December 11, 2019
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  • 7:17 pm What Do Quakers Do in Silent Worship?
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4 Years of Semen Retention // My Experience

What is up guys, I just wanted to talk about my experience having practiced semen retention for about four years now just all of the incredible benefits and transformations, I have experienced from doing this now when I say that I’ve gone for years of Practicing semen retention. I’m not claiming to have never ejaculated […]

18 Bizzare Marriage Rituals You Won’t Believe Actually Exist !
Rise of the Witch

Hello friends, how are you? I’m Arith Härger. And today I’m going to talk about the rise of the witch this is the season of the witch until at least Yule the dark veil will envelop the world in mystery and dreams that report back to primordial memories so today I’m going to talk about […]

18 Things Orthodox Jewish Feminists Are Tired of Hearing

Did you just say the F word? You’re right, women should have more of an active role in Jewish communal life. I just don’t think people are ready for that yet. You know, maybe in another 10 year, or 50 years, or for sure in another 2,000 years. Look, I agree with you, I do. […]

Women in the Church: Conversations in Orthodox Theology with Dr. George Bebawi

There is no male or female, free or slave, Greek or Jew. A gender is not an issue in the church. It is in the society. Society has its own agenda because the society has its own problems, but in the Church it’s a new creation. The new creation is God’s gift, neither to male […]

⚔ Mars, God of War: Feriae Marti (March 1): Pagan Holidays in Ancient Rome

Hi everyone! This is TIMOTHEVS! So, since March is drawing near, let’s talk about the significance of this month in ancient Rome! In early Roman times, March marked the beginning of both agricultural activities and the campaigning season. So it makes sense that this month was sacred to Mars, the Roman God of war and […]

Meet the Haredi Serial Entrepreneur Who Employs 140 Ultra-Orthodox Women

Membit is a platform for chatbots that for the first time enables organizations, to implement a chatbot without any integration. In just 5 minutes. There are those who say that Membit does to the chatbot market what Wix did to the website development industry. I’m from Bnei Brak. A Charedi woman with a classic background. […]

Georgia Harkness: Trailblazer in Methodist Theology

(narrator) Born in 1891 and ordained decades before women were given full clergy rights in her church, this Methodist pioneer persisted. Told she could not attend the all-male Boston University School of Theology, she instead earned a Ph.D. and then became the first woman to teach theology in an American seminary. Georgia Harkness went on […]

Stonehenge Stoners & Worshipping Wizards: 12 Hours at the World’s Biggest Pagan Party

I’m on my way to Stonehenge for the summer solstice festival an annual event that attracts thousands of people as soon as I found out that this was a thing I knew I had to go I’ve been obsessed with witches and paganism for my entire life and this seemed like it would be the […]

I Made A Bucket List To Overcome My Devastating Breakup

it is feels like this huge chunk of my life is gone the worst part is that I miss him and I don’t want to do Sam because he’s happy somewhere else [Music] four months ago I was in a six year long relationship with someone I thought I would spend the rest of my […]