January 19, 2020
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The Occult Science of “Structural Psychology” and Eugenics in Modern Cults and Religious Movements

hey welcome back alright just picking up
where we left off on the connections to OTO, Eugenics and breeding programs and how they might be influencing modern cults
and the occult science of the cults really. I want to refer back
to some presentations that I did using the Defense Intelligence Agency report
on “Controlled Offensive Behavior” I’ll leave a link to it inside the comments
or rather my description section here but I’m just gonna read through this
really quick this is from an actual report that I downloaded from the
Freedom of Information Act library on CIA.gov involving the concept of Mass
Resonance Manipulation which is effectively you know what we would call
“mind control” today psychological warfare and just gonna read through this briefly
this is from the actual document – “The science of mass manipulation plays a
major role in modern warfare at least theoretically in past wars a hostile
confrontation between two parties was a diplomatic duel or a military battle
which was based on and regulated in general by classical concepts of
acceptable military conduct but this concept has changed in modern warfare
there is a powerful third force which has perhaps the most decisive bearing on
the outcome of any diplomatic or military confrontation today the third
force is the manipulated mass individuals who by modern mass
communications media have been welded into a solid front holding the same or
very similar opinions this third force conflicts with and ultimately controls
the hostile confrontation by applying its criteria rather than the
older criteria of acceptable diplomatic and military conduct the study of these
criterias also the task of opinionologically the source again cited as a case
in point the war in Vietnam according to older classical concepts of warfare the
Vietnamese including the North Vietnamese should have sided with the
Americans for fighting in Vietnam to liberate the Vietnamese from the threat
of communist oppression and mass terror instead the Vietnamese masses
and welded opinionologically into believing they are fighting for
their freedom and national independence against a foreign invader whereas in
reality they are fighting the Americans to be eventually enslaved by the
Communists. Keep in mind this report was written in 1972 a source believes that
this situation is an obvious result of American ignorance in manipulating
mass media by ignoring mass opinion both American and the world the Americans
have maneuvered themselves into the position of an invading foreign power in
the eyes of the opinionologically indoctrinated Vietnamese. The study of
the pattern of Mass Manipulation and Mass Resonance is based on a new
scientific approach to psychology known as structural psychology and this is
important as we’re discussing these terms the psychology which is also
taught in the West rejects the classic psychology which devotes itself
exclusively to the individual according to structural psychology the individual
is conceived as a derivative of the hierarchic groups which condition and
mold his existence. These groups are: The Intimate Micro Group – The Social Micro
Group – The Social Molding Group & The Basic Structuring Group – according to
structural psychology, the phenomenology of the individual is considered to be a
reflection of the – phenomenology of these four groups. The
study of mass resonance is – excuse me – concerned with the
fourth group. Of the different methods of investigating the pattern of this group
opinionology is one of the most rewarding and most commonly used alright
so the point of this is that as a method of psychological warfare and as a
wartime weapon this was basically studying the concept of mass resonance
manipulation – the molding of opinions and ideas within a large group in order to
win them over it’s you know stopping the war before the war even has a chance to
begin so there are some key terms that they use I’m not gonna go over what
every one of these and read over them but you know you can access the document
you can read it yourself just start to get familiar with these terms
involving opinionology. What is a Structured Mass versus an Unstructured
Mass so I think we can go over those right so an unstructured mass consists
of large numbers of individuals whose standards of values have been disturbed
to a point approaching disintegration so that the values have become ambiguous as
a result in other words the reactions concerning individuals are not
homogeneous to the mass and therefore cannot weld the mass into an integrated
whole. So this is also a method of psychological warfare to isolate your target and so you can see how if they’re trying to change a group –
structured mass and unstructured mass as psychological warfare concepts are
critical and then once you understand that then you kind of see how that plays
into how there’s been a quiet coup that has partially involved potentially
religious groups, cults, churches, wherein they’ve learned that this is a way to
control very large groups of populations and move them over in towards a new
belief system and so I just wanted to introduce you to these things as terms
because I’m going to start getting more personal with the information I guess
and talking more about you know different types of cults and religious
movements and so before I did that I just wanted to give this as a
primer to discuss the science of it so that as I start talking about a few
groups here and I’m gonna be going over them in more detail next I’m just gonna
be talking about how there’s a scientific concept here of the basically
the ‘occult’ which is ‘hidden science’ of cults and religious movements and I’m
going to be using three different groups that I’ve been studying recently too
that I wasn’t that familiar with except for what I’d seen on the internet or
heard in reports or watching a couple documentaries and another one whose
story that I’ve been tracing the etymology of a little bit closer because
this group was very close to me one of them was very close to me as a child and
so I had a more personal interest in studying the etymology of that group
and you know where they came from and that kind of thing so but I want you to
start thinking about the scientific concept of mass residence manipulation
and also the concept of what they call “love bombing” and so “love bombing” is defined as an attempt to influence a person by demonstrations of attention
and affection and it can be used in different ways and can be used for
either a positive or negative purpose so love bombing you know
it’s basically these spheres of influence right the flower of life where
you have one sphere in the center you want to gain influence over that
individual as the sphere then you know to have surround them and quote-unquote
“love bomb” them or you know and other ways – another method would be just to
you know harass them or whatever but again this is about structuring mass
using human behavior as its model and how that feeds into our daily lives,
activities, and perceptions, so I want to split this off into pieces so I don’t
try to do too much at once but I’ll leave links so you can study Mass
Resonance Manipulation. I’d encourage you to look into that part of my report
prior to me getting too far into this but I’ll leave links to that as well and
we’re going to talk next about three examples of this – The Source Family, who
doesn’t really have that much of a troubling history you know as far as
public reports and everything like that. And then we’re going to talk about the
Children of God or The Family International who has had reports of
having a troubling history and then The Love Family otherwise known as The
Church of Jesus Christ at Armageddon who has kind of mixed reports so I’m gonna
be using these three things as examples and I just want the people that are
potentially who have been members of these groups or currently or
historians of it to know that I’m not here to judge or cast blame or anything
like that on individuals or anything like that or to cast all these groups of
people is the same I think that each one of these groups has very different
shades of behaviors and acceptance levels and so I’m not here to tell you
that these three are the same thing. I don’t actually even think that. I just
want you to know that eugenics and selective breeding seems to be a common
theme behind a lot of these movements that involve religious groups and cults
so that’s going to be next and I really
appreciate your time Thanks

Otis Rodgers



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    at the end u say u appreciate our time, the listeners. But I appreciate your time. your presenting the knowledge you've worked to acquire. Thank you