December 13, 2019
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Thanksgiving Eve

you know we’re doing this we’re doing
this because we want our Thanksgivings to be better we want them to be
different we don’t just want to do the same old same old gorge on Turkey and
have tryptophan overload and all the rest of this stuff right we want to
connect with God so we’re giving you real things you can do to start new
traditions well hey my name is Brian Tom it’s great to be with you today here at
my house and I’ve got some friends family members and colleagues around the
table that will be talking with them and a little bit we’re doing something a
little different well it’s not different for me it may be very different for you
it’s called Thanksgiving Eve you might be saying Thanksgiving Eve what is
Thanksgiving Eve I’ve heard of Christmas I’ve heard of Christmas Eve why crap why
Thanksgiving Eve well we invented it here crossroads yes we’ve actually met
someone else might have been doing it for a while but we have been doing this
across roads for many many many many years
Thanksgiving is really probably my favorite holiday of all the holidays
it’s one holiday that hasn’t been commercialized and it’s one holiday that
has deep intensive roots and so why not just celebrate Thanksgiving when we can
also celebrate Thanksgiving Eve and we’re gonna do something right now that
I think is gonna be helpful to you helpful to all of us and even if you’re
just watching right now if you do this tomorrow on Thanksgiving or New Year’s
Eve or Christmas Eve I promise you you’re going to have a more meaningful
holiday than you normally do so let me give us a scripture if the scripture is
1st Thessalonians 1 verse 2 it says this we give thanks to God always for all of
you constantly mentioning you in our prayers we give thanks to God they give
thanks but why is it like we think thanks we we meditate thanks we
philosophize thanks we have thanks give things to give something is assuming
there is an object or an entity who is to receive it
that’s what Thanksgiving is we are giving thanks to
the one who is worthy of receiving thanks and that’s God and we’re gonna
try to remember today the things that God has done in our life over the last
year and we’re gonna celebrate that and we’re gonna thank God for it I’m gonna
thank each other for it and in the midst of it we’re gonna have something that’s
going to actually overflow we’ve been doing this my family for gosh probably
20 years it centers around this vase right here this vase is a family
keepsake it says engraved on this Waterford
crystal only in America gee aren’t we lucky see aren’t we lucky
that’s how an old friend of mine used to talk not quite that dorky it has the
initials CH l which is Carl Henry Lindner Carl Lindner was the just a very
wealthy philanthropist in Cincinnati he owned the Cincinnati Reds he primary
shareholder in great American financial and Chiquita banana a whole bunch of
other things and I got the blessing to go to his 80th birthday party I’m not
sure exactly how I did but I got to go to the 80th birthday party and Carl is
like the only guy when someone comes to his birthday party he gives them gifts
so he gave all the guys cufflinks and all the ladies this vase
only in America gee aren’t we lucky I know his sons what often times talk to
him and say dad we’re not lucky we’re blessed we’re blessed we didn’t just hit
the lotto God has been smiling on us he’s blessing us it’s something to give
thanks to God for so what we’ve done is we’ve taken this vase and we put it in
the center of our table and we go around and as we give thanks we take a little
water and we pour it in most the time we have little little itty-bitty tea cups
to trace way back to Libs grandmother and we do those but it’s gonna be a lot
cleaner for us right now to just use water like this
and this also is tied into something in the scripture it comes from the Book of
Psalms chapter 23 verse 5 King David says you prepare a table before me in
the presence of my enemies you anoint my head with oil my cup overflows I’ve been
around this table we’ve got a lot of things to give thanks for
I bet around this tape we have a lot of things that are overflowing not all of
us have overflowing friends or overflowing finances or overflowing
health but all of us have been blessed by God all of us have received things
from God and we want to say thank you to him right now we want to we want to give
thanks to him so before we go any further why don’t we just give thanks to
God right now in prayer okay god I am amazed at the number of things that you
have blessed me with the number of things you blessed us with the number of
things you’ve given the number of the amount of protection that you’ve given
me and probably everyone around this table I pray that all of us who are here
all of us who are streaming all of us who are engaged right now you would hear
from us that we are thankful and want to give you our thanks and want you to be
encouraging you to be blessed by us articulating how good you are in
specific ways this Thanksgiving Eve amen well I’m gonna start here actually we
have all staff members around the table so I’m gonna start with this I’m gonna
say wood things I’m really thankful for are the incredible incredible people
that God helps me work with that God enables me to work with thankful for
alleycat over there who is man you had it you had a whole new gear a whole new
