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Taoist Master on Power of Mindfulness – Beginners Guide to Meditation | Tea Time Taoism

so I haven’t actually mentioned this on
the channel before but when I finished University and started the channel it
was a real time of uncertainty for me I didn’t really know what I supposed to be
doing or whether the channel was a good idea and I had abundant free time to
think about it also actually developed mild anxiety. my stomach would be in
knots all day and I’d get nervous pangs in my stomach it just wasn’t a
particularly nice time for me. this was a new experience for me because I consider
myself to be strong minded you know I enjoy being on my own and I work well in
general although obviously I do procrastinate as well so I think my
experience is testament to the fact that our own anxieties, depression whatever we
have is down to the fact that either we’re being anxious about what’s going
to come or obsessing over the past and what could have been what I wasn’t doing
and what you may not be doing is living in the present moment appreciating the
world around you now this idea of living in the present moment can be called
mindfulness and you may think this is a buzzword that only yogi mums or hippies
talk about but that couldn’t be further from the truth the ideas of living in
the present and meditation are older than even Taoism Lao Tze wrote the Tao Te
Ching 2500 years ago and in it he talks
about ancient sages and masters that were as old to him as Lao Tzu is to us
so that means there’s something like 4,000 years of history separating us
from those ancient masters and despite that history these masters asked exactly
the same questions that we do what can I do to make my life go well and to be
happy. now they discussed and debated and over thousands of years developed a set
of teachings and the key tenant to both Buddhism and Taoism is the idea that you
should actually live your life in the world rather than living it in your
thoughts. we say **chinese** in this life we should enjoy every moment to pursue long
lifespan rather than wait here until the next round of life. this is the central
idea of a Taoist practicer. In the daodejing by Lao Tzu, it says **chinese**
super virtue is like a water so the water is very balanced not
too like this not like this so if you think of too much like in a past it
might like this if you think too much of the future it might matter like this, so
to stay now the this is also abide by law Lao Tze advocates to be like water.
okay but what does it actually mean to be
present well I’m heading back down to Monkey Valley to illustrate okay I
didn’t even have to go to back down to the valley the monkeys are just here.
okay I don’t know if you can see the monkey behind me but we give monkeys a
bad rap. in Buddhism there’s the concept called the monkey mind where our mind
leaps from thoughts of thought like a monkey leaps from branch to branch never
staying in the present moment but if you actually observe a monkey there’s
nothing frantic about the leaping it’s joyful this is because while animals
have some idea of past and future like a squirrel can squirrel way nuts for the
winter, the ability and capacity to worry about these things is uniquely human.
nature doesn’t have a sense of past or future so in this way we
see nature appears very calm so this is why we say all **chinese** Tao follows
the nature. the point here isn’t that we
should become monkeys the ability to plan for the future and learn from our
mistakes is essential to living a good life the point is is that the more we
live in the present the more tranquil our mind shall be this tranquillity does
not really mean totally empty the mind it means you appreciate everything even
something tiny you know you enjoy enjoy it. the snow the
silver snow you know the green tea leaves and I enjoy the mountain the
trees I enjoy enjoy my family even if my wife is like Socrates the famous
philosopher Socrates wife who is like very strong
even if my wife is like that I also I enjoy having heavy my wife I enjoy life
very much so I think you can also become like me so mindfulness or living in the
present isn’t about never thinking again it’s about an active intentional
attention to the present moment to what your senses are telling you like master
Gu demonstrated when you switch off the inner monologue even for a brief second
you begin to appreciate all the miraculous things around you such as
trees they’re so big and strong and last for hundreds of years or the fact that
I’m able to speak to you from China over the internet or the fact that my heart
is beating and your heart is beating without us having to do anything the
present world is so much more beautiful and peaceful than the caricature of the
world that we create in our heads if we’re constantly thinking we never get
to experience this richness. now to some of you that may seem like force
positivity it may remind you of those self development gurus who say if you just
smile you can achieve anything but Taoism is more subtle than that because
actually it’s a self-evident fact that all these positive and amazing things
are out there in the natural world and in the social world it’s just we
habitually choose not to recognize them so no wonder so many people feel
disillusioned with the world. by deliberately choosing to recognize these
things you can’t help but become more positive because you feel much more
grateful to be alive as well as have a deeper connection with
nature and other human beings so being present doesn’t only just change how you
see the external world also changes how you see your own internal world this is
because with time and meditation you begin to observe your thoughts or
something distinct from the greater you you realize that your cravings and
anxieties are simply flits of energy from your consciousness and ego and that
actually you have the space and the control to be able to engage with these
thoughts or not this naturally makes you much calmer because you develop the
mental strength not to let a negative thought run away with itself. so some
people may still worry about what’s to come
so Taoism finally asks you to trust in the dao or the way the world works
and also to trust in yourself because the image that you create of yourself is
wholly inadequate, you’re much more than your consciousness. we say **chinese**
the unity of the heaven which means the nature and the human human being so this
is very important we human being are from the nature and we will go back to
nature so to enjoy yourself to enjoy this life
the method is don’t think of too much of yourself because you are actually you
are like one part of the nature. a Taoist practicer strongly believe if he has
taoist mind being harmonious with himself and with people with nature
so he respected a Tao, the way, he will be very much rewarded. he
knows the things will be resolved in a natural way it’s no use to rush no use
to be anxious to be in a state of anxiety.
so yes the past and the future are important but the more we live in
the present the less we engage in destructive thoughts about the past or
the future and the more we get to experience the richness of living. so how
do you actually become present well in everything you do focus on that one
thing alone and when you notice that your focus is on something else gently
and lovingly bring it back. so that’s easier said than done and that’s where
meditation comes in it’s like a bicep curl for the brain each time you bring
your focus back to the present it gets easier the next time and next week
master GU will show you how a Taoist meditates so I’m almost home I’m out of
breath hope you found that interesting I’ll see you next time
[Music] so this week’s question is where are you
with your own meditation and mindfulness journey have you done meditation and if
not why and if you are what sort of meditation are you doing? if you did
enjoy the video please share it with a friend interested in mental health and
Taoism master gu and I would really appreciate it thanks again

Otis Rodgers



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  95. Ramon Cordova Posted on November 6, 2019 at 4:29 pm

    Thank you soo much for the video man , very interesting and amazing advice

  96. Mindful One Posted on November 12, 2019 at 3:48 pm

    Good work bro!👍

  97. Retro Gamer Posted on November 14, 2019 at 4:01 am

    Step one don't eat fast food. Step two don't eat processed food. Step 3 don't drink ice cold water. Step 4 eat chinese food and meditate. That's is the DAO. lols