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The Business Of ISLAM😜 RebeccaRubix Videos – Stop Promoting The Religion Of Death/Daeech/Dictators

Ok guys Sorry for the videos that i published recently that include things about Devil(Driss) & God like this one xD.. I decided to stop those things & go back to the right path of god & the real reason that made me take this decision is this wonderful girl in the video & you will discover that islam is the best religion in the world simply because people like this girl revert to islam & as you can see now! this sexy girl (Al-Hour Eine/Tine ) love islam So! I dont understand why (Me) i left islam?!! WTF xD Never mind & Sorry again Lol I want to show you some part of this video & also the wonderful girl that did it 1 we will discover all what she love in that islam Just be patient until the end of this video & wish me congratulation for my new camera even my face dont appear on it (For security reasons) Lets start… I really feel shame from myself when i see that like those cute girls exist on this life & .. im still single ofc & nobody love me xD Even Nanie left me .. Lol Ok Lets start (2) But before that… I want you to see how much views & likes she had on her videos & also the dates of publication of her videos to know how much time she needed to collect all those views! That will show you who make benefits from islam Surly I will never make that success if i do the same thing like this girl !! Even “Skirej” will never reach her success if he do a channel youtube & make reactions aboutislam or Dakir Naik because we are (Abou Khissayat) We will never have even 10 views xD But! When its a charming girl that do those kind of videos! things are different Even if she cant understand Arabic (Language of ISLAM) Im sure she dont know that islam allow Pedophilia & more horrible things !! But even that she love islam & she have a large audiance of muslms that support her in comments everybody love her content Lets start (3) With the name of Allah (Hobal ofc) This girl!! Maybe she is so fukin smart !! Or just so stupid!! & I believe that she is super fuckin smart because She was able to exploit the feeling of Muslims Because muslims love watching foreigner people (Koufar) reverting to islam So! if a foreigner (Koufar) made videos about islam & said some kind words about it Surly He/She will receive lot of attention & views & make a fortune from google adsense & she will have a good business with them & all what she had to do is making videos & doing reactions on the videos of the guardians of the illusion & confirm us in the end that isalam is wonderful and you will find lot of muslims “ball owners” in the comment applauding to her after watching the whole video Not because they want to listen to her!! They simply want to see her pretty face & blue eyes & white skin & her sexy red lipstick & ginger hair xD That is all what interest them & imagining the women’s that they will find in heaven Lets continue Ok ! Rebecca said that she started discovering & reading about islam because she liked it & one of her friends suggested her to watch the videos of Dakir Naik Here we can see that the Videos of Dakir Naik are working well with those people because their purpose is targeting foreigner people (Koufar) & attract their victims like this girl (if she is a victim ofc) to join islam & easily hypnotize them & promote them the idea of the cute & peaceful islam.. You will see that in the video too & discover how Dakir Naik use lies to convince foreigners Dakir Naik is doing a good job with Koufar ofc and “Haytam Talaat” is doing a good job too with muslims to keep then in islam xD Lol .. Everything turn about like & subscribe & Me!! Nobody do likes or subscribes xD Nobody like my videos haha Wow ! Yes its English because Dakir Nike make his comedies in English xD The question that his women asked is: What will happen to a non muslim that never discovered islam & whats your opinion about the miracles of Jesus that people say that they are more bigger that the miracles of Mohammed Well .. Mohammed told us that he dont have miracles!! & listen to what Dakire Naik will say about that 😉 Ok Now he replied on the first question & you cant escape from islam anymore dear Kafir xD Everybody know about islam in the 21 century (Thanks to Daeech) That mean! If you dont join islam! u will be f*cked in hell & ofc he will not explain it literally like me & Dakir Naik will use some nice words to not make you dear Kafir/Kafira have some suspicious thoughts about the god of ISLAM & look around for another religion xD The Wrong Islam!!! He want to say that maybe u heard some bad things about islam (Daeech) !!But be sure its not the true islam xD In fact! he know the reality of islam He will not gonna tell them that all bad things that they heard about islam is in fact the true islam & all what daeech did is applying the true islam & shariaa on earth Ofc he will not gonna mention that fact He will only tell them that 1% of islam that promote peace & love You have your religion& i have mine !!! Peace & love.. & he will not gonna tell them about the judgment of revert in islam “Had al Ridda”& “Jizia” & “Jihad al talab” !! No no no He will never mention anything of that because his purpose is to make people believe that islam is a religion of peace If we take this sentence that he said about checking the information before believing on it & apply it on his information that he provide!! he will be in troubles xD So! before trusting on any information ! Go check it first from some trusted sources (Avoid the islamic sources ofc) Just note this rule on a paper & because we will gonna use it a lot Lol ! can you see the reactions of this amazing girl!! Its really interesting Ok! as always, Dakir Naik started bombarding his interlocutor with tomes of speech (information) He told her that all babies that are born in this life