gear in terms of teaching this last year thank you for Malcolm also known as X
thanks for X and an amazing job you’re doing it’s at Florence I’m so thankful
for hey Ron also known as Aaron who does a lot of our digitizing and music behind
the scenes Rob your writer who does all of our music stuff Latasha who does our
HR I mean each one of you guys I probably did my
own thing but I just wanted a blanket I’m just so thankful for all of you I’m
a blessed man to be able to to be able to be with you I give thanks for you to
you so I’m next so I this year I’m really
thankful my husband Nick and I are expecting our second child in April
which is great but I know that there are just there’s so many families who
struggle to get pregnant and so I am just really thankful that that was not
an issue for us with this baby and at the same time I have two sister-in-laws
that are also due within a week of me and so I’m just excited for my kids to
grow up with cousins and to be blessed with another healthy pregnancy good I’m
Ali and I’m a teaching pastor at crossroads and I give thanks to God this
year specifically for the opportunity to be in school I’ll actually be finishing
soon and I’m excited about that too the opportunity to get out of school but I
don’t I’m not thankful for the knowledge though I think that will serve me in
some ways I’m thankful that I know him better I feel like as a result of being
in school because he knows me and he knows how I’m gonna meet him and he
knows how I’m gonna get to know him that this process of being in school for me
has been like a long process of getting to know him better and I am so grateful
for that I’m so grateful that he knows me well enough to put me in a situation
where that’s gonna be the result even if it’s school in my forties so I am
incredibly thankful for a God who knows me and who just lined up all the
circumstances in my life to make that possible for the last couple of years so my name is Malcolm Henderson community
pastor at Florence and as of six hours ago
other than car payments my wife and I are completely debt-free yes
close on a house a couple weeks ago and because of the check that they cut we
were able to pay off all student loans or credit card debt and God has just
completely turned around our finances so that’s amazing how did you do that what
are the key things you did differently my wife’s very handy so she completely
renovated the house we lived in so literally first day on the market first
showing full price offer that guy just showed us so much her through the
process so I’m Erin I’m on our music team at Crossroads I get to work with
this guy which is a lot of fun and one of the things I’m really really thankful
for this year is my son was born in February his name is Anton one of the
reasons I’m thankful it’s our first son so we have two girls and a boy now but
more than that I’m thankful just because I’m reminded of God’s faithfulness our
oldest Juliet was born we didn’t have any issues having her and then after
that we actually lost two kids and the doctors is terrible surgery like a
emergency surgery for my wife she lost one of her tubes and the doctors told us
that we probably weren’t gonna be able to have kids again but we were believing
for more and really just knew that we believe that God was going to give us
more kids so we’ve had two more since then we think he’s going to give us even
more than that so it’s just just 100% God’s faithfulness and I believe each
one of these kids is a miracle so yeah so you’ve done no more can this is this
is a little nerdy so can I get a little nerdy you are dirty so be yourself yeah
yeah you haven’t pushed there yeah there we go no so you all know I have I have
type 1 diabetes and it’s just it it’s the I limp with that all the time
that’s my and it’s you’re gonna have a chronic illness it’s the one to get it
so let me just phrase it like that but the technology behind it makes my life
so rich so like right now I wear these medical devices and you can’t even see
them but I wear them and they make me more aware and healthier so like while I
so now I can so I’ve got one here on my arm I’ve got one on my belly but I can
look at my watch and it will tell me what my blood sugar is and it alerts me
if it’s high or low and it tells my wife when it’s higher and so like I have a
care team of people who love me and want you know she made text me go you need to
eat something it was like I didn’t even know so I’m grateful for the science and
the technology that lets me live a really I’m probably healthier right now
because of it then I wouldn’t be otherwise so I’m really thankful for the
technology that makes me continue to live every day I’m really grateful look
at that so I actually have in general hated to travel almost all my life maybe
because I’m impatient maybe I don’t like airplanes I’m not exactly sure but when
my daughter graduated I made a couple of promises to myself and one was that I
would buy really fancy luggage and get the clear or the TSA PreCheck and I
would travel and so I’m so grateful and thankful to God that clear the eyeball
thing mm-hmm is that worth it I don’t know yeah I
mean well you know it’s not worth the TSA PreCheck because everybody has yeah
tell everybody has it’s really pre people yeah right your hosts check yeah
not a lot of we’ll have a clear so that’s why yeah so
I had the TSA pre and then I got the clear okay um and so I got fancy luggage
