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The Most Powerful Meditation for Trusting the Universe and Letting Go of the Outcome

this video I’m gonna be sharing with you
a powerful meditation that you can listen to to let go of the outcome and
to also trust the universe if you listen to this meditation for 21 days I think
he can change your life welcome back to another video my name is Aaron and I
help people expand their consciousness now in this video I’m gonna be sharing
with you that of a letting go and trusting the universe guided meditation
that will help you to trust the process more to understand that it’s not the
egos job to do absolutely everything and it’s also understanding the dynamics of
what’s going on with the manifestation process in general so before we get into
that of the meditation what I wanted to do is to share a couple ideas with you
because then when you go into the meditation it will help to wire these
ideas in and it’ll also get you at ease so that you understand that there’s not
as much that you think you have to do that you actually have to do so let’s
first off understand that in physical reality we have this avatar this avatar
this ego structure that we use to perceive our reality we perceive our
reality through the five senses now what happens is when we have something we
want to experience in our life yes of course our thoughts correlate with our
experience however the thing that most people get tripped up about is they only
identify with their ego they think that their ego is all of who they are so when
they want something they think about it they think it should happen in a certain
way and the moment something doesn’t happen according to the blueprint in the
mind there’s this resistance that’s builds and that resistance ends up
persisting and it doesn’t feel so good so the key to this is understanding this
larger aspect viewpoint when you stretch out your manifestations and you look at
it from a larger viewpoint in the moment yes from the egos point of view
something happens you say oh now this means it’s not going to happen doesn’t
mean it’s not going to happen it means there may just be a couple more steps to
getting there so it’s about understand that the moment something happens
we don’t have to give it a negative meaning think about it like this as well
if something happens that we think is a roadblock and we assume it is a
roadblock then what happens is we end up having that become a self-fulfilling
prophecy it’s almost like the moment we make that decision
we then shifts to a reality where that is the reality that that’s what’s
happening and instead what if we gave it a positive meaning we said this thing
this little roadblock maybe there’s something specific you
wanted to manifest when it comes to finances and then you get a bill bill
from something somewhere else right you get a bill and you’re like oh I was
trying to manifest more money but now I got to put my money towards this instead
of assuming that that bill is going to stop you from achieving your other goal
assume that that’s a part of the process and by doing that you let go of
resistance you raise your frequency and then you are more likely to experience
that which you want anyways so let’s also understand this we are more than
our physical body we are more than our ego structure so when we think that our
ego structure has to do everything we’re putting all of the weight on the egos
back and then the ego must figure it all out but the ego doesn’t have the full
view point think of it like this you are connected to your higher self everyone
has a higher self it’s actually more who you really are we are projecting
ourselves in this reality we simply when we’re born we forget that that’s who we
are so we go through this life experience identifying with our senses
identifying with everything that’s around us but the truth is is it’s not
who we are and the more we just realize that our ego is a construct our ego we
still can integrate it doesn’t mean we have to like resist the ego but the more
we realize that we are not just our ego is the more we can let go of the outcome
because this is the thing imagine your egos on the top of a mountain and your
imagine your higher selves on the top of a mountain and your egos in the valley
and the valley there’s trees you can’t really see that far because there’s only
so much vision that you have because there’s big trees and there’s things in
the way those mountains or little valleys however the higher selves on top
of the mountain it can say hey Aron go this way instead and I’m like no that
doesn’t make sense but the key is knowing and trusting the
ego because the ego may know that if you go over here there’s a bridge that takes
you across this river that then saves you a whole bunch of time and makes the
process way easier think of it like this as well the best case scenario that your
ego can imagine is the floor to your higher mind your higher mind may
actually have something even greater in store for you but you can’t perceive of
it because you’re assuming and you’re insisting that this is the way it works
so it could be that you are trying to attract someone into your life for
example like I want to track someone in my life and you are setting that
intention and you are so focused on it from the egos perspective I want to
attract some want to attract some and then what happens is someone gets
brought in your life you see something and you look at them and then you’re
like I still want something I would still want my soulmate or whatever it is
but the thing is is you’ll be completely blind to it if you think it has to come
in the exact way that your ego thinks it has to you see because you’re so
identified with the future you’re so identified with where you want to
eventually be that you miss all these other opportunities you want to attract
a better job and you’re like the better job the more money the more this the
more that but then somebody comes up to you is like hey I got a buddy that owns
