February 25, 2020
  • 11:34 am Monday 2/15/20 Faith And Obedience DVD # 41233
  • 11:34 am Faith Is the Connector to Miraculous Healing
  • 4:15 pm معايدة صاحب الغبطةيوحنا العاشر بطريرك أنطاكية وسائر المشرقميلاد ٢٠١٩
talking about sun gazing, "spiritual so" and god (spirituality)

how do we focus on one thing so today morning I was watching well yesterday I was watching this video fight this guy and he told us that we should seunggi's and he's been doing it for a long time and like I tried that and like I tried it today so today morning I woke up at 8 a.m. in the morning and I headed to my river so I have I live in front of a river in my residence so I just can walk there and like there's a really great wheeler and like there's benches where you can say what no one comes there actually because it's it's kind of and so it's kind of like well in the wilderness because there's there's like trees and like grass like you don't go there it's next to the road but like there's so much grass and like there's so much green it's it's block like you don't see a lot of people and you don't see straight like everything's covered in so I was I went there and then I was sitting down I looked through the sky it was late I was gazing I was just trying to do it trying to do it for the first time and like I could not it was it was so hard for me like it hurt my eye like yo he don't like the guy in the video at I watched he told that his eyes started watering and like yo even my manly today I my tears tears came out of my eye and then I remembered him like yeah I was going with it cuz it's so freakin hard to gaze at the Sun like for at least even if you like look at it for like freaking three seconds leo yo I couldn't I couldn't see look at the eye for more than like four second I think my max was like three I think three or four or whatever and you're a that sure and they say that you should not you should not look at the Sun or like that's what I've been growing up and I heard that growing up so I've heard I've heard that you can't look at the Sun and if you do you get you're getting blind like it's gonna make you blind and it's gonna give you cancer like skin cancer for your skin and all that but I did it today that it was my first time and I feel I feel like this energy that came in to me and it was I don't know how to explain it so I was walking in the wilderness and then I noticed like I could do well I felt a better vibe like overall like because my days were going really bad like I needed something to eat a change I need to know myself more like you know meditated I'm letting all that but yo thanks to the spiritual soul man like you know he's I'm I'm definitely gonna do it tomorrow tough like I'm gonna do this every day probably just wake up at 8:00 just wake have a reason to wake up early in the morning and like freaking go just look at nature man like oh that's nature's given to us and like well what we're doing in our present day in it and it an age is like the people we're just saying inside our home only doing not making any human interaction or like yo that's necessary like you need to speak out your mind or like hear others others thoughts like just justify what your reasoning like their reasoning is it true that helps your mind like and the whole I think the whole purpose of life is like as XXX edit um yo i love i miss that guy love him he said that you saw that you liked the whole purpose of life is evolving like at first when you're a kid you don't know anything and like slowly like you grow and like you know it from mistakes and like that's that's the key like you learn and then I believe that as you grow older and like when you get experience and maturity you are going to make it somehow like you're gonna make that bread like somehow cuz you can't you can't um just do nothing because even if you're lazy like you are going to some day you are going to because that's how humans are made we said well we're made to problem-solve and like break through in the end because um I believe that this period of God is all and with him but tennis like goodness you know that's what I mean by God like good deeds doing good having positivity not just like in your mind but like with others as well and like showing that and spreading that so that you know I think that humans like all of us human beings um we're all one entity and like you know devil what what's his purpose his purpose I mean his goal or you know he's he's bad right he's evil so his goal is to like destroy that kill human next stop humans from populating in life but but goodness has made it goodness has come so far that look at us we have seven bill of people not a world and like we have flourished in this world for a long time and like goodness is winning guys like and I like to pray and I believe in those in goodness and like you know stuff like that and like I believe that Jesus is like the whole trail like the ultimate the best picture of how good a person can be because I'm sure you guys know that he died like he could he faced all this stuff that that um we have been going through like it's not technically what we're going through right now but like he faced everything like familia humility excuse me humility like you name it like everything he took it on himself and I it was a sacrifice for the whole world so and then his word his message spread just just because what he did like he claimed to be the the king of the King right so I I look at it like that where I want to be like him – that's like the ultimate goal but I mean who's gonna do that cuz wait we're just normal people or like Jesus was sent by God and he had full he had the full Holy Spirit within him wear whatever he spoke of whatever he let out of his mouth it was spoken by God and the whole the Holy Spirit that's how he wanted to so he would spread God's message and like the good message and you know that's what we should all pray for like you shall pray that you know all these thoughts that we have like suppose we're talking with someone and like we were talking right like we were so focused and like we just in that moment in that conversation like we whatever that comes from our mind like we just say it that's appropriate in the conversation like we we have to plan something on what to say like it's this assignment or something so but we just say whatever we whatever comes through our mind in that moment so I believe that the best thing to have is like you pray so that God speaks through you and his message like his message is sent to other people because talking conversating with people is really important because if you influence someone you can influence of someone your talk right your conversation with each other can influence behavior like your mood can depend on the conversation like after what would you do after can depend and the rest of the day can depend on what you guys conversate on there like what energy you guys flow on and what frequencies you guys have and all that but I believe the Holy Spirit should be that's our hope that's our ultimate goal where we should pray for a better intuition like how we first talk and like how we first start saying stuff to people like you want to have we want to have the full power of the Holy Spirit flowing through us and so that we can talk and I can spread good my goodness cuz you can expect goodness in so many ways like you can act kind you can give advise to people you can like whatever you say is it's gonna influence the other person in a way where it can be for good or for bad like you depend it your mood like the would say the message can determine your mood and like your influence so yeah I just want this is just just a message I want to give out just just I'm just talking if you guys enjoyed yeah you you

Otis Rodgers