are born with the religion of god (Islam the natural “Fitra” ) & then their parents change that Fitra to the religion of their parents!! This is actually a bullshit ofc because all religions say the same thing The problem is This girl will not gonna do a little search & also that women that Dakir Naik is talking with dont do any reaction or stop him or even ask him something You will notice that Dakir Naik provided her tones of information & she will not have any question at all That only mean that its just a comedy & the women that asked Dakir Naik is paid to play that role to make us a wonderful video showing the world that islam is a great religion & only smart people join it Or just to help other to make reactions on those videos by promoting islam & making $$ with it Lets continue You still remember my request about that note on the paper !! We will need it now! Dear Dakir Naik! Give use the scientific papers & searches that confirm your saying Nothing ofc! He only make facts with his mouth only & wait us to believe him That is his first trick that he used He simply made a scientific search in his imagination & used it to convince this women (Actress) .. & confirmed it by “someone did that search” A scientific that i forgot his name This islam is really interesting!! Imagine we wasn’t born in islam xD !! We will not have that level of stupid intelligence Ofc our wonderful Rebeccca didnt catched the trick She didnt stopped the video to check about any information that Dakir Naik said & check if everything is right Also the women (Actress) listening to that shit! her brain didnt reacted yet!! Lets continue How can you prove us that Jesus had miracles !!! All those things are just believes only & nobody can prove them You BELIEVE People that believe in Jesus never seen anything too & they just believe that Jesus did some king of miracles because they found other believing in that So! Believing is not a Science & the same definition is applied on ISLAM & all other religions Believing in something dont mean that something that u believe on it happened in reality & If you say no! you just have to bring with you a proof that we can touch & see !!But Where is Jesus now to ask him for miracles xD !! They believe!!! Do you know what mean they believe!!? i believe That mean that you believe in something as a true fact for example If you believe that tomato is blue That mean that this tomato is blue even if its color is red Because that red color will mean blue according to your believes & if (Me) I believe that tomatos is yellow or orange or even black So it will see it as a black tomato & that red color will benamed black
according to my believes In that way we will change also the reference of colors to match my believes So you will call red Blue according to your believes & i will cal the same color black according to my believes Now we have 2 definitions for the same color & you cant chane my believes & i will see ur believes as something wrong Stupid people !! But the looks of Rebecca are really amazing xD She simply collect all those views on her videos with just that kind of expressions on her face Lol & surly nobody will watch my video haha .. im stupid & ugly too im sure he already prepared his speech to say it in his comedy & invited all those Indian guys to keep & hired that foreigner women to ask that question & play us that comedy To make is impressed that he can recite any chapter on bible or any religious book !! .. Only if he is a computer/Cyborg xD Check ThereIsNoClash Youtube channel of know what i mean if you love comedies & dont forget t check who own it 😉 Ok lets continue again because i see that Rebecca started having some orgasms by listing to Dakir Naik Lol This is how he flash & impress Koufars Ok! Go to the christian guys & tell them those words Tell them that god sent Jesus to spread his message as a messenger Christians believe that Jesus is the son of god or even god itself I cant imagine how Dakire Naik will explain them the islamic story abour Jesus But now only tricks are used & he is showing us a christian women (Actress) reverting to islam after being convinced that islam is the true religion & nobody forced her to join the religion of “Al Fitra” Lets continue again even i didnt understood anything too I started to become a bad boy when i became an atheist Not exactly atheist but im agnostic to be more accurate & yes! God exist Most comments that i recieve on my videos say: “Who created you!? ” xD .. God ofc Who told you that god dont exist haha But they still cant understand that we dont believe anymore in the god described in the Quoran & Islam Because that Islam & Qoran include Slavery, Pedophilia & Killing withthe name of god (Shoubouhat)!! All things that the gardians of illusion try to hid about islam & giving them the name of “Shoubouhat” exist in Quoran & “Sunna” !! He played all that comedy to make a gate in the end to say his last confirmation “Jesus mentionned the name of mahemmed on his book” !! Subhanna allah & La ilaha illa allah Lol .. She really dont know that islam didnt reserved anything for her in heaven xD Poor women’s!! They dont know that Mohammed forgot to write something about the rewards that female muslima in heaven hehe Another sheep added to the islamic community xD That was super easy with just & flip flap speech & she didnt asked for any proof ofc (Stupid scenario writer) & When he said that Jesus mentioned Mohammed in his book!!! …Lets check that Thank you Google for that miracle that allow us to find any information quickly & easily & ofc avoid trusting the islamic resources & web pages because they are just a madakaker liars !! Thats a Dakir Naik Websites i guess xD I found that sentence that say that Mohammed was mentioned in the christian books This article translate the meaning of that sentence that include mohamad You will find the links on the video description