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The Prison Cell Meditation by Damien Echols

have to believe in it. There’s no dogma. Even like I said it uses
iconography and symbolism from things like gnostic Christianity
and esoteric Judaism, things like that. But it doesn’t require you
to believe in these things. The reason it uses this symbolism is,
for example, in the part of the country that I grew up in there
are literally places where you come to a four way stop and
there are churches on all four corners. So even if you’re completely atheist,
even if you’re repelled by these things, they are still part of your
psyche, still part of our culture. So we on some level respond
to those things in some way. That doesn’t mean we necessarily have
to believe in them for magick to work. Like I said the people who devise these
techniques wanted to know what works, why it works, how it works, and
how we can make it work better. You don’t have to believe in any of this
any more than you have to believe that your muscles are going to get
bigger by going to the gym. The way that I guess
one of the things that was so hard about Eastern
traditions like Zen was you focus almost entirely on staying
in the present moment all the time. That is really, really hard. Once you actually start trying to do
that you realize how out of control your thoughts are. Our thoughts chase
themselves around like a dog chasing its own tail all the time
from the time we get up until the time we go to sleep. And a lot of the Eastern traditions
deal with almost wrestling against that. Every time you realize you’re doing it,
bringing yourself back to the present moment, back to the present
moment over and over and over. For me I didn’t get a lot
of results out of that. I never found myself in
the present moment m ore than I was whenever I
started the practices. Ceremonial magick on the other hand what
it does is it doesn’t really address that at all. Instead you’re dealing
like, for example, on energy circulation practices
where you’re circulating chi through different parts of your body, you’re
trying to energize different energy centers. It runs down through your spine. Doing that as a side effect you
become more and more present. And I didn’t even realize a lot of
these practices say, for example, the lesser banishing
ritual of the pentagram, when you would learn these things
traditionally the organization, the Order, would give you these
exercises and they would not tell you what they’re going to do. They would not tell
you what they’re for. They would say “go practice this for
a year, come back and talk to us then. And if you’re interested in learning
more and going forward we’ll talk about it then.” Whenever you came
back they would say “okay, well what did you experience?” That’s
how they would know if you had actually been practicing them or not. So I would practice these techniques,
the middle pillar, the lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram,
and one day while I was in prison I bent
over to tie my shoes and I realized, without even trying
to do so, I was in the present moment. And it was almost like an atomic bomb
going off because it was for the very first time in my life
I realized “oh my god, I’m completely in the present moment!”
Of course the second you think that it’s shattered, and you’re
back to thinking or whatever. But it was even after
years of Zen practice it was the first time that I
had truly experienced that, and it was due to ceremonial magick. One of the techniques that
I use, you know, the analogy I used earlier about flushing
yourself out like a cup of water, this is a technique that
flushes our thoughts out. If you have a song going through
your head over and over or if you’re reliving an argument you
had with someone a year ago, if you’re obsessed over something
that you can’t get out of your head, this technique is good for that as well
as just general meditation purposes. It doesn’t have a name. I usually just refer to it as
the prison cell meditation. But if you’re interested I’ll do that. Is that okay? All right. You start by closing your eyes and then
you envision yourself in a prison cell. Standing in the center of a
cell, everything is white. The walls are white. The ceiling is white. The floors are white. The only thing there is in the cell
other than you on the back wall is a slit of a window. And it’s up so high that the
only way that you can reach it, the only way you can see out of it is
by gripping the window ledge high above your head and hoisting
yourself up by sheer, brute, physical upper body strength. Almost like you’re doing
a pull up or a chin up. So you want to bring as much tactile
sensation to the visualization as you possibly can. You want to feel it as much as you can. So picture yourself walking
to the back of this wall, pressing yourself against it,
reaching up with your hands and gripping the edge of that
windowsill with your fingertips. Try to feel what the back
wall of that prison cell would feel like pressed
against the side of your face, pressed against your torso. Feel the coldness of it,
the grittiness of it. And as you start to lift yourself
up off the floor using just your arms try to feel what
that would actually feel like. Feel the muscles in your shoulders. Feel the muscles in your
chest, in your abdomen firing, tensing as you’re pulling yourself up. Try to feel what the wall would feel
like as you scrape against it lifting yourself slowly by sheer strength. As your eyes crest over the rim of
the window white light bursts through the window, floods through the window,
and obliterates everything: The cell, you, everything, until there’s
only white light remaining. Do it again. Press yourself against the back of
the wall, reach up with both hands, and grip the edge of the windowsill. Feel the muscles in your
chest, in your abdomen, in your shoulders tensing as
you start to lift yourself up. Feel the wall scrape against
the front of your thighs, against the side of your face as you
hoist yourself until your eyes come over the edge of the window frame,
and then white light comes flooding in through the window obliterating
everything – you, the cell, until there’s only white light. Once more. Feel yourself pressed against
the wall, raise your arms, hook your fingertips
over the window ledge. Begin to raise yourself
slowly up by sheer strength, feeling the muscles in
your shoulders, your chest, your torso straining as
you lift your body weight. Feel the wall of the prison
cell as you scrub against it; and as your eyes go over the
edge of the window frame, white light comes flooding
in, obliterating everything. And this is one of those things you
can do for as long as you have time. You can do it five times,
you can do it ten times. The longer you do it the
more effective it is. And it gives you something to
work with in your visualization instead of just trying to stay in the
present moment, which is really, really hard.

