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The Science of Meditation

The ancient art of meditation has moved out of the temple and into our daily lives you It’s practiced by top class athletes even taught in some of the most powerful corporations in the world You don’t have to be buddhist to meditate. You just have to be a person with a functioning mind New discoveries in science suggests it may indeed have benefits and 8% that’s enormous Boost memory and Treat Depression I’ve decided I was well enough to come off the medication and Meditation may even slow the aging process the studies are very promising. They actually do suggest there are benefits from Brain scans the blood tests from the psychological to the biological consuela definition paying it I’m going to investigate the hard evidence to see if Meditation lives up to the hype and I’m going to put my own brain to the test and undertake eight weeks of mindfulness meditation Well, it’d make me less stressed well anything prove my memory. I think the hair at that will it change the structure of my brain? London and Nick brewer is a yoga and meditation teacher, but life hasn’t always been so serene For Ten Years Nick ran a drug empire smuggling cocaine out of Colombia Essentials quite a wealthy young man, I had a property asset holding company a nightclub restaurant See all the toys that go with it. You will look to me as being quite a successful entrepreneur Unless you know what I do for a living in 2004 he was arrested in South America and sentenced to prison there Before one of the worst places you could ever imagine in your entire life it was poor. It was broken. It was corrupt You’re anxious about absolutely everything you’re anxious about staying alive about where your next Plate of Foods Gonna come from if you’ve got any money if you haven’t got any money if you’re Gonna get raped killed A Year into his sentence Nick was shown a book by his cellmate I Asked him what he had it has got a book on yoga, so obviously at the time I said you know must be some sort of weirdo Soon he was hooked and began practicing yoga and meditation every day It was the sitting practice and the yoga practice that helped me to you know find some kind of serenity in Nick Transformed his Life. I Have a very happy life extremely humble I have a lot of amazing clients that I teach so you know the last five years has been completely transformational Like Nick. I guess I’ve never really contemplated where the meditation could do anything for me But the more I hear about the research the more keen I am to see whether it has any effect So I’m going to try it myself for two months step 1 learning how it’s done I’m off to see dr.. Richard Chambers. Who’s a clinical psyChologist, but also an expert in mindfulness It’s Gonna teach me how to meditate apparently Mindfulness is a type of meditation where we focus our attention on the present moment on the body the breath that kind of thing Mindfulness meditation is the most well researched type of meditation And just taking a few moments to check in just notice the state that your body’s in checking in with the mind some scientists say it can boost physical and mental health and improve cognitive abilities and When the mind inevitably wanders just noticing that and see if you can bring it back gently without any further thinking most of us focus our attention on Daydreams and distraction and rumination and worry, and a whole bunch of stuff if we can train ourselves And we can we can actually build a mindful muscle to train ourselves to be focused and present just enjoy the moment more Key to building this so called Mindful muscle is strengthening the Prefrontal Cortex If the brain were an orchestra the prefrontal Cortex is like the conductor When we notice our attentions wandered and we bring it back to the present moment. We activate the Prefrontal Cortex It’s forming new synapse as new connections and getting thicker and stronger cut like a muscle And while I feel Great a sense of well-being or more relaxed or why don’t we wait and see what happens for you? I mean. I’m gonna predict Yes, but one of the best ways to learn mindfulness is through the doing For me to take meditation seriously. I need some hard evidence that it’s changing my brain for the better. That’s the the weapon Weapon we’ll put one of these on you. It’s an eeg cap. So I’ve come to see neuroscientist Dr.. Neil Bailey He’s about to put me through a raft of rigorous tests To get a measure of my brain power at the beginning of the eight weeks Meditation all right Graham looks like we’ve got some rain activity fantastic contrary to popular opinion first up an eeg to measure my brains electrical activity When we activate it it will give you a gentle electrical shock That’s annoying Is it annoying but not painful at all oh? It’s what your definition. Pain is time Yeah The tests will measure my memory my reaction time and my ability to focus you to respond to the meaning of the emotion of the word and Try and ignore the emotion on the face okay, so angry face could have the word happy underneath exactly Electrical