December 11, 2019
  • 7:17 pm 9/11 Occult Ritual: Blood, Gold and Emotion
  • 7:17 pm What Do Quakers Do in Silent Worship?
  • 7:17 pm Night of Worship August 2018 Announcement
  • 7:17 pm Health + Wealth POWER Meditation | Bob Proctor
My Town: Ritual Chocolate

[Music] It all starts with the beans, like wine and grapes, you can’t make great quality chocolate if you don’t have great cacao beans. We wanted to do like a like a fine food one that is influenced by terroir, which is the flavor that is imparted by soil and climate. So much goes into […]

Szeged Tourism : Szeged Tourism: Serbian Orthodox Church

The Serbian Orthodox Church in Szeged is located on the northeast corner of the Domter, and is one of the main attractions in the city. The church which was dedicated to Saint Nicolas was initially built between 1773 and 1778, while the tower cap is more recent, it was built in 1835. The iconostasis which […]

11 Places on Earth No Human Has Ever Set Foot on

From trenches located at crushing depths to rock formations that emerge like daggers from the ground, here are 11 places on Earth no human has ever set foot on: Number 11 Mariana Trench, Pacific The ocean is the least explored place on Earth, so it’s no wonder that vast portions have remained untouched by humans. […]

What To Expect – Kazakhstan (What Is It Like ?)🇰🇿

okay and what you think about you about Kazakhstan we here Jimmy you look tired bro there’s fucking gorgeous 7:00 in the morning bright and early ready to get on the ferry make our way we have a 16 hour van ride today which is not what we expected but not no not expecting this […]

BENEFITS OF MINIMALISM » + common minimalism mistake

Yes as the title suggests this is yet another minimalism video If you’re new around here, hi, I’m Sadia and today I want to share with you the top 10 benefits to minimalism that I have come to learn and reap since adopting this practice There’s also a very common minimalism mistake I think a […]

The Mysterious SEALED Temple Door NO ONE Can Open: Last Door of Padmanabhaswamy

In a world that’s been around for thousands of years, with countless people that have come and gone, it’s naïve to think that there aren’t things that those people left behind. Our ancestors have passed down to the next generation as much information as they can but what about those ancient knowledge that have been […]

The Power of Religion | Mexico Discoveries | World Nomads

Every year we come and we thank the Virgin for giving us another year of life and for the promises that we make to her. and for the promises that we make to her. And for me, it’s an honor and a joy to be here with her. Happy, more than anything. For coming to […]

Churches in an atheist county | Bridal photo shoots in China

Hi travellers, I’m Anne’s daughter, Lileko and this week’s video is about the three churches that are tourist attractions here in Qingdao. And along with those churches comes brides, or the bridal photoshoot. The three churches are famous landmarks in Qingdao, the most famous is the Catholic Church. Which is just off Zhongshan lu If […]

We Travel To Kenya To Learn About The First Woman In History

– We’re looking at maternal haplogroups. And we can trace it all back in time to one woman. – This is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. – Oh (bleep). I can’t believe that we’re allowed to be here. – I’ve never been overseas ever in my life. I didn’t realize how […]