August 21, 2019
  • 9:14 pm Alabama law reins in religious boot camps
  • 9:14 pm Religious Accommodation Policy Changes
  • 9:14 pm Racism, School Desegregation Laws and the Civil Rights Movement in the United States
  • 9:14 pm President Obama Participates in a Fireside Hangout on Google+
  • 9:14 pm The Terrifyingly Effective Nazi De-Bollocker
Is the Jehovah’s Witnesses’ religion Christian?

The answer to the question is, “No. It is not Christian.” Like all non-Christian cults, the Jehovah’s Witness organization distorts the essential doctrines of Christianity. It denies the deity of Christ, His physical resurrection, and salvation by grace. This alone makes it non-Christian. To support its erring doctrines, the Watchtower organization (which is the author […]

Religion vs. Spirituality: Get out of the Box of Religion

Many people, they are confused that religion is spirituality. Many people, they are confused that religion is spirituality. And spirituality is religion. I want to make a big difference here that religion is not spirituality. Neither spirituality is a religion. Religion simply is a way of life in the society. Other special sects, they teach […]

Home to Tibet – New Day Films – Human Rights – Religion, Theology, and Ethics

[monks chanting] [hammer strikes echoing] My name is Sonam Lama. I am Tibetan. I escaped from Tibet 12 years ago when I was 20. Now, I live in Greenfield, Massachusetts where I work as a stone mason. I fled from Tibet because there was no future for me there. I was not free in my […]

IHouse – United Religions to fight Stereotypes ~ Religions unies contre les stéréotypes

Do you know what they say about me? Do you know what they say about us? Do you know what they say about us? Do you know what they say about u? Do you know what they say about us? Do you know what they say about us? Do you know what they say about […]

IHouse ~ United Religions ~ Religions unies

They say Christian fight other religions Because I am Muslim. Because I have no religion. Because I do not have any religion. I am Jewish. They say we hate each other. They say that we fight each other. They say we hate each other They say I don’t like Jews. They say that I do […]

3. The Greco-Roman World

Prof: Religion can’t be divorced from social, political, and historical contexts and issues. And so what we’re going to do today is do, one, the first of two lectures. Now these are going to be sort of dreary, boring, typical Martin lectures; dreary and boring historical surveys. And I just have to do this today […]

Bakers, Freedom, & the Law – John Corvino

Hi I’m John Corvino. There seem to be a lot of conflicts involving wedding providers–bakers, florists, caterers, and so on–who refuse to serve same-sex couples. The first thing to realize is that there are not actually a lot of these: They just tend to get highlighted in the news. And that’s unfortunate, because it makes […]

CHRISTIANITY 101 | Religions Around The World #1

how do you hear and i’m going to start this new series where i talk about every religion in the world I want to learn and I figured you might want to learn about this topic is well well too bad cuz that’s what I’m gonna do so I wanted to start with the most […]

Hinduism is not a Religion – Hindu Culture, Philosophy, and Spirituality (What is Hinduism?)

People have misconception about Hinduism. When person reads about Hinduism, they consider Hinduism a religion. And it is know that Hinduism is a religion, but Hindu is a philosophy. Hindu is a culture first. Actually Hindu is a very very ancient and very big culture. And it is considered very rich culture. In that culture […]

Most ANCIENT Dog Breeds That Still Exist Today!

From gifts from Aztec gods to reincarnations of the Dalai Lama, here are 10 of the most ancient dog breeds that are still with us today! 10. Chinese Shar-Pei The Chinese Shar-Pei are thought to have originated in Tai Lin, China, and are easily recognized by their deep set wrinkles and bluish-black tongue. They were […]