activity in the Brain is produced as neurons communicate with each other the synchronized signals are brainwaves when you meditate alpha and theta waves increase and Activity in some parts of the brain decrease it’s allowing me to focus The idea is after eight weeks the brain activity changes. I experience during meditation will have a lasting effect on my brain According to Dr.. Bailey. I’ll be better able to concentrate make faster decisions and remember more information Most extraordinary though my brain may even become more energy efficient You’re performing better, but your brain is exerting less energy You’re getting a decrease in neural activity you might be able to do just as well in your job But be exerting less mental energy, so when you get home you’re less tired Beyond enhancing my brains performance I also want to know if meditation can have an even more dramatic effect and actually change its physical structure Say I have been locked in confined spaces not looking forward to this so I’ve come for an MRI To have some before and after brain structure scans this next one is going to go for about six minutes Try not to think of anything just let your mind go blank recent research from Harvard University Showed that just eight weeks of meditation can physically change the structure of the brain Everything we do affects the brain so any skill we learn anything We practice will change the way our brain is structured so over time if you’re repeating a practice for example mindfulness It’s going to strengthen certain connections in the brain and change the the gray matter for example volumes of the brain Gray matter is the Dargah tissue of the brain where most of the nerve cell bodies are the Harvard research found that gray matter increased in key areas such as the hippocampus or prefrontal Cortex and temporoparietal junction And these are parts of the brain that help us to remember to focus to learn to inhibit impulses and regulate our emotions If we set their daydreaming for 20 minutes We’d be strengthening a different part of different parts of the brain and we get to choose what we want to strengthen We’ve got over and use it or lose it brain Now it is early days for a lot of this research But the possibility of meditation changing the structure of my brain certainly sounds exciting I have to wait eight weeks to find out my results I’d better start meditating I gotta end of week 1 It’s now greedy meditation And that’s more challenging you just focus on that one thing your breath which I’m very easy to get distracted from them but can meditation changed the body as well as the brain a Handful of studies show it may be good for our health by reducing inflammation and stress hormones So far. There’s an interesting growing list of some of the different ways that Meditation affects the body the question u.s. Researcher dr.. Elissa appel wants to answer is can it also slow down aging? In looking in particular at aging markers by now the field has a pretty good collection of very interesting Studies that do suggest that there are benefits to our rate of aging signs of aging can be seen inside the body cells Specifically in the tiny caps at the end of each chromosome known as the telomeres Our telomeres protect our genes now What happens as we age our immune cells divide and the telomeres shorten those protective caps get shorter and shorter? So we want to keep those intact Basically the shorter the telomeres the faster the aging Several studies have compared the telomeres of meditators to nor meditators. It looks like telomere length that measure of how our immune cells aged Stabilizes more and doesn’t shorten in the meditation group other studies have measured telomerase the enzyme that protects those precious telomeres those studies have suggested that telomerase can go up until more length can be better maintained during those periods and You know we wait for lots of replications before. We say something is true or a fact the studies are very promising very suggestive We’ve seen how meditation can change it biologically, but how about psychologically? One of the most widely studied areas of meditation research is the effect on Mental health Raus bun has been coping with depression for years. I wasn’t really comfortable mon skin I was very sort of agitated quick to Anger and it really feel and you who I was I? Was not doing the things I loved and enjoyed. I wasn’t seeing my friends or family anymore and my relationship was Well strained really. It was very difficult Ross was given medication, but he didn’t like the side effects It really didn’t make me feel very well. I still didn’t feel like myself. I was still wasn’t sleeping I was still very agitated. I just felt pretty detached from everything and everyone Ross is one of a growing number of people using meditation to treat their depression actually practice mindfulness whilst Hiking I find it’s quite easy to to focus on putting one foot in front of the other and then just noticing the world around me and then how my body feels People who practice mindfulness show better mental health than 70% of the