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The Real Reason You Don’t Hear From Sacha Baron Cohen Anymore

Hollywood was once very niiiiiice to Sacha
Baron Cohen, the British comedian who broke through in the U.S. with 2006’s Borat: Cultural
Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan. “Welcome to our country.” “My name ah Borat.” “Ok, well, ah good good. I’m not used to that but that’s fine” Centered around an often crude, sexist, racist
and naïve reporter from Kazakhstan, the comedy opened up opportunities for Cohen to star
in a wide range of big movies like Talladega Nights, The Dictator, Alice Through the Looking
Glass, Les Misérables and more. But despite that string of roles, Baron Cohen
hasn’t popped up on the big screen quite as often as he once did — and here are a few
reasons why. Family man Unlike many of his peers, Baron Cohen doesn’t
churn out multiple movies per year, and that’s by design. Sacha and his wife, actress Isla Fisher, have
three young children, and they both want to be active, present parents. Cohen has committed to only making a movie
every couple of years, while Fisher plans to only take supporting role until their kids
are fully grown. While these Hollywood parents love to act,
it sounds like they’re putting family first — at least for a little while. Real World Reputation Even if Baron Cohen wanted to keep making
reality-blurring movies like Borat, he doesn’t think he could. A victim of his own success, he fears he’s
become too recognizable to pull off a movie like Borat or Bruno again. On top of that, there’s also the matter of
the inherent danger in making those kinds of movies, as Baron Cohen’s films have definitely
landed him in hot water in the past. “The idea of the movie was actually to end
it with inciting a riot in Arkansas while me and my co-star made out on stage.” He was lucky to get out of that one unharmed,
but even a minor, non-deadly stunt from Sacha can end up being very stressful. When Baron Cohen made a surprise appearance
as Ali G at the 2016 Academy Awards, people were genuinely shocked — because the show
producers had specifically told him not to do it. This caused some stress for his wife, who
had to be complicit in the prank and even smuggled the Ali G costume into the awards
ceremony under her dress. She then had to help her husband get into
character backstage and lie to the producers who were trying to figure out what he was
up to. “So I was really stressed I was like ‘Honey
honey this isn’t gonna work’ then I had to go out finally and I said ‘There is something
that is wrong with his stomach. It’s really bad.’ Fisher did what any reasonable person would
do after faking out 20 million people on live TV; she hit the bar… The Brothers Grimsby Baron Cohen’s last “big” movie was 2016’s
The Brothers Grimsby. Like some of Baron Cohen’s previous films,
the mismatched spy comedy made headlines not for its creativity, but more for it’s shockingly
crude moments. The movie was wildly unsuccessful, both commercially
and critically as it really seems like almost no one connected with this flick. It was one of Baron Cohen’s few leading roles
in a movie in which he didn’t play a character interacting with real life people — and
audiences just weren’t that into it. One hit Wonder… Between 2000 and 2004, Sacha Baron Cohen created
three main characters for his comedy series, Da Ali G Show — Ali G, Borat and Bruno. And by 2009, he’d brought all of them to
the big screen. While Ali G Indahouse wasn’t released theatrically
in the U.S., 2006’s Borat was a massive hit, bringing in $128 million and earning
Baron Cohen and his collaborators an Oscar nomination for screenwriting. “This suit is black, purse, not” In 2009, Baron Cohen brought his third and
final character, Bruno, to movie audiences, but he was unable to recapture the magic of
Borat. Bruno, a mockumentary about an openly gay,
fashion-obsessed Austrian weirdo seriously underperformed, bringing in less than half
of what Borat did and undoubtedly slowing down Baron Cohen’s rise to fame. Breakthrough dramatic role In 2010, it was announced that Baron Cohen
was considering starring as singer Freddie Mercury — to whom he certainly bears a resemblance
— in a biopic about the late Queen frontman. Baron Cohen was actively involved in trying
to get the movie off the ground, even consulting major directors like David Fincher and Tom
Hooper. But in 2013, he decided to pull out of the
project — and the film still hasn’t been made. The actor claims he left the project because
the surviving members of Queen wanted the movie to be a relatively tame biopic about
the entire band. On the other hand, Baron Cohen wanted it to
be purely a Freddie Mercury movie showcasing the late rock star’s wild life. Queen guitarist Brian May offered a different
opinion on the issue, suggesting that Baron Cohen would have be a distraction, as he doubted
that the larger-than-life actor could actually disappear into the role and do it justice. What’s next? Well, we likely haven’t heard the last of
Sacha Baron Cohen and it wouldn’t be surprising if he’s working on another big character
right now. From what we do know, Cohen has two main projects
in works the for the next few years. The first is a timely bit of satire called
Greed, in which he plays a money-mad, financial law-skirting billionaire. The other is a big-budget film adaptation
of Mandrake the Magician, in which he’ll star as the title character, a heroic master of
illusion. Seems like a good fit… Thanks for watching! Click the Looper icon to subscribe to our
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