January 22, 2020
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The Space of What Is ~ A Guided Meditation with Mooji

The Space of What Is A guided meditation by Sri Mooji 12 January 2016 [Mooji] Om. Let us begin by turning your attention to the fact that the Self has no beginning. It has no sense of duration or end. So even the sense of beginning is only an invitation to turn our attention … to just acknowledge that which is not an activity. It’s not an action about to be taken,
or taken before. It’s a deeper space, deeper inside.
It’s simply the space of What Is. Attention is now in the What Is. [silence] There is nothing apart from the What Is. So, even this voice speaking,
and the sense of listening, are just movements, functions inside the What Is. These functions,
they move within the realm of time, of coming and going,
appearing, disappearing, rising and falling. Often the attention,
that has been cultivated through conditioning, tends to focus on these movements
of comings and goings. This very focusing itself becomes a kind of hindrance
to the recognition of the What Is, which is unmoving, unstructured and formless. It is not the speaking or the hearing. It is not a guidance. It is not a voice. It is not the senses. It is not meditation. It is not a posture. It is not prayer. It is without desire. It is already so. It is already what it is. It is always what it is. It never improves, it cannot improve. It cannot decrease or increase,
because it is without form. It cannot move, because it is infinite. It cannot be gained or attained or transcended, because there is nothing apart from itself that could carry out such a thing. This is the What Is. The intuitive sense of self, or self-awareness, also appears inside the What Is. The sense of feeling one’s existence, without history or imagination,
is one with the What Is. The sense of I and you, other, they and we
are nothing other than the What Is. [silence] To keep quiet, or to not keep quiet, has nothing to do with the What Is;
it doesn’t affect it. But for the term to be fulfilled called awakening, or the realisation of the Self, the natural sense of being,
and the adopted sense of personhood, and the sense of choice,
must turn towards being one with the What Is, to in a sense, merge with it. So the agitation that is caused
by the dualistic functioning of intention, or the sense of separation,
these come to an end. Coming to an end,
all sense of disturbances also comes to an end. The sense of the person may, for a while, remain, just as a sense of a person not commanding any power or attention to itself, arising within and from the What Is, is the power to perceive,
let’s say to experience. The What Is manifests a form in order to have the sense or the taste of experiencing phenomena through the senses, or through the mind in the form of memory, desire, imagination, projection, creativity or identity, chiefly with the body which is formed
out of and by the awareness itself. Along with the vital force and the consciousness, the body is falsely taken to be one’s self. One’s self truly is the What Is. I am What Is. You are What Is. All are What Is. The ability and tendency of the What Is
to manifest as duality causes or creates the sense of I, and you, or other. Belief in the sense of I being one body,
and you being another body, strengthens the sense of separateness. It creates friction,
desire, attraction, repulsion, and the sense of forgetting the What Is, which is the all-encompassing wholeness. When the wholeness is perceived, the itemised forms of thought,
concrete or abstract or actual, vanish. When belief in forms, thoughts or differences
manifests, the What Is appears to be hidden. Leaving aside all appearances, all movements,
the What Is is in clear, non-conceptual,
non-phenomenal recognition of itself. Therefore now, the What Is
is only being and abiding in itself. These words speak into the mind,
and remove confusion or doubt, and reveal the What Is
to be the single and only reality, in contemplation of itself,
which is its highest joy. Let’s know this now. [silence] Inside cannot be called inside now,
because there are no walls. There are no markers for inside or outside. Therefore the terms ‘inside’ or ‘outside’
do not exist in the What Is. No shapes stick to the What Is,
therefore they don’t belong. They have no essence in them. They are only momentary appearances
in the What Is. From the intelligence that arises in the What Is these things are discerned. This seeing is the sign of the sentience and the intelligence
of the What Is. What knows this is the What Is, if this can be said to be knowledge; the sense of I and you are only the What Is. And there are no intrusions,
which can only be apparent and not true. When there is no sense of personal thoughts, a joy is arising, just like the fragrance that arises from a flower. This joy is not unlike peace.
It is not unlike love or space. It is infinite. It is one with the What Is, like the smell of a flower and the flower are one. What is being pointed out now
never passes, never comes or goes. It is a continuous stream of fragrance that pours out, from and into, by and into,
the What Is itself. This fragrance, this perfume, this smell, and its source, the flower, they are one. The smell is enjoying the flower,
and the flower is enjoying the smell. They are one. This is the Supreme. And whatever manifests inside
is called the creation, or you may call it, more truthfully,
the creating, the manifesting, the projecting forward and into. The unchanging is the Supreme, the Self, the God, the truth, ultimate reality,
pure unborn awareness. [silence] All words and all concepts
merely point intuitively to that awareness. They are not a meaning of awareness.
Awareness is without meaning. It is the wholeness. Knowing this, joy arises
and fills the manifest, fills the forms, gives the sense of happiness to the manifestation, to the play of individuality. [silence] [Questioner] Thank you. [Mooji] Om. Full, full, full. Empty, empty, empty. [Mooji] Om Namah Shivaya.
[Q.] Om Namah Shivaya.

Otis Rodgers