December 6, 2019
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The Name of God (Preview)

In November of 2015, a young college student had a plan. Young women wearing hijabs in public to strike up conversations with people calling attention to the Syrian refugee crisis. What could go wrong? “If I had any idea that post would have gone viral or if anyone would have really seen it beyond my handful of Facebook friends I would have taken a better selfie .” The reactions of the administration were swift and severe. An evangelical college suspended one of their professors for a viral Facebook post claiming that Christians and Muslims worship the same God. But no one knew if that was true or not. “I remember as a kid thinking there must be some kind of quiz when you get to heaven. They ask you theological question and if you gave the right answers then you got into heaven.” How is it possible for two religions that have coexisted for a thousand and a half years to still not have settled the issue of whether they worship the same God? Christians have responded to Islam from the beginning of Islam. The earliest detailed discussion of Islam by a Christian theologian comes from the seventh century only about three decades after Muhammad. And he categorizes Islam as a Christian heresy, that is to say it’s a form of Christianity. A dozen times in the Quran, Jesus is called the Messiah and if you ask Muslims who is the Messiah, they say that’s Jesus because that’s his title in the Quran. On Episode 4 of Hi-Phi Nation The Name of God. We bring philosophy together with Christian and Islamic theology to answer the question, how can any two people know whether they worship the same God. It is Catholic doctrine that Jews and Christians worship the same God and yet the ways in which Jews identify the Lord and the ways in which Christians do are as different as the differences between Christians and Muslims so if we can have it in that case why can’t we have it in this case. Listen now on iTunes Google Play or at

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    Every religious person worships the same God. Non-existent.