October 20, 2019
  • 3:14 am Faith Complex: Michael Eric Dyson on Hip-Hop Theology (PART ONE)
  • 3:14 am When we think about God | Analytic Theology in Practice
  • 2:14 am Faith in Humanity (dafuqmomentz)
  • 1:14 am Pagan Journaling Challenge #1-6
  • 12:14 am How can the music industry inform the system of K-12 education? | John Hardin
The Liberating Doctrine of Grace Alone

Those who have accepted that God saves by His grace alone have found the message to be one of unutterably sweet liberation. Martin Luther wrote, “I felt I was altogether born again, and had entered paradise itself through open gates.” And so it remains today. The Reformers’ tenacious insistence on grace alone is no relic […]

“Faith in God” (5) – Is Working Painstakingly for the Lord the Reality of Belief in the Lord?

We’ve all believed in the Lord for many years and maintained His name. (Correct! Right!) … and sacrifice everything to work for the Lord. Are we not practicing the Lord’s words? Aren’t we following His way? (Correct!) If we didn’t truly believe in the Lord, could we have withstood all of that suffering, borne our […]

مقابلات من جلسات المجمع المقدس حول موضوع العائلة ٢٠١٩

Today the Meeting of Holy Synod of Antioch was concluded The sessions were important on two levels First, the Antiochian level all our brethren the Hierarchs of the See of Antioch with the specialists They discussed the second important theme: “the family” The lectures that were given, all the topics and opinions touched upon the […]

The Hobbit; an unexpected theological journey

[Music] JRR Tolkien was a professor at the University of Oxford for most of his life, specialising in the history of the English language, and the languages which fed into it such as Anglo Saxon. He was a devout Catholic, brought up particularly by his mother and when she died he was under the guardianship […]

The Flaw in Libertarian Theology

one of the most important things that i think that we can do as a nation as a people is a civil libertarian idea that that companies will always operate in their own self-interest which will always be the best thing for the public interest because they want people will love them is nonsense it […]

Europe’s last pagans

This is how people of many ethnic groups prayed in ancient times. Today this is a sort of worship that can only be found in this Russian region. “We were not allowed to worship in Soviet times. People like us who did were put on trial. We hope our open-air prayers will avert floods, earthquakes […]

Pagan’s Mind – Search For Life (Live on NRK)

Awakened from embrace of sorrow Heal the spirits deep inside Call the new era tomorrow Bright starlight Heaven descends We will unite as one And signs will unfold Always searching for the key they lost Finding true life’s essence Uniqueness of our kind And we travelled. Drawn back in time To our endless dream led […]

History of Jewish Movements: Reform, Conservative and Orthodox

In the early 1800’s in Germany, most big cities had an all-powerful chief Rabbi, appointed by the government and charged with making all Jewish decisions, even acting as a Judge in Jewish matters. If you were Jewish, you were supposed to listen to the guy. In each city there was just one synagogue and one […]

The Business of Halloween

Halloween has been a part of western culture for a long time, but its meaning and importance changed drastically over the course of the 20th century. So how did this Christian holy day become such an enormous and commercialized social event? Today we’re heading down the basement stairs to uncover the horrifying secrets of how […]

The Pagans | New Testament Stories I Animated Bible Stories| Holy Tales Bible Stories

hi children I am sure you all remember me I am holy the oldest and the wisest bookworm of this library I live in the Bible I know all the stories from it meet tubby gumbo and freckles three little naughty book worms of the library who come to listen to news stories from me […]