population on average people with depression and anxiety have even large against the net the Data shows that that reduces depressive symptoms But the big finding is that it haves the rate of depressive relapse four people have had three or more depressive episodes if they learn? Mindfulness is as part of their treatment. They’re half as likely to get depressed again down the track indeed for some Meditation could be an alternative to their medication paper that came out last year meta-analysis has found that. It’s as effective as antidepressants for preventing relapse which is pretty significant finding It make a difference to you. Yes, absolutely we would have been about eight months or so I’ve decided I was I was well enough able enough to to come off the medication Dr.. Richard Chambers believes mindfulness meditation works because it breaks the cycle of Depressive thoughts depressive thoughts that maybe goes through people’s minds if they don’t normally notice they’re just running in the background like an app and Producing people’s mood so mindfulness helps them to notice that and then just to recognize it as a thought rather than taking it seriously Believing it trying to push it away which then gets the attention very? Much caught up in that kind of rumination. Just noticing it let it go bring the attention back to the present Doing the meditation really helps break that rumination cycle and overall that allows me to Focus on all sorts of things have I need to focus on work, not my mind’s not wandering away thinking about something else So it’s it’s training my brain to focus That’s the main Aim So how exactly does meditation train the brain one of the things that many types of meditation do is Exercise our attention muscle and boy. That’s an important muscle this So-called attention muscle may Exert some control Over one of the brain areas tied up with emotion the amygdala When the amygdala gets activated that’s when we feel fear and anxiety and that sort of thing so it’s its purpose is to give experience and emotional Salience In something like depression or anxiety it becomes overactive, and so it’s it’s constantly Activated and providing that sensation of anxiety or fear or hyper vigilance after meditation other parts of the brain appear more in control of the amygdala what happens is in theory at least and from what we can tell from the brain scans when you’ve practiced a lot of mindfulness both the Prefrontal Cortex and the Hippocampus those regions Exert more regulation on the amygdala and Dampen the effect of that anxiety or fear coming up Meditations list of benefits does seem remarkable and some are concerned Media Hype is falsely over selling them after all the research is still in its infancy The few studies that have looked at it Have found that mindfulness was any better Than other forms of therapies which in itself is is not a bad outcome But there simply isn’t enough research professor various believe certain people should exercise particular caution All kinds of meditation were originally designed to rattle your sense of self if there is something which has traumatized you in your life, and you’ve forgotten about it by Meditating you may become aware of it And this will exacerbate all the symptoms it can actually increase stress it can lead to greater levels of anxiety panic attacks in some people there were times where would dredge up past experiences that I really didn’t want to go back to and It was really quite disturbing and and confronting at the time two are never expected for that to occur Professor Farías also believes there may be an inherent bias in the research 99% of the researchers have only been looking at the potential benefits that the positive effects They haven’t really been asking people about adverse effects If you’ve got a psychotic disorder if you’re really anxious, or if you’re getting it taught to you badly Maybe it’s not going to be so so good J when you’re going through a stressful time you’ve got a lot on your mind It is really hard to get all that stuff out when you’re meditating. I’m funny really hard at the moment It’s time for a catch-up with Dr.. Richard Chambers if I might just check in. How’s your practice been going on a scientific? Type, you know I’d like to do a lot more experiments before I draw any conclusions But I’m feeling more relaxed than I have been for some time and I noticed the stress But it’s not like I’m sucked into it. I just sort of cruise through which is it very good Reducing stress is one of the most commonly reported effects of meditation You know the stress isn’t actually in the situation the stresses in our relationship with the situation, but stress is a complicated thing We can’t avoid stress stress is an embedded part of life and in fact Engaging in new things and challenges is very good for us But we need to make sure that we have enough Reserve in our days or at the least in our weeks, and that’s where meditation might help Meditation and Mind-body activities are a wonderful way to build our kind of physiological and psychological resiliency to get a better idea of how meditation