this thing I think you guys would meet you guys would really hit it off and he
owns this company and you’re like no I’m too focused on trying to make more money
you see so we close ourselves off when we think and we’re not trusting the
universe understand that the more you surrender the more things can come into
your life in a powerful way it’s a delicate balance between those two
things the willpower and the intention so you could still set the intention to
accomplish something and have that desire and that focus however the other
side of it is letting go of the outcome and trusting that things will happen
when they are meant to happen and that trust that faith in the process itself
will help you also pay attention to your beliefs about the process of
manifestation do you believe that the ego must do everything because if you
believe the ego must do everything then you’ll create that experience instead
allow things to happen in a more powerful way let go of the outcome have
a vision for the kind of state of being you want to be in have a vision for how
you want to feel however let go of the
outcome and the more you let go the more you find that the universe gives you
reasons and gives you things to be excited about so this is what’s powerful
now the meditation that I’m going to go into right now is gonna help you to let
go it’s gonna mainly also help you connect to your higher self because when
you’re connected to your higher self you can get guidance and you can also just
give it up to your higher self and your higher self will bring it to you so you
can trust the process more so in this meditation right now we’re gonna go
through I recommend you listen to this meditation when you’re somewhere private
you can be alone for however long it is and you can also go within yourself and
understand and set the intention right now that you’re going to trust the
universe more you’re gonna trust the process more you’re gonna surrender more
you’re gonna give it up to your higher self you’re gonna trust your higher self
to help you with this process you’re gonna know that you’re gonna feel guided
to do certain things at certain points but at the same time it’s having that
awareness that you are supported so with that being said right now let’s go ahead
and get into the meditation what I’d like to ask you to do is to say take
some deep breaths in with me and deep breaths out with me set the intention
right now that you feel by the end of this meditation that you’ve let go and
that your trust in the universe your trust in your Higher Self and that
you’re gonna feel so much better at the end of this meditation and set the
intention that this meditation changes your life because that’s how powerful
your intention is you can set that intention and then experience the result
of it so right now let’s take in a deep breath in a deep breath out breathe it out feel your body relax more
and more put your hands over your heart like this when you do this you increase
the electromagnetic energy around your body and you also feel more centered and
more present to the moment let’s take another deep breath in deep breath out breathe it out feel your body become
more and more relaxed one more deep breath in and out breathe that out feel your body sink
more and more into a deep relaxation knowing that this meditation is going to
take you deep into trusting the process I’d like to ask you to close your eyes
and begin to bring the awareness into your forehead feel the tingling
sensation in your forehead bring it to the eyelids the eye muscles feel it
relax bring the awareness to your cheeks to
your nose to your jaw loosen your jaw feel it relax more and more loosen up
the tongue muscle bring the awareness now into your neck feel it loosen up
bring it into your left arm your left hand feel it loosen up and relax your
right arm your right hand fill it loosen up and relax now bring the awareness
into your chest and feel it inside of your heart center right now now imagine
a sphere any color that you like and imagine that this is in your heart space
and imagine that right now that sphere is spinning in a clockwise position
faster and faster and the faster it spins the more you start to feel this
tingling sensation inside of your heart and the more you feel this tingling
sensation the more you feel love flow through your body I’m gonna count down
from five to one with every number I count you are going to feel an increase
of love inside of your heart five feel this energy now increase inside of your
heart center any color that you like imagine this orb spinning faster and
faster for speeding up now you can feel this energy begin to increase three
starting to double with every number I count two and one feel this love energy
flow through your chest flow through your heart knowing that you are feeling
more love than ever before now bring the awareness into your solar
plexus underneath your heart into your abdomen feel it loose inner and relax
bring the awareness of your left leg your left foot feel like a real heavy
and just relax bring the awareness now into your right leg your right foot feel
that loosen relax and feel in the bottom of the heels of your feet put the
awareness there and imagine that any energy that does not serve you is
leaving the heels of your feet leaving the heels of your feet you’re
letting go now of anything that doesn’t serve you any negative emotions anytime
you like to let go of leg of negative emotions you can remember that it can
leave through your feet now imagine yourself in a very relaxing place it’s good to be a place indoors or
outdoors imagine what it looks like this is a place you can go anytime you want
to feel inner peace and go within what do you notice in this environment
what do you see imagine what you see becoming more and
more vivid but do you hear imagine those sounds becoming louder and louder but do you feel imagine that feeling becoming more and
more powerful now notice that in the middle of this
