December 13, 2019
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Is Harvard waging a war on Christianity?


Religious Freedom & Marriage (2 of 3)

In this drastically changed context, the obligation of the Church to uphold the teaching of marriage – what a marriage is, what human beings have understood marriage to be from the beginning – became very, very clear. We had to be the voice for that understanding of what marriage actually is. And also, the Congregation […]

Are Religious Healthcare Systems “Churches”?

The three cases that we’re talking about are the “Advocate Case” from the Seventh Circuit, the “St. Peters Case” from the Third Circuit, and the “Dignity Case” from the Ninth Circuit. All of these cases involve large healthcare systems, religious health care systems that have been sued over their pension plans. The main issue in […]

An Update on the HHS Mandate | Preserve Religious Freedom

hello I’m Jane Belford Chancellor of the Archdiocese of Washington here with some important updates regarding the Department of Health and Human Services mandate which requires that employers include abortion-inducing drugs contraceptives and sterilization in their employee health plans the archdiocese has long expressed its concern about the serious religious liberty issues presented by this […]

Becket Defends Religious Freedom For All

The rights of man come not from the generosity of the state, but from the hand of God. They knew that religion helps to give our people a character without which a democracy cannot survive. The most shameful, and the most tragic problem is silence.

What is the Problem with Religious Liberty – Episode 09 – SSPX FAQ Videos

Liberty of thought, liberty of conscience, liberty of religions, Religious Liberty, these were questions that were refuted by the Popes in the nineteen-century, but Vatican II took another stand on these questions. In this video, we will explain what is the problem with the new definition of Religious Liberty. Both modernists and Catholics acknowledge that […]

AZ Artists Challenge Phoenix Discrimination Ordinance | Fox News Interview

In a new battle over religious freedom and LGBT rights in Arizona. Two Christian artists say they’ve been ordered to create artwork for same-sex weddings and face jail time if they publicly speak out about their decision not to do those services. Those artists are here live to discuss the case next. Two Christian artists […]

Know Your Student’s Religious Freedom Rights

To the excitement of some and to the dismay of many others, school is back in session. With the return of school come many challenges that face Christian students. Navigating the world of religious freedom in schools can overwhelm anyone, that’s why we’re here to help. Here’s what you need to know. The First Amendment […]

Mark Rienzi: The Administrative State and Religious Freedom

As the administrative state grows, you have more conflicts between administrative power and, and religion. As administrative power grows, the, the room for conflict grows, and you’re more likely to have these conflicts. You’re also more likely to have them because elected representatives and elected officials tend to be generalists. They have to, they get […]

Religious Freedom & Marriage (1 of 3)

It’s a great joy to be here at St. Mary’s, to be here in this wonderful, historic, St. Mary’s chapel. It was last September that I had the extraordinary privilege of being part of, what for me, and I think everyone here, would have been a once in a lifetime event – the opening of […]