works on a bigger scale I’ve Come to nan 10 temple to meet meditation teacher Cha, Ki She believes it has an important role to play in Society when I first started meditating I Remember I was telling everyone. This is the cheapest form of Dealing with stress anxiety that’s available to you. It’s totally free really because it’s just you and your mind Chakra is part of an international project teaching meditation to inmates in New South Wales Correction centres People get into prison and in one way you can see it’s a bit like going into retreat. You know Because you go into a closed environment A lot of things are taken away from you and one thing you do have on you is time on your hands So what you’re going to do. Now is you focus all your awareness Strongly on the sensation at your nostrils as you breathe in and out you just feel that take one more breath And you’ll feel it, okay She believes it improves mental health and aids rehabilitation, and it doesn’t take very long to see the effects in a prison environment former inmate Nick brewer experienced these benefits firsthand There were deep shifts in my psychological patterns and thought patterns about the way I felt that myself and life and it started a whole Rehabilitation process, I think every one of us whether we’re in prison or out, and we look at our lives by not knowing What’s going on inside ourself until the words vomit out the mouth until the fist does this does the punch? You know it kind of you get into trouble in life they learn more about themselves they learn What is it that triggers me? You know what triggers me to anger? What triggers me to act out in in weight selfish ways or Ways that do harm to others Professor Farias studied the effect of meditation on prison inmates in South America he believes It helps in some ways, but it’s no Magic bullet. We did find they became less stressed They had a lower probability of having psychological problems on the other hand we also found out that there weren’t differences in terms of Aggression or interpersonal behavior which was something we were looking for My old self is very alien to me now I can relate to the the old nick the character but from what I did you know it’s dead It’s eight weeks later and my personal trial has come to an end who would have thought I’d ever take part in a group Meditation session there you go anyway my eight weeks is up now. I’m off for my results I’m back to Mohnish to find out if all the dedication has paid off Yeah, I’m keen to see if I’ve made a difference to my brownie. Oh, let’s see Three hours of cognitive tests and brain scans later that wasn’t bad this time We’re gonna wait a week for the results apparently and it’s results time with Dr.. Bailey an MRI expert, Dr.. Chow Saw Overall you did better in three of the five tasks better behavioral performance that’s fantastic Not only that you exerted less brain activity so you spend less energy to do better This one in particular was your memory task. I think they heard that you did better therefore I was guessing it was a very hard. Yes. It was very hot that’s annoying There’s actually one where we were distracting you with that tiny electrical shock I remembered Well, the same time is your turn of arraignment stuff It feels like it’s easy for me to intervene if my brains doing something, I don’t want it to do yeah, that’s cool And that’s that’s actually a really interesting point for this next slide your reaction time to Unexpected events you cut your reaction time by 400 milliseconds really. It’s almost half a second Yeah, that’s huge its massive If you’re driving a car and a pedestrian steps out in front of you 400 milliseconds is probably a life-saving amount of time That’s very good news. Look there like a past yeah, I Was better at the tasks, but had my brain physically changed So what are my brain scan results show alright does start? Where’s the structure changing a destroy brain regions? That’s been reported before There were indeed changes in my grey matter density in several parts of my brain And big changes in the scheme of things yes. Yes, that’s very interesting finding here The most dramatic change was in a part of my hippocampus known as the dentate gyrus Where new Brain cells are produced in adults? 22.8% it’s enormous. Yeah, it’s huge it’s really large, and I mean something’s definitely going on. You’ve got what we call neurogenesis happening in other words new Brain cells were growing and There’s more my hippocampus is also exerting more control it was something called the default mode network Which is associated with anxiety? These changes are not usually seen in someone my age Younger people show that pattern more than older people It’s as if my brains getting a little bit younger yeah You reverse the aging process a little bit and in your brain who complain about that Now sure my personal experience is not a proper scientific study So we can’t say for sure these brain changes with a direct result of meditation But hey, I’m impressed and certainly feeling happy with my younger heavier brain

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