location there is a freestanding door which is a door you can always come back
to this is the door that you come back to to go deeper into your heart and to
go and connect with your higher self it’s a beautiful door notice how it
looks now go over and walk to this door put your hand on the doorknob now and
open up the door and notice that you can see that there’s stairs that take you
down and at the bottom of those stairs you see a very bright light you know
that you can come back here any time you want to connect deeper with your
higher-self and what we are going to do is we are
going to go and connect with the higher self you will connect with your higher
self now we’re gonna start to take a step down every step that you take you
feel your body becoming more relaxed feeling more aligned with who you really
are more aligned with the core vibration of how you prefer to be take another
step feel it increase inside of your body feel more of that love take another
step deeper and deeper into this relaxation and now you are ten steps
away from being at the bottom of the stairs which is where you will meet your
higher self I’m gonna count down from ten to one with every number I count
take another step feel your body relax and feel the love inside of your heart
increase with every number I count so keep your hands over your heart center
and know that that energy will increase it will double with every number that I
count take another step ten feeling your body begin to increase with vibration
you can feel this tingling sensation in your heart nine doubling the amount of
energy that you feel eight feeling it increased more and more now seven six
getting closer towards the bottom of the stairs now
for feeling the energy double inside of your heart center 3 feel it now feel it
too almost to the bottom of the stairs now 1
and 0 now you are at the bottom of the stairs it is so bright you can feel this
love emanate into your body you feel this high vibration soak in this
vibration now notice that as you were here right
now you can see your vision is starting to adjust to this bright light and
behind that you see your higher-self pay attention and know that your higher-self
is always here for you your higher self is within your heart always giving you
guidance go over and walk to your higher self
your higher self meets you halfway and give your higher self a hug and feel the
love begin to increase inside of your body even more feel how this connection
is so powerful how you feel more aligned than you ever have before now look into the eyes of your higher
self and ask your higher self they have any guidance for you any
advice now notice how compassionate your
higher-self is now any desires that you have anything
you want to experience in your life anything that you want to let go of imagine yourself with that in your hands
put the intention inside of your hands put the desires what you want and
literally give it to your higher self and ask your higher self to take care of
it for you look at how your higher self takes it it’s compassionate your higher
self says I know what you want and I will provide it for you all you must do
is trust in this process know that I will bring it to you in the best way
possible your higher-self explains that it may
even come in a better fashion than you can even imagine your higher-self tells you that you can
now let go of the outcome your higher self and the universe will provide you
with what you want what you need and you from this point going forward can feel
confident in knowing that your ego does not have to do as much you do not have
to be attached to the outcome anymore and feel how much of a burden it is to
really let it go your higher-self will bring these to you
ask your higher-self if they have any other messages for you
any other guidance and pay attention to what they say now give your higher-self one more hug
and as you do you feel this connection in your heart
powerfully increase if any emotions come up allow yourself to feel those emotions
and know that anytime you want you can come back to this place you can connect
with your higher self and you can begin to trust the process more now thank your higher-self and begin to
go back towards the stairs we’re gonna come back up to waking consciousness we’re gonna begin to take steps up with
every number I count you’re gonna feel yourself becoming more alert more
present to the moment knowing that you can trust the process knowing that you
have just let go of so much now from this point going forward things will be
easier than ever start to take a step up notice how much more relaxed do you feel
notice how more alert you feel at the same time take another step feel how
relaxed do you feel and alert now there’s 10 steps left I’m gonna count
down from 10 to 1 by the time I reach 1 your eyes will be open you will feel
confident in knowing that you are supported and you will feel better than
ever before and knowing you’re gonna have an amazing day today 10 take
another step now double the amount of awareness in your body 9 feeling
yourself now become more alert more present
8 7 take another step getting closer towards the top of the stairs now 6
double the amount of awareness in your body
5 4 feeling more alerts like you can trust the universe 3 2 1 you can open up
your eyes now and knowing that you have just created a powerful shift inside of
your life from this point going forward you know that you don’t have to do as
much as you thought your Higher Self has given you the guidance and has told you
how they will help you in this process simply know that going forward at the
moment something happens you can give it a positive meaning and from this point
going forward you will know that the universe supports you so listen to this
meditation for 21 days to get the maximum benefit out of it and to really
learn how to let go and to trust the universe wire it in and other than that
I will talk to you and see you on the next video peace much love and namaste

