December 13, 2019
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The Power of Active Faith #creative partnership #results

(upbeat music) – Hello this is SJ White. Today I’d like to share
some thoughts with you on “Active Faith.” The idea here is for
all of us to have life, and to have it abundantly. I first became aware of “Active Faith” while I was in Federal
Prison battling cancer. I’d come down with cancer,
and having only $20,000 in life insurance I decided
to become a bank robber to leave my family financially secure should the cancer take my life. But that’s another story. While I was in Federal Prison
I prayed for two things. I didn’t pray to go home,
I committed the crime, I wanted to pay for my crime. I prayed for Enlightenment, and I prayed that my
Health would be Restored. My body weight had
plummeted from 210 pounds down to 137 pounds. Well I prayed, and I prayed, and I prayed, but nothing happened. Finally they shipped me
to Estill, South Carolina Federal Prison, you move
around a lot in Federal Prison. While I was there I began
to study Leadership. The first leader I studied taught me that you “Reap what you Sow.” He said, knock and the
door will be opened. Seek, and you shall find. I got the idea the Creator
wanted me to participate in my own prayer. So I did. I got out of that bunk,
and I went to the library, started studying Leadership. More leadership, and more leadership, and more leadership. I hit the weight pile,
started working out, even though by the time
I walked from my room to the weight pile I was
half worn out, I kept at it. I can’t deny there was
always a little help there, always a little something
there to get me over the hump. As long as I kept participating. When I left Estill, South Carolina for Allenwood, Pennsylvania Federal Prison I had two years of
Leadership under my belt, and my body weight had
went from 137 pounds back to it’s original 210 pounds. Both my prayers had been answered, after I participated in them. It reminds me of how
we raise our children, we raise them to be self-sufficient, to be able to take care of themselves, so one day they will have
life, and have it abundantly. I don’t believe it’s any different
for the Creators children He wants us to have life,
and have it abundantly. But if He gives everything to us, where are the lessons to be learned? There’s a system in place,
it’s our job to learn how to make it work for us. Now we may not see
everything in that system, for example I don’t see Gravity, but if I get on top of
a building and jump off, I’ll know it’s there. Never underestimate the
power of “Active Faith.” Pray a prayer you’ll be
actively involved in, keep your mind open for
hunches from within, and act on them immediately,
and treat every set back as a lesson to be learned. “Belief,” combined with
a “Burning Desire,” backed up by “Action” is faith
in your “Creators Abilities,” as well as “Faith in Your Own.” That my friends is a
“Powerful Combination.” I put a link to an article I wrote, “The Power of Active
Faith,” below the video. It’s inspirational, as
well as informative. If you have a chance, check it out. ‘Til we meet again this is SJ White, may the Creator smile on your life today. (upbeat music)

Otis Rodgers