October 20, 2019
  • 3:14 am Faith Complex: Michael Eric Dyson on Hip-Hop Theology (PART ONE)
  • 3:14 am When we think about God | Analytic Theology in Practice
  • 2:14 am Faith in Humanity (dafuqmomentz)
  • 1:14 am Pagan Journaling Challenge #1-6
  • 12:14 am How can the music industry inform the system of K-12 education? | John Hardin
JFK: Democrat or Republican?

He was one of America’s most popular presidents — handsome, charismatic, a war hero. He believed a strong military was the best guarantor of peace; he explained that cutting taxes was the best way to grow the economy; he firmly opposed racial quotas, and was horrified by the idea of unrestricted abortions. Can you name […]

“Last stage cancer cure possible through hope , faith and trust”. Know this story.

My name is Savita. I am from Meerut. My wife had the problem of diabetes five six years back. Normally everybody takes it lightly, and the treatment goes on. During the treatment, suddenly my wife Savita Sharma had loose motions and abdomen problem. Later on, doctor said that she has colitis. I started losing weight […]

Web-series – remixing “Of Different Skies” (2011, folk pagan epic) Ep. 2

So, this album was released in 2011, it’s called “Of Different Skies”, under the name Rune, the stage and project name. A project which was a break from my usual field of rock and metal, focusing now on acoustic music. The lyrics dealt with nature, legends, tradition, history and folklore. And even though it was […]

Introduction to Carl Gustav Jung with practical theology from kiwiconnexion

Welcome to episode 1 of our 8 part series from 6senses.nz We will explore the shape of the human psyche through insights from practical theology. By understanding ourselves better we will understand others better and build more confident relationships at work, home and in all other activities. So lets begin with a few questions to […]

Tsar Nicholas II | His Reign, His Faith, His Family

The epilogue which I was honored to be asked to write was very difficult. It’s far too easy to paint every reign in black and white: Peter the Great was good, Paul I was bad, Alexander III was firm and Nicholas II was weak. Every reign and every era have good and bad, and leaders […]

Escaping Gangs: Football, Faith & A Funeral | SPAC Nation

This is London. This is home. State of violence. Deaths, shooting and stabbings. By law. We was once the cause of it. So we was the best to solve the problem. I went to prison for murder. I went to prison for attempted murder twice. I went to prison for shootings countless amount of times. […]

I Am King Tut (Pharaoh Tutankhamun)

Here I lie, The strong bull, pleasing of birth, the one of perfect laws, who wears the crown and pleases the gods, lord of all… now dead. After bearing witness to only eighteen floodings of the live giving sacred waters of the Nile, I am laid to rest in my tomb with the objects that […]

Faith to Not Be Healed – The Amazing Story of Chanel White

[music] I was a very organized individual—nothing, nothing was ever out of line in my life. I was diagnosed with scleroderma shortly after high school. You know like when you go in from being a total healthy person and like something is just kind of amiss and maybe one thing going on. But he’s kind […]

Pagan Origins of Easter (Jesus vs Tradition)

What does Easter have to do with Easter Eggs, Chocolate Bunnies, and Hot crossed buns? Why do we call the time known as Lent… Easter to begin with? And what the heck do any of those things have to do with Jesus Christ? Well in this Special Edition of the Arcanum Luminarium, we are going […]

The Empire of Mali – An Empire of Trade and Faith – Extra History – #2

A man stands outside the city walls, looking into the desert. For the last two decades, he has traveled across the Islamic world from China to Andalusia, Spain. Along the way, he had been shipwrecked, kidnapped by rebels and detained by a mad sultan. The year before, he had crossed Arabia at the height of […]