November 15, 2019
  • 6:18 pm Gaffi fi Debbii Oromoo orthodox Church malif jarun barachise Sher Walli godha.
  • 6:18 pm Holy Rites of the Eastern Orthodox Church
  • 6:18 pm The Ritual
  • 6:18 pm SIGNIFICADO DEL OJO TURCO ~ Ritual de Protección
  • 6:17 pm The Power & The Glory – Hillsong Worship
Why We Offer Dhatura To Lord Shiva | Neeta Singhal

You know why we offer Dhatura to Shiva? Why do we offer Dhatura? It’s poisonous. Right? Are you telling Him: ‘Have this poison?’ Why do we give Dhatura? You know what Dhatura does to Him? It increases your capacity to take up negativity. This world has so much negativity. It has. How much ever we […]

Gods Who Rule Muladhara Chakra | Neeta Singhal

So basically understand There are five different gods that rule the Muladhara Chakra One is Kartikeya Ganpati (Ganesh) Hanuman Bhumi Devi (Earth) and even Kuber If today your Muladhara Chakra is blocked Nor do you have the power of Hanuman… Nor the solidity of Ganesh Nor the support and wealth of Bhumi Devi Nor does […]

Why Am I Stressed? – Sadhguru on Stress

Sadhguru: Don’t worry about your work, you give it up. What you want? You want a roof? I will give you. You want food every day? I will give you. All you have to do is just sit in one place and be blissful. I will feed you for the rest of your life. Can […]

Freedom From Everything, Including God | Sadhguru

Welcome to Sync Mind! Please USE Headphones and Listen CAREFULLY! In this culture we have never had one authority to spread spiritual process because this is the only culture on the planet without a religion of its own. (Laughs) So Hindu is essentially that culture which was born out of the river Indus, is called […]

Why Are We Here? Sadhguru

Questioner: Only one question Guruji. We the human beings in the Earth, are by chance or by choice of God or any super power? Sadhguru: Why we are on this planet? (Laughter) Questioner: By accident or by design of super power? Sadhguru: I think even the planet is wondering why the hell these human beings […]

Sadhguru on God Particle : Discovery of Higgs Boson (The BOMB) || Adiyogi (2018)

Can analyze the physicality of the existence once you cross the physical dimension your logic is completely out of its realm so there are, because this is a dialectical culture the same science has been expressed in story forms I cannot go to the whole story it’s a long story but when I told this […]

Differences between Religion and Spirituality | (SADHGURU with KARAN JOHAR)

so even the fly is trying to investigate me I’m just me I’m not investigating I mean it firing oh no I wish I was the size of that I did not use the word investigation in a negative way nothing wrong with investigation yesterday investigation means you want to know the truth maybe it’s […]

Sadhguru Addresses the UN – IDY 2016

Sadhguru: Good afternoon everybody, the Excellencies and Ladies and Gentlemen. Thank you for being here. Maxwell Kennedy: Good afternoon Sadhguru and good afternoon to your Excellencies and distinguished guests and to all the meditators who are watching on the internet right now. I’m so grateful to be here and it’s such a privilege really to […]

All religions started as a method to turn inward, but.. -Sadhguru about Religion

Participant: Religion is supposed to be the means of peace, attaining peace but in practicality in reality today every religion has got a base of fundamentalism and involve in terrorism. Can we not make an attempt to create a new world order where there is no religion at all? Sadhguru: Now, what you unfortunately know […]

God is in Your Genes ​ – The Science of Kula Gotra​ | Sadhguru

Sadhguru: These things were very significantly relevant when deities were created in a certain way. When I say deities were created in a certain way see all this has become one big hotchpotch. It’s become one big hotchpotch, because the culture was created understanding the phenomenal complexity of life but the instruments and the institutions […]