddhists practicing throughout China from the 9th to 13th century asked a different question – why do we need an explanation? For these monks, blindly seeking answers was a vice to overcome, and learning to accept […]

Nice – the Russian Cathedral is reborn – LUXE.TV

the Russian Cathedral of nice is reborn the Russian Cathedral of st. Nicholas has rediscovered the luster of its creation from 1912 it’s the most visited place of the French Riviera with more than 250,000 visitors per year the cathedral was built on the spot where the eldest son of Tsar Alexandra II died attached […]