September 19, 2019
  • 8:14 pm This Restaurant Is Actually a Sex Cult
  • 7:14 pm Sex and the City – The Perfect Present
  • 7:14 pm 14. Mohammed and the Arab Conquests
  • 6:14 pm Prayer List Ideas
  • 6:14 pm Religion class for Education
Burn Fat Fast: 20 Minute Bike Workout

This is a high-intensity interval training spin video. It’s going to be tough, but it’s also going to be fun. Make sure you’ve got water and remember to reyhdrate throughout the class. ♪ [music] ♪ The warm up. You should start this in position one. You should be seated not out of the saddle. Your […]

Do You Think Science & Religion Can Coexist? | Earth Your While w/ Zach Anner

– So, a rabbi, a reverend and an imam walk into a coffee shop. There’s no joke there, we’re just going to talk to them about faith and the environment. Let’s go figure out if there’s a punch line. (upbeat music) – This is a little strange for me. I’ve never been surrounded by so […]

ASIAN | How You See Me

– There’s a really good King of the Hill episode where the neighbor’s, you know, from Laos. He’s Laotian. Hank Hill’s like, “So are you Chinese or are you Japanese?” Right? And then the guys like, “No, I’m from Laos, you know, “it’s a southeast Asian country.” And then, in the end, he’s like, “Okay,” […]

How This Bikini Competitor & Amputee Found Confidence | The Happiness Stories

– For me, it was more so what got addictive is when you start getting stronger. Like, I like feeling strong. So to be able to do things without anyone’s assistance is really liberating, and I think that’s something that a lot of people with disabilities struggle with just ’cause they feel like they can’t […]

He Was Clueless, But She Didn’t Stop Trying! | In Love or Not

(upbeat music) (laughing) (clears throat) – My name is Aria. I’m originally from Beijing, China. I’m an only child because we had the one-child policy in China. I just never really felt this strong bond with my parents. I mean, there was always respect and love but I don’t think it was like openly communicated. […]

Do a Person’s Looks Always Tell the Full Story? | Tell My Story, Blind Date

(light music) – Selfishness really turns me off, so I guess that’s the main thing. I have to be attracted to them, that’s important. I tend to have this whole list of things, but then you just meet someone, and its like, wow, this person’s great. – The guy that’ll get me to turn by […]

If Kids Were God… | Little Kids. Big Questions.

-The older we get, the further we get from the truth and the more we search for answers. If only we could ask the real experts, life would go a whole lot smoother. This is “Little Kids, Big Questions.” Featuring is your host, Ingrid Michaelson and the Austin Hartley-Leonard Quintet. [ Cheers and applause ] […]

This Blind Date Did NOT Go How We Assumed | Tell My Story

(calming music) – Diversity is very important to me, but it’s also important to me to have a community of people who look and come from different backgrounds, and just to have a lot of different insights into life that way. It gets really boring, I think, when everybody looks the same and acts the […]

He Assumed Religion Didn’t Matter and Was Totally Wrong! | Tell My Story, Blind Date

(ambient music) – When meeting someone, they have to have some sort of appeal, I have to be attracted to him. And we also have to have a lot in common. I like those substantial, meaningful conversations. – Some of the first assumptions that people make about me is that I’m weak because maybe my […]

Would She Still Date Him After He Says This….??  | Tell My Story, Blind Date

(gentle instrumental music) – My ideal woman is like, someone that you see walking down the street and you’re just like, damn! She’s attractive she has a nice smile, but you see she has a sophistication about her. – Ideal guy is a little scruffy looking, maybe a mountian man. I’m not super picky when […]