November 15, 2019
  • 6:18 pm Gaffi fi Debbii Oromoo orthodox Church malif jarun barachise Sher Walli godha.
  • 6:18 pm Holy Rites of the Eastern Orthodox Church
  • 6:18 pm The Ritual
  • 6:18 pm SIGNIFICADO DEL OJO TURCO ~ Ritual de Protección
  • 6:17 pm The Power & The Glory – Hillsong Worship
【玄门大师】(ENG SUB) The Taoism Grandmaster 03 热血少年团闯阵救世(主演:佟梦实、王秀竹、裴子添)

The Taoism Grandmaster Episode 3 Dad said he had something to do. It’s just watching Senior Disciple practicing. You know it. The Ancient Spell for Demons of Alliance of Five Great Mountains include the five states of Soul, Qi, Spirit, Void and Tao. It took us many years only to remain in the state of […]

Theology Slam

Welcome to St John’s Hoxton for the live final of Theology Slam 2019. And we are your hosts for this the culmination of a six-month search for the most exciting engaging voices in theology. I think the whole concept of the Theology Slam has spawned a whole load of people who have written their thoughts […]

Strongest Necromancer in the World – Meet the Evil Kaito!

To the unheralded Today on the unheralded we focus on the most powerful necromancer on earth Yasunori Kaito Necromancy the practice of communicating and controlling the dead in order to predict the future Learn knowledge of the afterlife or bring the dead back to life disciplines like alchemy Sorcery black magic the black arts Witchcraft […]

Security of Orthodox Monasteries in Kosovo

Decani Monastery in Kosovo, a supremely sacred place for Orthodox Serbs and a monument of 14th century Balkan history. 26 monks live here, closeted away for fear of attacks on the outside. In 2004 the monastery suffered violent attacks and in 2007 there was an explosion just metres away from the building. Since 1999 KFOR, […]

Teenage Exorcists (Part 2/2)

BOB LARSON: Go somewhere private. TRANSLATOR: [SPEAKING FOREIGN LANGUAGE] BOB LARSON: Behind a closed door. TRANSLATOR: [SPEAKING FOREIGN LANGUAGE] CHARLET DUBOC: The constant exorcisms had already taken an emotional toll on me. But the Teenage Exorcists just seem to smile through it all. During a rare break, I grabbed an opportunity to try to get […]

Je ne suis pas amour à 100%, et alors ?

“I’m not Love at 100 percent… and so what ??? Hi wolves ! Today a very important video (I think it’s time to talk about something) ! Twice in two days, I was telling « you are 100 % Love »… No, I’m not ! Not at all ! When I don’t make videos or […]

Compte rendu des énergies du 28 septembre / my feedback about the 28 september

whats happen on the 28 september ? Hi everyone! Today’s video is my feeback about what happened on september 28th. I wrote the september 27th at night on my web page to tell you that it would be nice if you asked to recieve love during the nights from 27th to 28th and from 28th […]

Inclusive Theology – Merciful God saves the whole world – False doctrine –  Come Sunday – Part 1

Inclusive Theology – Merciful God saves the whole world – It is a False doctrine – Netflix Movie Come Sunday Part 1. Today I want to talk about inclusive theology in response to the Netflix movie Come Sunday The message of the merciful God saves the whole world is a False Doctrine Part 1. Bishop […]

Visiting Gaia,  the huge globe of Earth in the Wills Memorial Building, Bristol.

Hello, and welcome to S and J TV1 and Simon’s Stuff. Today, I’m heading into Bristol to the Will’s Memorial Building where they have a 7 meter globe suspended from their ceiling. What’s all about?! Well, join me and we’ll go and have a look! * GENTLE PIANO MUSIC * Well I hope you enjoyed […]

The Battle for Iraq: Shia Militias vs. the Islamic State

The Militias are kind of taking over. It’s not really the government leading militias, it’s the other way around This is literally the very front line in the global fight against the islamic state year one from the beginning of Iraq’s war with the islamic state vice news traveled to Iraq to meet the shia […]