February 25, 2020
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The Best Diet to Boost Wellbeing

hi everyone welcome back to switch studio to myself today we're gonna talk about what's the best diet for you to follow so we've got loads that we've got you know Atkins diet the high protein diets Dukan diet the coffee diet the cabbage soup diet the red and green day diet meat diet dairy that sort of fruitarian did a course with fruitarian diet the other day where the nothing but fruit and the important thing that I want you to establish and hopefully it's right at the heart of everything that we do it's which is that nothing extreme he's ever gonna work and he's ever gonna be good for you nothing extreme is nothing nothing nothing extreme is so focusing solely on a specific diet plan just isn't gonna work the problem of diet plans are that they eliminate too many things they become so drilled and so focused on taking one aspect of weight loss on one aspect of health or one aspect of fitness that they forget that life doesn't work that way lice a kaleidoscope of all different aspects and all different elements that are put together to decide how healthy and fit we are so there's no good singular looking at calories let's go to calorie controlled diet because we eat less and move more we burn way that isn't the whole picture and we know that's not the whole picture what about don't eat carbs because carbs it can get stored as fat so let's just eat protein let's eat loads and loads and loads of protein and not eat carbs that isn't the whole picture let's just eat fruit because fruit has loads of minerals and loads of enzymes in it it's natural it's from the earth that isn't the whole picture is it unfortunately life isn't like that and life is about and the great thing about life is it's not a thought it's a great thing about why is that life is about variety life's about experience in different things go into the same with that size don't just stay in one exercise experience different things like if in life and your diet and food is they're very very very similar to that that's what it's about it's about taking a multitude of different minerals and enzymes and not not omitting anything from the diet none of the healthy food none of the good stuff we all know what's healthy really deep down we all know the foundation of a good diet we know we've got to eat more fruit we know we've got to eat vastly more vegetables than we do for those of us who aren't vegetarian or vegan we know that we've got our have lean proteins fish oils avocados tomatoes all these sort of foods that we know I'm a bombarded with all the time that healthy and good for us we know we've got to have those in our diet but we want William us also realize that we need to have all those in our diet it's not a case of what tomatoes are really good for us so I'll just eat some ourselves and you know what you'll lose weight you in that but it's not going to be good for you because then you're emitting stuff every time I get presented with a diet from a client or another health professional any course and they've been on the first thing I look at the first thing before I even start looking in the research of their foundation of their ideas and theology I will look at right what for you banned because every diet every diet has a banned list look at the bun list and if they are banning anything that's natural anything that we've just mentioned that you know deep down use your intuition use your own kind of knowledge and that kind of innate feeling that we all have and we're all born with it we're all born with that feeling of I kind of know that's good food I kind of know that's bad food and we come we get bamboozled into being confused of that we get other ties you forget what you're told you know deep down it's natural it's from the earth or from a creature I can eat that we know anything their pockets nonsense we don't need to read a list on the back of a packet or a food label to know that it's nonsense if it's parts we know it's nonsense so if we're omitting any of these healthy foods if we're emitting fruits if we're taking out our vegetables if we're taking out meats we're taking and eliminating lots of these food groups then don't in the diet anything that is so strict and so singularly minded and so narrow-minded and viewed on one thing could not be good for the body you know it's not doing one thing for your entire life would it make you happy one thing one thing no emitting stuff and constantly being told what not to have a not to do and not to do it's gonna have an effect you know it would on your psyche they have an effects on how you feel the same is with your food it's about variety it's about getting all the minerals all the nutrients all the right sort of foods and putting them into something that we can enjoy and you know where you find that you find it on switch now on switch we've discussed lots of funds I've gone into detail discussing each those plans we mentioned at the start the pros and cons and you know what what always comes up on the pros you lose weight on them you know why you lose weight in the diet mainly because you're starving the body you're not giving it enough nutrients it's just not having enough food and that means that your excuse me your body has to get rid of weight not necessarily fat weight that's the important thing so yes diets help you lose takeaway fat diets all help you lose weight diets also put you in a routine so in our mind some people find that they just like being told what to do and not giving so many options and that's why they work as well but you know what they're not healthy something there's anything in life that restricts us and imprisons us isn't something that is good for the human body and it's not something we want to do with our food so get on to your switch plan whether you're vegan whether you're a non meat eater on meat eater whether you love having lots of different types of foods or not there's something on there fear it's which will teach you how to include all these food groups into your meal plans we've got the recipes we've got the videos to help you learn the truth about nutrition so please if you're in a diet now rip it up if you've got one of the books or put it in the bin instead go back through your switch plan go back through your options list of the things you like and the things that means to you the food groups that you want to have and switch will filter out not only something that he's gonna work and it's gonna make you feel bad it's gonna make you lose weight it's gonna give you energy it's gonna reduce your stress but you know what it's going to be centered around health and that's the most important thing I hope you've enjoyed this sock remember keep your questions coming in and will always endeavor to understand take care I'll see you next time

Otis Rodgers