Otis Rodgers



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    The deeper thought is I guess it's impossible to be absolutely rational and we all have beliefs hidden or not.

    Perhaps they even add to the final result in a psychological way which in the end becomes useful to break down walls or something like that. As long as it's not hurting anyone and proves useful.

    It just seems to be the ceremonial magic part is kind of like the tear.

    I'm reminded of the way some Mormons will go house to house telling people to just sincerely pray and ask god to prove himself to you and if you feel a burning in your bosom then that is him proving himself to you. This has opened the door many people converting and changing their lives which in the end was very good. I'm sure you can hear a very similar story about all kinds of things around the world.

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    Pg. 134

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  47. 1p6t1gms Posted on November 6, 2018 at 4:27 pm

    Thank you Damien, on Meditation from one perspective of a thought in a shortened summary.
    Start slowly and build up the time one minute the first day, two the second day and so on. Do not go over fifteen minutes; focusing on one beautiful word from nature is helpful and so would a candle’s light or reflection of light off a crystal to focus visually towards, as well as a peaceful comfortable setting. Don’t think about unreal or magical things during or after the learning process as it is going to take time away from reality and it would not be helpful to do so, you may need to start over.
    One of the main benefits of meditation is when quieting the subconscious mind to degrees of control you are able to achieve this opens you up for a clearer thinking process without being muddled by the interrupting thoughts prior to or during any events you are involved with in future events, as the mind has improved control and focus more intently on thoughts.

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    Informative video. I might be able to help some people with this. This will be just as difficult/impossible for people that can't concentrate, but it might help people with self esteem issues that absolutely refuse to focus on themselves. I've tried similar meditation before to heal myself.

    I agree that many symbols are ingrained into collective unconsciousness just like archetypes are. I didn't realize the banishing ritual was originally devised by the hermetic order of the golden dawn. Sorting out effective magickal techniques from dogma goes contrary to the presupposition that a book of shadows has to be unique to each practioner. Scalability is valuable is ultimately the value of the objective. Society is struggling to integrate their individual subjective quality of life with objective tech and knowledge. I suppose magick is as good a starting point as any for exploring this integration, especially with a tradition that sought practices that work for many/everyone.

    Do any of you have any clue what the deeper costs are to magick besides some time, effort, and ATP? For example, entropy seems to be a deep cost to life itself. I'm almost certain all these techniques are just ways to use consciousness more effectively to improve quality of life.

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  65. Jynx C. Posted on January 5, 2019 at 7:35 pm

    Your sunlight in the prison cell meditation might have helped me. It's hard to pinpoint for sure when there is such a delayed response time with so many other changing factors at the same time. It could have been a confluence of factors. I just wanted to say that people should give this a try if they feel trapped in a dark coal mine. Sometimes too much pessimism causes us to miss out on good opportunities. For those with religious reservations, just think of it as a prayer that welcomes in the light of god. For those that are more atheistic, think of it as a way to organize your mind better. I see it as a step between wanting to want something, and actually wanting it. I have a hunch that this meditation has both the potentials to reveal one's own hypocrisies, as well distracting away from them, depending on the person and where they are in life. Or maybe I just have an eccentric interpretation of light raining down on the unseen.

