November 15, 2019
  • 6:18 pm Gaffi fi Debbii Oromoo orthodox Church malif jarun barachise Sher Walli godha.
  • 6:18 pm Holy Rites of the Eastern Orthodox Church
  • 6:18 pm The Ritual
  • 6:18 pm SIGNIFICADO DEL OJO TURCO ~ Ritual de Protección
  • 6:17 pm The Power & The Glory – Hillsong Worship
God is in Your Genes ​ – The Science of Kula Gotra​ | Sadhguru

Sadhguru: These things were very significantly relevant when deities were created in a certain way. When I say deities were created in a certain way see all this has become one big hotchpotch. It’s become one big hotchpotch, because the culture was created understanding the phenomenal complexity of life but the instruments and the institutions […]

Adiyogi Shiva: The First & Ultimate Zen Master | Sadhguru

Sadhguru: These questions and these thoughts are coming from a mindset which has grown in organized religions. We are not talking about Shiva versus somebody else because that you refer to as Shiva includes all these things that you are talking about. Just one little dimension, this or that they found out and they started […]

🕉😀 Gangaji – The Religion of ME

So what previously has gone unexamined is this thought ‘I need,’ ‘what about me?’ ‘when will I get and when it will be there for me?’ then this just simply basically what we are saying is ‘Who?’ ‘Oh, well there is no problem!’ It is a problem attached to this thought ‘I need!’ So I […]

Temples Beyond Religion | Sadhguru

Questioner: You used the word temple city. Now, don’t you think that would be the beginning of all the problems because if you take history, all the major battles have been fought because of theism, because of religion. My this thing would be, could we label it differently, I mean temple in every city would […]

Why Aren't All Spiritual People Vegan? Top 5 Reasons
Spiritual Teacher Explains The Importance of Self-Control in Your Life

anything worthy of achieving in life always lies upstream to reach it requires effort discipline and self-control if anyone promises you that just take it easy apply the scream on your face and you'll wipe out twenty years from your looks are spend two hours a day on the internet and you will earn $200,000 […]

How to Balance Spiritual Energy - Secret STUDY TIPS - Gurukul Elite Learning Program Day 20

Oscar welcome back in the previous episodes we were learning about the spiritual knowledge the knowledge to the self after the academics in that we have learnt about annamaya kosha pranamaya kosha Amon oh my gosh Avignon omikoshi anandamaya kosha cleansing and the management of energy so today we'll be going little deeper into our […]

Divine Guidance and Protection From Spiritual Gangstalkers | Focus on the Journey Within

all right you guys I usually don't do things like this you know because I'm I'm all about gnosis just you know you know I'm saying just finding light within yourself through your own experiences and you know all things like that but you know when it comes to like different experiences that I have […]

What matters in Spirituality - Your Effort or Grace? | Sadhguru

Sadhguru: This is This is something that people have been struggling with for ages, because these are two different types these are two different dimensions of one’s existence. About These two dimensions are about doing something, making something happen and allowing something to happen to you. These are two different aspects. So now the question […]

What To Do After Spiritual Awakening

What to Do After Spiritual Awakening Spiritual awakening can occur like a revelationthat lasts a few days or even a few years. Sometimes it's intense. The illusion you were born into is removedlike a veil and a series of universal facts begin to dawn upon you. Religion does not have to be a factor, youcan […]