November 16, 2019
  • 10:17 pm DeScribe – Set Me Free – TRIGGER WARNING ADULT CONTENT – Official music video – with Amudim
  • 10:16 pm Ορθόδοξα Θαύματα – Η μαρτυρία του καρδιολόγου του Αγ. Πορφυρίου
  • 10:16 pm 9 Extreme Bug Mating Rituals
  • 10:16 pm Blowfuse – 11 – Hit The Ground (Audio) Daily Ritual 2019
  • 10:16 pm I Adore – Hillsong Worship
Rituals: Scissor Dance

José Navarro’s performance man of the Andes, one of the rituals which he makes use of is the ritual scissor dance from his people which is performed by men, it’s performed with scissors, usually by two men, but he does it by himself, and it’s a way of sort of preening and showing yourself as […]

Studying Theology and Religion at PhD level

Birmingham itself is the most religiously and culturally diverse community in Europe so it’s a really challenging and exciting place to study Theology and Religion. I chose the University of Birmingham because it is a very good university with a beautiful campus and highly ranked in the research areas of the study I wanted to […]

Accent – “Keep the Faith” (Michael Jackson Cover)

If you call out loud Will it get inside Through the heart of your surrender To your alibis And you can say the words Like you understand But the power’s in believing So give yourself a chance ‘Cause you can Climb the highest mountain Swim the deepest sea All you need is the will to […]

British Government Calls Christianity a Religion of Violence in Rejection of Iranian Asylum Seeker

Every time I think, “There’s just no way the British Government can possibly get any worse, any lower, and more despicable,” the British Government replies, “Hold my tea.” The New York Times reports: Rejecting Asylum Claim, U.K. Quotes Bible to Say Christianity Is Not ‘Peaceful.’ LONDON—Britain’s immigration department has been condemned for citing violent Bible […]

Hong Kong protesters sing ‘God Save The Queen’ in plea to Britain

Send her victorious, Happy and glorious, Long to reign over us, … save our gracious Queen, Long live our noble Queen. God save the Queen. One country, two systems is bad. One country, two systems is bad.

Tales from English Folklore #3: The Cult of Mithras

Many legends and myths that come down through the years are a mixture of folklore and history But some stories that reach us from the dim distant past will always be more of a mystery. By the wall Emperor Hadrian’s soldiers built to mark out his empire’s extent they made temples to workship a little-known […]

BRITISH PRIEST Reacts to “GOD IS A WOMAN” by Ariana Grande

hi I’m Josh I’m Molly and this is jolly has a new song now she does God is a woman it’s theologically controversial now we’re not gonna pass judgment not a place are completely neutral you know Ariana Grande she’s done some incredible things she seems like a very good singer we need an expert […]

“And God Created Woman” | Father Ted | Series 1 Episode 5 | Dead Parrot

(Ted): …I must have read that book ten times. (laughter) Now, I love a bit of Oscar Wilde, I suppose. He always does it for me. Oh, Wilde. “The only thing worst than being talked about is not being talked about.” Exactly. Wilde couldn’t have put it better himself. It was him who said that […]

UK Government for Dummies… and Americans

The UK held an election this last Thursday, but it wasn’t a regularly scheduled election, it was a snap election, as sort of a way to say “Okay for real though, Brexit, for real this time.” If you’ve heard anything about the results, you know that it ended up being fairly controversial and anything but […]

Ten Things to Know about Secularism | Andrew Copson

Secularism is not the same thing as atheism or humanism. You don’t have to have a non-religious view of life and meaning and values in order to be a secularist. Secularism is a political principle. Religious people can hold to it, non-religious people can hold to it. It’s a way of having freedom in a […]