April 10, 2020
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MEA: US have no right to question India on religious freedom भारत के आंतरिक मामले में दखल न दे
Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom Hears Tearful Testimonies

secretary Pompey officially kicked off the second ministerial as you heard David just talked about to advance religious freedom at the State Department day one included in many emotional moments as victims of persecution shared their stories CBN News national security correspondent Eric Phillips was there and joins us with more Eric John State Department […]

"Committed To Tolerance": India Rejects US Report On Religious Freedom

now India has rejected the findings of a report on religious freedom published by the US State Department that claimed that among other allegations mob attacks by violent extremists Hindu groups against minority communities continued throughout the year and responding to this report foreign ministry spokesperson ramesh kumar said that there is no credibility in […]