December 6, 2019
  • 11:14 pm Top 10 Highly Unusual Animal Mating Rituals
  • 11:14 pm Planet Earth Narrates Single Millennial Male Dating Rituals
  • 11:14 pm Katy Perry, the Vatican and Transcendental Meditation (1 min)
  • 11:14 pm MiraCLE: Car crash victim’s faith restored after miraculous visit to Italy
Ορθόδοξα Θαύματα  – Ο Αγ. Μηνάς σώζει Χριστιανούς από σφαγή

Orthodox Miracles – St. Minas saves Christians from slaughter Took place in: Irakleio, Greece … “Back then, the Turks were hearing about the success of the rebellious Greeks from everywhere, and because of that, they were erupting against the Greeks by depredating and slaughtering. The lives of Turkish conquerors were depending on the bad insticts […]

Dan Harris’ Panic Attack (and Discovery of Meditation)

About ten years ago in front of 5.019 million people according to the Nielsen ratings I had a panic attack on live television. I was doing a job that I’d done many times before which was filling in as the news reader on Good Morning America. The job basically entails coming on at the top […]

Ορθόδοξα Θαύματα  – Η Παναγία γλιτώνει νεαρό από ακρωτηριασμό

Orthodox Miracles- Virgin Mary saves boy from mutilation Took place in: Boeotia, Greece George Tsokos, 18 years of age, from Martino, one day felt his leg numbing. He was transfered to the hospital, where it was decided that he needed mutilation. He didn’t accept to have the operation and returned to his house. On the […]

My Jewish faith in Jesus couldn’t be contained!

Zachariah Karp, take one. I grew up in the States, I was born in Washington D.C. to a Jewish father and to a non-Jewish mother. As a child, I was extremely outgoing. I loved people, I smiled a lot, I had a lot of friends, I mean, look at my face. It’s approachable, you know. […]

Severe car accident recovery, pain relief, and Taoist Tai Chi® arts

A Testimonial by Birgit from Germany Hello, my name is Birgit In 1996 I was in a severe car crash. In 2003, my doctors tolds me there was nothing more they could do and then my physiotherapist suggested I try tai chi Here I experienced miracles that I didn’t think were possible Because I was […]

David Lynch interviews Paul McCartney about Meditation and Maharishi

First of all, it’s a real big honor to interview you, to talk to you Paul. And, I gotta tell you, I am not a professional interviewer. But I’m curious, so I’ll just ask you, you know, some things. And I’m curious, um, I assume sometime in the 60s… set the stage… when did you […]

Faith’s Wish to go to the Walt Disney World® Resort

It just so happens that you’re gonna go to Disney World. Congratulations Faith, it’s gonna happen for you. So excited, I was surprised and stuff. There’s a lot that is normal about her. She’s gonna get into stuff like normal kids do. The difference is is that she has lots of hospital visits. With those […]

Ορθόδοξα Θαύματα – Ο Άγ. Νεκτάριος θεραπεύει άνδρα από διάρρηξη πνεύμονα

Orthodox Miracles – Saint Nectarios cures lung rupture Took place in: Athens, Greece Mr. Nicolaos D. Cypriotis, {home address}, writes: “I was in the hospital diagnosed with lung rupture from the 25th of January 1964, till the 20th of June 1964, with Mr. Panagiotis Xortis as my doctor who said that I had only a […]

Faith Community Nursing

I first want to give God the credit for all of this including a bigger plan than what I could see Martha could see Lisa could see when we began this process and it began to be formalized as opposed to just the idea it took all of us where it originally started was in […]

Ορθόδοξα Θαύματα – Η Αγ. Υπομονή θεραπεύει από καρκίνο του δέρματος

Orthodox Miracles – St. Ypomoni (Patience) cures skin cancer Took place in: Athens, Greece (…) “St. Ypomoni (Patience) appeared as a nun to a citizen of Athens who was a taxi driver. She hailed a taxi and ask to go to Loutraki. The taxi driver had skin cancer on his hands and was very desperate. […]