and I got clear and I’ve already I’ve already been a couple of places this
year and I’ve also scheduled lots of great trips with girlfriends and with my
family and with my kid and so and with friends and so I’m super grateful just
for the opportunity to travel what I’ve learned kind of like camping Brian is
that you have to have great gear and so I’m super grateful to God for that yeah hi this this is a year I had I had a lot
of construction projects a lot of hands-on stuff shot my first deer this
year did lost stuff around the house this table got made the buffet over
there got made and I bunch of other things
I just I’m think that God has given me the skills he’s given me to do these
things and specifically gave me those skills by introducing me to people who
gave me those skills scott Federoff in construction max and/or Jeske in in
cabinet making cabinetry Shimon Meyers who sat at this table the day after
Thanksgiving and gave me a primer on what crossbow needed to get and what to
do and the next day I had a deer so if it were these people just building into
me and giving me information I didn’t have and I’m thankful for being
competent and capable and thankful how God has brought the right person in my
life at the right time to give me a full life would you want me to overflow it I
like to stretch it out do you know this is that way I like to stretch it out
I want more gratitude I know I know you you’re tired of this gratitude thing you
just go start watching Netflix no I’m enjoying I’m enjoying the Worshipful
environment here appreciate the water overflowing going
look at how generous God’s been you’re just you know you’re skipping God here
letting us experience okay we love an aggressive life another one there we go
I am really thankful I used to shun social media stuff used to judge people
who did social media and did blogs and podcasts boy was that wrong I’ve had
God’s given me a lot of favor and having fun doing aggressive life and the
podcasts and it’s been fun to think about things to post or I think I did a
bunch of posts on this this table so there again another new experience that
God as God gave me this last year my cup runneth over
I like the same my cup overflows because I’m visibly seeing the cup overflowing
right there and it’s true my heart my cup overflows so it’s really cool to
have a physical representation of the way I feel where we feel inside it’s
good so here’s the way this goes it’s mandatory going around the circle and
then once it overflows like I just did then it’s just free-for-all if you don’t
have anything else you wanna say you want to say anything if you want to
pitch in now it’s just kind of free-for-all
if you want to add on and see the cup overflowing we start adding stuff on
right now I got another one for the first time ever in my life I have a
mentor which is amazing and his name’s Don Jarrod he’s the exact opposite of me
in every single way man he challenges me he’s making me a better leader better
husband better friends so very very thankful for him I’m thankful for my
father-in-law who we bought a new house this year have moved and he has spent so
much time at our house just rewiring our dishwasher and
painting our laundry room and just he is endlessly served my family so I’m very
thankful for blue okay sweetie no laundry room it reminded me I wrote down
one day I am thankful for my extra large capacity washer I have a household of
six people I do so much laundry it’s insane and with my extra large capacity
washer I do feel really well there you have it guys you know and a good thing
to do when you close up this exercise it just maybe just I just hold hands it’s
just thank God one last time here okay now Lord you are good to give us each
other good to give us this holiday and you’re good to give us all the things we
mentioned in more we pray God for this next year we asked for more this next
year we ask for your hand a blessing on our life this whole next year and we’re
already looking forward to next Thanksgiving because we want to recount
the crazy great generous things you’ve done in our life you’re good I pray
these things according the name of Jesus amen well one more thing I want to do why
don’t we adjourn to the couch over here and what do we sing some worship songs
no matter where you are we’d love to you to join in with us it’s another way to
give thanks not just articulating things to God but also singing things to God so
when we go over and sing some stuff the guy all right we’re not done yet
we’re not done yet oh by the way yes thankful for new member of our family
peanut say hello to everybody peanut hello hello yes you’ve been in the past
Winston’s been with us Winston is no more part working but we have peanut
here so here’s peanuts first Thanksgiving and don’t you know we’re
doing this we’re doing this because we want our Thanksgivings to be better we
want them to be different we don’t just want to do the same old same old and
gorge on Turkey and have tryptophan overload and all the rest this stuff
right we want to connect with God so we’re giving you real things you can do
to start new traditions one we did around the table another one we’re gonna
sing right now when we sing it can be very uncomfortable we sing we give
thanks to God that’s what these words say that we’re giving thanks to God God
gets to hear from us with our voice box making a melody making music and it