All those websites show that Mohammed dont exist & Muslims just use a Hebrew keyword that looks so similar to the name of Mohamed but it have another meaning in the context of the sentence Links on the description box ofc & I will go back to our cuteness Cheering!! Everybody is happy now after joining islam most of people here are Indians & some arabics Janaaaaa WTF … Tell her what she will gonna find in Janna xD To where !?? xD I really dont understand why she do those reactions simply because its a comedy & he prepared everything !! He hired that person to play the role of a women looking for god & as a result we got a video that Rebecca use now in her reactions & confirm us that islam is amazing Its his job hun! Dakir Naik dont care anymore about helping people because he say that he is a doctor Real doctors save the life of people & dont wast his time on looking for god But Dakir Naik turn a business here Dakir Naik earns in that business a fortune more that he can earn in working as a doctor 😉 He found lot of sheep that he can drive easily Maybe that wonderful girl is just surfing on the trend of islam because its so promoting & have a huge traffic Because its sad to see an angel like Rebecca join Islam Whats on that islam exactly !! They say: Islam Protect women With what !!? With Hijab & the half or even less in everything & she dont have equal right with men & she is considered as a half human too & cant think correctly & in the same time Qoran consider it as a dirty thing literally because she cut the men prayers & compared it as a shit & dogs I dont understand why muslims still pretend that islam come with human right values!!! But the best part in Islam is a man can marry until 4 free women & can also buy as much as he wish of female slaves (Malakat al yamin) & have sex with them too Unfortunately slavery is not available anymore because its forbidden to buy & sell people now in the market (Aswak Al nikhassa) So dear Rebecca !! What do u really love in that islam Idk Maybe she like the talk/Lies of Dakir Naik As you can see! With just a little search! I found the truth & Dakir Naik was just a fuckn big liar Ofc you can check things by yourself too & use the note that u wrote in that little piece of paper & You will find the right information easily & avoid the hoax of Muslims because they are just madafakers only (I was a muslim before so trust me in that point) Muslims play with this work only that have a different meaning in Hebrew Only if you want to close your eyes But the purpose of that videos of Dakir Naik is collecting sheeps I dont know how they understand the english of Dakir Naik !! because i couldnt follow him at all Lets see the channel of this beauty She have an old channel.. But All her videos are new Just few videos 10 videos only & the oldest one was published a month ago with 264K of views This is not even a successful channel !! Its a Miraculous success to reach those numbers in a short time Ofc muslims love that kind of content They subscribe! & watch the whole videos too xD & all ads will be displayed too & surly Rebecca will become so rich in the next months Exploiting sheeps I dont have a problem with that ofc Buttttttttt the bad thing is if she is really insist to revert to islam!!! The bad thing in her videos is she confirm to people that islam is a great religion & also muslims use that as a proof that islam is good things & it wasnt peaceful those smart white people will not revert to it!! & maybe one day muslims will use the videos of Rebeccan to try to convince me that im wrong .. my brother & Nani did that to me before xD “The knot of the white man” that the 3rd world countries believe on it Even if he cant read & understand the language of islam to read the explanations of the quoran & “Hadit al boukhari”.. But even that he is smart than us!! & he understand Islam better than us ofc Anyway ! I wish her lot of success If she do that kind of videos as a business only But if she do that because she think that islam is good according to Dakir Naik videos !!So that is a problem Hope this video is not so long because it already reached 1 hour See you later again 🙂 Lets see how much views i have & how much i earn too xD She collected 46K in a month i guess & that AKfir (Agnostic)=>ME ofc collected 3K with lot of pain This is Jesus & Satan hahahah Only 3,5k & stoped moving from a long time ago everybody know that only girls success on youtube especially if she is a sexy girl like Rebecca & if you are like me “ball owner”! you will not make that fucking success ofc For those people that tell me that i do those videos for money !! Lets see how much i earn 🙂 Banned from monetization because i make content that publishers dont like So 0$ But you can help me with likes & dislikes too xD & some bad racist comments insulting me !! that is also acceptable 🙂 I want also to show you a video Video=>”Mohammed in the country of shit” is a crazy video I dont know why Muslims only attack people that make stupid caricatures about Mohammed in Europe like Charlie Hebdo Now i see that Moroccans did more than that & already f*cked Mohammed with their artWorks xD Like this video xD .. Its about Jesus !! Bus Mohammed is coming soon too Lol Mohammed & Awicha (Wife of Mohammed that he married when she had 6 years old & slept with her when she had 9 years old) .. Just imagine the scene .. & Ofc anyone can follow the steps of Mohammed Feck !! Its hard to translate the lyric But you can imagine the anime of Captain Majid Shame on you dear muslims for killing those people for just scratching some pictures about Mohammed There is now x-Muslims started joking on Mohammed itself See you in the next time & hope you will like this video even there is nothing useful on it I just see that some guys are lucky with islam liek Rebecca & some guys are not like Me xD Seeya

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