November 17, 2019
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  • 12:18 am He was sexually abused as a child. Now this Orthodox rabbi tells his story
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Talk on Sex with an Orthodox Priest. Part One: Love

hello friends when I lived there was a
big department store other discount store near the town where I lived so
whenever you enter the building you’ll see on the opposite wall a huge huge
sign hot three letters 6 and below much more
letters it’s red and now we’ve gotten your attention let us introduce our new discount offers
etcetera etcetera etcetera so once we’ve gotten europeans let me to
do a short mini-series mini-series series of two blocks blocks within
Orthodox priest on sexual matters and the first dog will be cold week in the
second talk will be called tears according to the scriptural parable the
the parable in the Gospel alone and we didn’t hear but unlike that terrible
will replay we’d right away and consumer babe beautiful Kate out of the week in
with regard to the tears will pluck them out right away to wait for any other
event to happen so let’s start with the first part with the first dog which is
weird or in other ways more directly a lot of indeed in every civilized can text me in the
Christian concerts primarily any reference 26 will be related to the
reference to love our expression making love speaks for us anyway even those who
will take the steps talking about we get the players will
get perplexed too much diversity too much differences
in the meanings of this word obviously there is love in relation to divinity in
relation to six reality level in relation to profanity live in relation
to emotions love in relation to expressions level relations middle of wind relations degree good
food whatnot so looks like we’re being
deliberately driven straight to end up agreeing to disagree as it so popular an
hour days in just quit the job but we won’t quit the job will keep on going to
keep on going because we are standing on a Christian platform and standing of the
Christian Reformed Christian way of understanding way of thinking we
obviously are obliged to stick to Christian principles and took richest
sources we have a hope to find out what love means right from the device
scription problem that’s something natural for anyone who wants to be a
Christian so let’s open the lid open the device description usually by the Bible
where 42 the New Testament along testament to get however we want this more this
particular moment narrow your mind our site on the New Testament message and we
opened the First Epistle chapter of war verse 8 you probably know what I mean probably are familiar with this
statement and read does not love does not know God for God is love and in the
same chapter few verses below those 16 is seeing thing God is the one who buys
in love abides in God and God abides in him so seen Paul places and eat will
sign between all of which sounds quite serious and bears very important
consequences for the entire subject matter under consideration and god is
love and God is one wants to miss a bowl of Denbigh this to me one love obviously
we’ve just mentioned a few the area’s diverse meanings behind this work
however they are to be one mainstream one so to speak the most important one behind this war
something from which we can start our war investigation in what love means
with regard to our initials and what it what it what is what this means most
important meaning law is again will do the same source
close to the same sources over the same book and incidentally this saying a
pistol the First Epistle of st. John chapter 3 weary versus me know by this
that he lay down his life for and right away and we are to lay down
our lives for the brother that’s always say this scripture the Christians
scriptural definition of love and its consequences for US Polo is no less for
others in or for the other work for the Lord he having become a main has become
one of us don’t forget that so this is probably something to really stick door
in as much we want to remain Christians and we do want to remain now back to the
subject matter we’re going to talk about six is there any connection between six
and self denial lay down one’s life for someone else think about it for someone
unfamiliar with life I don’t speak about the change in this mall has been about
life these do things laying down one’s life and sexual intercourse seems to be
completely opposite once in trough the scene in their affinity is called
marriage marriage is the lock which brings together forever which we have just defined based upon
the whole description sexual life of men and women as we know
it they are locked together in marriage you don’t believe me check the
efficiency of the purpose of the Holy possible to the officials have preferred
I want to read it to you you no problem that I your own heart to find what I
think both says about the list of crimes and his sure they are you human marriage is a representative war and
image of the union between God and His sure how this deal closer look at the
sexual intercourse versus me average well the course where the carriage what
goes with what goes in front of Wat was primary was secondary what is marriage
into formality is it they agreement commercial agreement between the parties
to make them make it easier for them to depart to quit the job what it is all
just a judicial buildup on top of having fun in bed not really every marriage has
been created in paradise for the purpose of a string and women and furthering between men and the women also no lesser
extent of love between parents and children loving parents to their
children which are being born out of the end of the beat of the children that’s
the instrument which is the world s Creed for us humans to remain in
increasing to keep it a union between a man and a
woman created once and for all Union complete and eternal reign quite
clean and what about social intercourse is immaterial foundation for be building
for the harrises of marriage marriages primary sexual intercourse is secondary not the other way around and we went to
the carriage in front of the put his sexual intercourse in front of
me original front of anything else we are in trouble we are in another miracle
coat coat having fun in bed or wherever it happens is a crime against me average
it’s an assault on US Route assault on marriage when people an experienced in
matters of life around eyes and doubt what is wrong with extra marital
intercourse what’s wrong with having fun just with one another to destroy destroy
every day on a larger scale by illicit sexual behavior now before we wrap up
this first part of our conversation will have to clarify one important issue
which is probably bothering you right away to win six self denial is hard so
you might say you guys that in the church is going to rob us of how are
they going to steal our entertainment anyone be there has been a way for
anyone else who is getting involved in sexual intercourse rate a room or wrong
completely completely from if you pursue leads from the wars in the
other day believed to masturbating before the computer story because
computer aided me ask the beach in computer-aided parrado computer-based
bloggers are spearheading technological advancement technological
progress in this field and you know very well what I mean that’s the weight of
that’s what happens when people men and women consider sexual intercourse as a
way as an instrument for fun what happens to them you understand very well
and what should happen to us what should be the way in the movie version of
sexual intercourse you will see from what we have just spoken about our
pursuit as Christian the in your marital into bars indeed becomes the sixth self
denial you deny yourself and you pursue elation joy and happiness for your
spouse your p.m. rather than he and when you are killed this joy happiness and
elation when you real to your spouse then by virtue of
the nature of marriage by the boat which of nature of human endeavor relations
this same things allege joy and happiness returned to you hundred and thats how marriage is being
established and how you are like you’re not true life in your own life
experiences yet established on their Christian
foundation will do a lesion happiness unlimited provided by you are giving
rather than your cheek clear

Otis Rodgers