feels vulnerable which is exactly why I think God received it as a beautiful
offering is that right captain worshiper Robbie Ryder yeah yeah what we’re about
to do I think is we can all agree it’s a little uncomfortable but we wouldn’t ask
you to do it if we didn’t believe that it was good for you
so I know it’s super easy that when you’re watching this at home maybe
you’ve got it up on the TV maybe got on your laptop it comes time to the singing
and it’s like well maybe I need to unload the dishwasher
stop don’t unload the dishwasher right now I would encourage you to take the
posture of all these fine folks right here and sit down and the words are
gonna show up on your screen and I want to invite you for the next 12 maybe 13
14 minutes to sing along because what’s gonna happen is you’re gonna train your
heart to fall in line with all the things in gratitude that we just said we
just said our gratitude now we’re gonna sing it and it’s it’s a humbling thing
and yet the Lord loves it I love it when my kids hand make me a card it’s way
more meaningful don’t my kids by me a card and just write their name on it now
which one’s prettier well people would probably say the bought card but the one
I keep is the one they made for me and that’s what we’re doing right now we’re
making a card of gratitude to our Father all right
so step the dishwasher and go sit back down on
your couch and let’s do this all right they are got a firm foundation I got a
firm foundation I rock I rock the only solid grounds nations nations rise and
fall kingdoms kingdoms one strong now shake we trust we trust forever the name of Jesus we trust the name of Jesus you are you Ani only King forever
Almighty God we lift you higher you are the only King forever you are victorious
you are the only King forever Almighty God we lift you higher you are the only
King forever forevermore you are victorious all right sing unmatched in all your
wisdom unmatched in all your with little love
and justice in love and just as you will ray every knee every knee will bow we
bring our expectations we bring our ads but our hope is
anchored our hope is anchored in your name the name of Jesus is right whoa we
trust the name of Jean you are the only King forever Almighty
God we lived to higher you are the only King forever oh my boy you are
victorious you are Almighty God we live to hire forever forever boy you are Khatami can
we say yes and we say yes to Yuji Our Lives open wide Our Lives open while
our hands lifted high our hands lifted when you say yes to your freedom to your
free we bow down we bow down before as we
worship and we say yes simply gonna sing will wait upon your
presence wait upon your knowing your drawing near
No oh sure as the dawn is rising you’ll always meet us here sing that again we’ll wait upon your
presence wait knowing you’re drawing near
we sure as the dawn you you are so good you are so and your mercy indoors and your murse for
say yes say yes our lives our lives Oh say to your freedom to your three
we bow down we bow down before as we worship do we say yes so as we’re singing this this line we
say yes like one of the things that we can do is we can simply just say Jesus
yes you are the one that is our provider yes Jesus if there’s any amount of
blessing in our life yes it comes from you yes Jesus if I have any health it is
from you and when I follow you I experience your freedom so here’s what I
want you to do I want you to wherever you are right now if you’re if you sit
on a couch like us if you’re a– if you’re in your car and traffic I want
you to take this moment we’re gonna give you like 20 seconds and I want you to
come up with your own top three what are you grateful for right now and then as
we sing then of course the next time you’re just gonna you’re gonna hold that
in the front of your mind all right think of those three things so God as we sing this we say yes to you
but you are our provider you are our King you are our Father you’re our
Savior and we love you yes ready we say yes
and we say yes our lives our lives oh my our hands
lifted high say yes to three we bow down before as we wish
time we say yes we say Jesus Our Lives open wide and our hands
lifted high in the city yes we bow down before and as we worship You
Lord and B say yes Jesus we say yes Jesus we say Jesus singing old hymn then sings my
soul my Savior God to thee grade and then ow then sings my soul Oh great just a voice in the my Savior God to thee How Great oh come let us adore him oh come let us
adore him Christ God we are grateful and that’s why we’re gathered here that’s
why we’re being vulnerable and we’re singing loudly thank you for what you’ve
done in our lives what you’re doing in our lives and what you have yet to do in
our lives so it’s a great hope and anticipation it comes from the power and
the integrity and the authority of the name Jesus that they’re singing before
amen great job guys that was strong great job for sticking it out not doing
the dishes right now BT what he got for us
I got nothing Thanksgiving let’s do something else so then watch the screen
let’s go jump Jack come on give thanks to God this Thanksgiving
through some of these exercises around your Thanksgiving table and we’ll see
you back for the start of our brand-new Christmas series this Sunday Advent you

Otis Rodgers



  1. Scott Smith Posted on November 28, 2019 at 3:04 am

    Thanksgiving service at Westside was packed! 😊