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    Myth: Damien Echols was a "troubled outcast" targeted for his long hair by dumb yokels who thought heavy metal equaled Satanism.

    Truth: Damien Echols was seriously mentally ill.

    Many supporters like to use the line "This could have happened to any of us," as if the government was going after metal fans and Wiccans with the same vigor they pursued Communism in the ‘50s.

    This is an especially attractive myth for people who like to think that a funny hairstyle or black clothing is a valid form of rebellion that the Man needs to quash (“Mabel, I saw a t-shirt today that said ‘Goddess Bless.’ I’m votin’ Green Party from now on.”) But, while lots of people might have been outcasts in high school, but they probably didn't:

    *Stay in a mental hospital, where a doctor listed “extreme physical aggression towards others” as one of the problems.
    *Threaten to attack their parents.
    *Tell a therapist that drinking blood gives them power.
    *Suck the blood out of a wound in front of detention officials
    *Kill and mutilate a dog (this is supported by police reports from both an eyewitness to the mutilation and someone who found the dog's corpse. A dog's skull was also found in Damien's room after his arrest).
    *Receive full disability from the government for mental problems.

    And, in the unlikely event that all of that is true about you, guess what: you might be a murder suspect some day. Folks complain that the “rumor mill” convicted Echols before his arrest. Can you wonder why? You don’t need to believe in a vast satanic conspiracy to see the boy ain’t quite right.

    The Many Confessions of Jessie Miskelly
    No one would argue that Jessie’s conviction kept him from a life of a Rhodes scholar. Nit-picky arguments will break out on occasion on what exactly to label Misskelley: Retarded? Borderline Retarded? I’m going to simplify the whole thing by call him what he definitely is: a dipshit. His lawyer says that Jessie liked to shatter Coke bottles with his fist to show how tough he was. So, dipshit it is.

    Was Jessie’s confession coerced? If you define “coercion” the way most people think of it (say, the way they got confessions during the Inquisition), then the answer is a definite “no.” Despite what some sources state, Jessie was not browbeaten for 12 hours without parental consent. He made his first incriminating statement after a few hours in custody, and his father knew exactly where he was.

    But, according to a sociologist who testified (mostly out of the jury’s earshot) for Miskelly, these few hours of questioning were enough to make Jessie snap and begin lying to his own detriment. Dr. Richard Ofshe, the sociologist in question, said the police’s questioning techniques helped to get a false confession. Ofshe has published several papers that argue that modern interrogation techniques are psychologically overbearing and should be thrown out. Police, who solve somewhere around 80% of the major crimes they close through confessions, would argue that the relatively small number of false confessions aren’t worth losing the crimes they solve. (I haven’t found any hard data that can say what percentage of confessions are “false,” if anyone out there knows, please leave a comment).

    So, the question becomes: how much protection from the law do dipshits deserve?

    Jessie, by the way, didn’t confess just once. He confessed twice on tape, once after his conviction. He also confessed to some guards at one point and perhaps even to a friend before his arrest. Jessie, some folks say, is easily led, but during his second confession, you can hear his attorneys pleading with him not to confess. He does so anyway. So, he’s got a little backbone.

    The other big problem people have with Jessie’s confession is its discrepancies from facts. This can be a little troubling. But here’s the thing: as we established, Jessie is a dipshit. Not only that, but, according to his second taped confession, Jessie drank enough Evan Williams to make himself sick the night of the murder (a statement with some evidence behind it, I might add). Maybe you’ve never drank Evan Williams. It’s not exactly a sippin’ whiskey. So, let’s perform a test. Drink enough E.W. to make you vomit and then play a game of Memory. How’d you do?

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    It's not hard to be in the present moment though, that's another belief. It's actually effortless, and happens accidentally all the time. It's the same thing as being happy. It doesn't require effort, just not having an investment in time.

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