September 22, 2019
  • 7:14 pm Why Do Non-Jews Have a Special Appreciation of Jews?
  • 7:14 pm What Is the Role of Jews in the World?
  • 6:14 pm Scripture and Tradition with Fr. Mitch Pacwa – 2019-09-17 – 09/17/2019 Mail Bag Show
  • 6:14 pm 10 Things That Will Happen When JESUS RETURNS!
  • 6:14 pm Real Christians DO NOT SIN
Scientific Methods and Christianity | Methods of Proof

As a student in University when I wanted to make a joke of Christianity, and refute it I set out to write my first book Evidence that Demands a Verdict. There was so much wrong thinking that I had about Christianity; about history; about understanding faith; and you know what one of the biggest misconceptions […]

Cult leader interview – What people tell me about Chrysalis

This Chrysalis! This, like, sounds like some cult, or something! Pooossibly! Isn’t a cult… umh… like a… negative thing? Well if you really want to put it that way, sure. But don’t cults usually have like this chärishmäthic leader? —— Yeah. But don’t the others like, worship that leader or sumthin’? And their obedience is…*gasp* […]

Infinity: The Science of Endless

Infinity Infinity What is Infinity Infinity is really cool It is about as big as it gets U cant really put a name to it because that limits it Infinity as I see it refers more to the true nature of reality. No one & no thing has any kind of separate inherent or intrinsic […]

The Oh My God Particle | Space Time

[MUSIC PLAYING] Long before the God particle, there is the Oh-My-God particle, a cosmic ray vastly more energetic than had ever been seen or was even thought possible. These ultra-high energy cosmic rays still perplex scientists. Where are these extra galactic death rays coming from? On October 15th, 1991, a single atomic nucleus travelling at […]

How the Bible Led Me to Islam: The Story of a Former Christian Youth Minister – Joshua Evans

Subtitles by @Dawahtweet, make Dua for me!! How the Bible Led Me to Islam: The Story of a Former Christian Youth Minister By Br. Joshua Evans February 6, 2009 Assalamualaikum warehmatullahI wabarakatuhu Dua I’m going to tell you tonight About my journey From why once was I a former Christian Youth Minister To how I […]

Aliens: Are We Looking in the Wrong Place?

When we think of looking for extra-terrestrial life, we tend to focus on “earth-like” planets, that is, planets with conditions that are similar to our own. “Life exists on earth,” the logic goes, “so earth-like conditions are probably a good bet to find more life.” And yet. There are hundreds of billions of galaxies in the […]

How Big is the Universe?

The Universe. How big is it? Does it have a center? Does it have an edge? Is it getting bigger, and if so, why? Well, we know that there are two different meanings for “universe” – first, the “observable universe” is everything that we’ve been able to see, or observe, thus far. And second, “The […]

2018 is it really *OUR Responsibility? (A Vegan Cult Video)

Such a wonder is the Earth A Scientist in Sweden calculated the probability that life would arise on earth was 1 in 700 quintillion Yet, we take it all for granted. Don’t we? Such a fragile miracle That life exists at all Such splendor is humanity contemplating the Stars even while wreacking havoc upon the […]

Medical Reason for Visions? | The Story of God

MORGAN FREEMAN (VOICEOVER): Ian Ball had never been a religious person. He never really thought about God. But scarring from brain surgery brought on a series of visions that made him question everything. This carried on for about three or four weeks. About how often? – Every day. – Every day? Every morning. I felt […]

Christianity (Part 1) 5 Great Life Lessons from Christians • Meek Heroism and Reaping what you Sow

How’s it going everyone? I’m Nick and you are listening to the Fresh Perspective Podcast. You may be thinking, “Wait, Nick, if you are an Atheist, what in the world are you doing propping up a religion like Christianity?” That would be a fair question, and the answer calls back to what the Free Thought […]