Otis Rodgers



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    Day one. I am eager to grow and learn from my experiences. I came here today to let go of my anxiety and stress from pharmacy school. My higher self told me to be patient and stay strong. Take it one day at a time, one study session at a time. She told me to just be and do the work that's asked of me without thinking about it, just do it. Don't think about how hard it is, don't think about how much work there is to do. Just be and it will get done. I feel better. I know I am where I am supposed to be right in this moment. I'm eager for the next 20 days to see how much I can grow and how deep I can go into myself. Thank you Aaron. You are beautiful and I love you. See ya tomorrow.

  68. Angelina MASS Posted on September 19, 2019 at 12:51 pm

    Day two. I am grateful for this meditation. I know I must give it time to master this art. I didn't feel as much as I did yesterday. Perhaps it's because I don't feel well this morning or the fact that I have a lot of school work to do. But I heard myself say to be patient and relax. I have everything I need. I have everything I desire. Trust.

  69. jlynngambler Posted on September 20, 2019 at 4:17 pm

    Is there any way to disable ads from disrupting the meditation?

  70. Brenna Mack Posted on September 20, 2019 at 4:20 pm

    I absolutely loved this! I try so freaking hard to be positive, but trusting the Universe is a major roadblock for me, as it/they have handed me a shit ton of hard lessons for my entire life, with the past 13 years being the most difficult. (That's me putting it nicely).
    I feel like I am at the end of my 'lessons' and am trying so hard to believe and trust that good, POSITIVE things are headed my way. This helped a TON! I will definitely be using this one a lot more.
    Thank you!

  71. Cari Scribner Posted on September 22, 2019 at 2:37 pm

    This meditation is changing my life! I carry my dogs, one of whom is now a spirit, with me down the stairs. My higher self tells me I am a child of the universe greatly loved eternally. I weep during this meditation as that love washes over me. I have been following tje Law of Attraction teachings for 2 years now but nothing has opened my heart like this. You are a born leader!! Thank you for changing my life.

  72. Arti kalia Posted on September 23, 2019 at 1:16 pm

    Great meditation day 1 sep 23

  73. Jeg Gomz Posted on September 23, 2019 at 8:36 pm

    Thanks Aaron.
    Could you please expand on, persistence and letting go of the outcome?
    If I keep the thought in mind then I’m persistent to the point of obsession then, I simply cannot let go.
    Thanks a million. 💫

  74. SIYANDA NKUNDLA-MGUDLWA Posted on September 24, 2019 at 4:13 pm

    Hi Aaron. How will I know if the advice comes from me ( ego) or my higher self? Thanks.

  75. Mera Nakila Posted on September 26, 2019 at 4:39 pm

    I usually don't comment but I really just want to share ,and at the same time, hopes that someone can clear my confusion.

    When the meditation started, I followed it step by step, I imagined a place which have been in my mind ever since my child hood. On that place was a bungalow house, and I entered the door, it was quite funny because I thought going downward was bad, and wanted to go up the stairs but still, I followed what was said, but I was quite bothered because I just can't imagine that the end of the stairs was bright… It was just dark. I didn't want to go, but I had to, and because it was getting darker as I go deeper, I imagined that I became brighter, I saw myself shining, as if I was looking at a character in a movie. She became brighter, I became brighter, and when I arrived at the end, it was so dark there… Then, I saw a female, but she was pitch dark, just like a solidified shadow.
    At first, I thought, is she my higher self? If yes, then isn't she just sad? I felt very very sad for her, because she seemed broken, sad and just tired… I hugged her, and started crying… And it was at that time when I just suddenly thought, that what if the 'me' who went downstairs was my higher self, and the pitch dark female at the end of the stairs was really 'me'.
    Then I even started crying more, because it was my higher self who went to where I was, and gave me this light…
    Tears just started flowing from my eyes, I was confused who was 'me' and who was my 'higher self' because I clearly felt very very sad for the female trapped in the darkness, my mind was crying out, I told the female that I'll help her, that I'll do my best to help her, that she don't have to be afraid because I will do my very best to help her…
    I thought our role was reversed, if the female at the end of the stairs was really my higher self, but if she was who 'I' am, and the one who came to her my 'higher self', then things would make sense…
    But why was I in the perspective of my higher self?

  76. Ari Xo Posted on September 26, 2019 at 8:28 pm

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    Meditation starts at 8:23

  80. Robin Summers Posted on September 30, 2019 at 2:45 pm

    Day 1 my door is huge . I hear and see a gathering enjoying wine by the ocean . My higher self has good hair . I’m told to be easy n allow god to protect those i worry for

  81. Erica Mussen Posted on October 4, 2019 at 9:31 am

    My favorite so far! And it came at the best timing too! Thanks for helping me have that experience

  82. tahitihawaiiblue Posted on October 9, 2019 at 8:05 am

    Aaron how to let go of problems and unwanted people in my life? I believe as you also suggested that with our subconscious mind we attract those consciously unwanted people/situations/problems. Thank you 😊

  83. Helya 123 Posted on October 14, 2019 at 5:26 pm

    Aaron I am so grateful for your spirit. My resistance was big but I felt like forgiving me for that. The funny thing is that my higher self just shake its head and said that it doesn't have an advise for me because it's trusting me right now in every action I do. My ego was disappointed but somehow it was so accurate at the same time.

  84. Merrilyn Ward Posted on October 17, 2019 at 12:19 am

    Hey arron that cold shower thing tryed it got it about 6 secs then put the warm on ok I'm work in up to it BUT it shocks the system wipes all thoughts and a strange thing happens it's almost like being somewhere else keep ur videos going

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  93. Christopher Bourgoin Posted on November 5, 2019 at 4:35 am

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    Although your sweatshirt is really flattering and I like this, my intuition is saying not to do this meditation because of the slips about when you're explaining the ego. Don't want my head in the clouds when my avatar is being chased by a hungry bear saying, " well, I'll just surrender", but I get the concept. I am guessing you have never feared for your life through violent assault? But cool video. Just saying, maybe I'm too "attached" to things like say, my physical saftey/life/survival, etc.

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