December 13, 2019
  • 7:17 pm 9/11 Occult Ritual: Blood, Gold and Emotion
  • 7:17 pm What Do Quakers Do in Silent Worship?
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  • 7:17 pm Health + Wealth POWER Meditation | Bob Proctor
Wade Davis: The worldwide web of belief and ritual

You know, culture was born of the imagination, and the imagination — the imagination as we know it — came into being when our species descended from our progenitor, Homo erectus, and, infused with consciousness, began a journey that would carry it to every corner of the habitable world. For a time, we shared the […]

Ορθόδοξα Θαύματα  – Ο Αγ. Μηνάς σώζει Χριστιανούς από σφαγή

Orthodox Miracles – St. Minas saves Christians from slaughter Took place in: Irakleio, Greece … “Back then, the Turks were hearing about the success of the rebellious Greeks from everywhere, and because of that, they were erupting against the Greeks by depredating and slaughtering. The lives of Turkish conquerors were depending on the bad insticts […]

How To Meditate For Children: A Kid’s Guide to Peace

Hi! In this video i’m going to teach you how to practice meditation. What is meditation? Meditation means to focus your mind on something; it means to clear your mind; to calm it down and to clean out all bad thoughts. When you practice meditation you try to focus on something with all your attention, […]

Top 15 True Scary Rituals Committed For Satan

15. “Rebecca Chandler and Raven Larrabee: In 2011, a man traveled by bus from Phoenix , Arizona all of the way to Milwaukee, Wisconsin to have a threesome with two girls he had might online. Rebecca Chandler was 22 and Raven Larrabee was 18. Little did he know what other plans they had in store […]

Dao in a Min28 What Daoists believe

Hi I’m Lao, welcome to the next Dao in a minute .okay so I want to talk about a concept that i think is pretty severe in the foremost of most people’s minds who know nothing about Daoism and maybe they picked up a Tao Te Ching, the second most translated book in the world […]

Trust & Faith

Trust and faith, one of my all-time favorite topics. And what I would love to share with you is some of the revelation that I have come to because it’s so dear to me. Oh, my goodness. Here’s what I perceived, and that is that faith is my knowledge of the Divine, of God, of […]

Learning to Meditate – Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche. -Shambhala

So good day everyone. Today I would like to talk about how to meditate and learning to meditate and in particular just what the approach is and attitude is. A lot of people meditate in different ways today. But I feel like the basics are always important. And I know that maybe some of you […]

Faith Is Absurd—Let’s Embrace the Comedy in That | Adam Mansbach

For me as a writer across all kinds of genres and disciplines, whether it’s screenwriting or literary fiction or obscene fake children’s books, humor is always one of the most important tools in my palette. There are things that you can get people to come to the table on if you make them laugh that […]

Novelist Nathan Englander on how ritual fuels his writing

JUDY WOODRUFF: Religion and its effects permeate the work of novelist Nathan Englander. Raised in a highly observant Jewish family, Englander turned away from religion and made a decision to live a secular life. But the rituals of religion stayed with him, not in prayer, but in the way he lived his daily life. Tonight, […]

Faith and Hope Are Two Different Philosophical Mindsets | Sam Newlands

What’s interesting is that hope in particular seems to have a kind of really low barrier for cognitive consistency. So as long as I don’t believe something to be impossible, it seems to be an object that’s at least possible for me to hope for. So I don’t think it’s impossible and I don’t think […]