July 23, 2019
  • 4:16 pm Health and Wellbeing Events in the Midlands
  • 4:08 pm Wellbeing & emotion management – Matt Fowler, Incredible Thinkers
  • 4:00 pm Humidity Solutions – Health and Wellbeing
  • 3:57 pm Attract what you want by shifting your energy guided meditation (Dr Joe Dispenza students)
  • 3:52 pm Mental Wellbeing – Meditation
TCV Health & Wellbeing

through the work of tcv people improve their physical and mental health and well-being by being outdoors active and connected with others people often say to me that just being here is relieves their stress and anxiety and worries which is a huge benefit it's kind of meditative and Elijah just step outside the clutter of your whole mind sometimes you know there are very powerful multi-sensory stimulations of being light in contact with nature and we're getting that from you know the signs of the birds visually and aesthetically that the different textures the different colors the feel of the soil the feel of different plants the smells that are there constantly around us green Jim group-based physical activity with a purpose a lot of communities now we know there's a lot of isolation so people live in single occupancy households so Green Jim brings people together to do something that the community values there may be planting trees may be opening that path things like that typical session would start with a short warm-up followed by an hour of activity that could be anything from planting trees to sowing a meadow to building habitat boxes then we'll have a short tea break this section is actually really important for volunteers to socialize and connect with one another and then that will be followed by another activity for about an hour and then we'll all end up with a cool-down TCB's Green Jim brings people back into this natural connections natural affinity with green spaces so aside from the stuff that we do just being in green spaces with groups of people benefits us and the green spaces at the same time I'm 70 years old and I want to stay young and fit for as long as possible I loved being in the outdoors I loved doing hard physical work I loved doing meaningful work that's not only good for myself we're good for the community with the green gem we'd have a lot of people who might have mental health issues or have learning disabilities with some people who'd have an anxiety or here stressed coming out and doing something like seed collecting or you know even just digging over or you know doing a simple task you can see the we have been lifted their stress levels or the anxiety levels you know we're just from just being outside and you know doing something that they can look back and see the benefit of people are physically active without really thinking I'm going to be physically active they're just going to do something but they value it brings people together improves community resilience let people share successes and share challenges as well at the same time and that can improve things like oxytocin and dopamine which make us feel happier and we don't feel so much pain we can show reductions in cortisol which is really important reductions in anxiety and for me really important is improvements in feelings of optimism and green into being useful nature deficit disorder is quite well known nowadays especially among young people but still in the older generations there's a lot of people that don't get access to outdoor environments they're not necessarily the kind of people that would want to go to your traditional gym whereas if you get them out into a space like this they see a real difference a real tangible change as they work upon it so they get to see something positive that they've actually done you also see constantly things and growth if there's a seed that you've collected and then you've prepared it you've put it in the ground and suddenly it becomes a tree it's because of you that that thing is a life now and because the care that you put in so I think what people learn as well is that it just takes a little bit of care to create a lot of life and it can be very beneficial for your own mental health social prescribing recognizes how social economic and environmental factors affect people's health my medication alone is unlikely to provide a sustainable improvement social prescribing brings people together with different programs so like TCB's green gym art therapy debt counseling a combination of things that's delivered in the community by community volunteering groups and other organizations which increases the resilience of people makes them stronger and it says to people actually you are at the center of your condition you are the best person to make yourself better but we'll help you do that so social prescribing and recognises a lot of things that cause ill health aren't to do with medicine it places the person and community at the center of the treatment rather than drugs doing stuff to people it improves their resilience it makes them more active it makes them more bound into the community locally so if they have a bit of a wobble they can share that and people can support them because they're doing things like planting trees and improving parks where they live they can look at and I can see the beneficial things they're doing for community so as it's much longer lasting impact because their work carries on for much longer we are tcv the community volunteering charity our vision is to create healthier and happier communities for everyone we connect people and green spaces to deliver lasting outcomes for both you

Otis Rodgers