December 7, 2019
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The Spirit of Faith | Part One

this program has been made possible by the friends and partners of Dufresne ministries turn with me this morning if you would in your Bibles let's go to first Thessalonians chapter 3 first Thessalonians chapter 3 and verse 10 we're going to Minister along the lines of faith because faith is our part we always need to become more skillful at doing our part when we do our part God is always faithful to do his part our part is faith God's part is power when when our faith is in place and operating as it should it will always be met by power always our job is not power our job is not to make symptoms leave our job is not to make money show up our job is not to make victory evident our job is to release our faith and God's power will make the symptoms leave cause the money to come and bring victory into manifestation amen so what we have to do and learning to do our part is learning to quit touching into God's part or let me say this trying to touch into God's part we can never do God's part but people weaken their faith by touching or trying to touch into God's part and so we're going to talk a little bit about that this morning but they're in first Thessalonians chapter 3 verse 10 Paul was writing to the church in Thessalonica and he said this and this is the King James translation night and day praying exceedingly that we might see your face and might perfect that which is lacking in your faith the amplified translation says and we continue to pray especially and with most intensed earnestness night and day that we may see your face and mend and make good whatever may be imperfect and lacking in your faith so although Paul was writing letters to this church in Thessalonica and other churches that no doubt they were to benefit from previous letters and other read other letters that Paul had written the revelation that was contained in this in these letters they needed but Paul recognized you can't get everything I have for you in a letter you need me to be present I need you to be where I'm at he said notice he said night and day praying exceedingly that we might see your face well if a letter could do it all why would he need to see their face and they could get all they needed through a letter why would they need to see his face it's because there are portions of flows and revelations and things that God has for us that can be received through other avenues but there are some things that can only be received when you're sitting in the presence of a man of God amen and thank God for television thank God for you know preaching that we see on television good preaching that we see over the internet books that were able to read CDs that were able to listen to preaching sermons DVDs where we can watch a minister but that will never take the place of you being where a man of God knows you can see your face know that you're part of his church family you must be part of a local church to receive all that God has for you you cannot sit at home and have your own private Bible study and think you're going to receive all because Jesus gave gifts to the body people will say well Jesus is all I need well you have to qualify that Jesus is all you need for your Redemption but for your spiritual growth and development and for your faith to work right and for you to become skillful in the word you need a man and you say that's not quite right for you to say I need something more than Jesus for your development you need something more than Jesus who is not in front of you physically talking to you so what he did he gave gifts apostles prophets evangelists pastors and teachers to stay in front of us so that our eyes could see them and they could see us and they could say to us what they had learned of the word of God themselves it is risky for you to try to be a Christian without a pastor you're going to get into error if you're self-taught self-taught Christians are Christians that have error in their life amen anyone who is going to excel in any profession is going to have to find somebody who knows more than them and listen to them that's what your pastor is someone who is learning God and has an anointing to speak what he has learned about God in the word into the life of others amen so thank God for other avenues that we can receive teaching in ministry but they will never take the place of us finding our pastor who has God joined us – amen and the key is you can't just go anywhere to any pastor you have to find the one that God has anointed to speak into your life therefore you cannot on your own remove yourself from that place because although there are many pastors in the world not many are anointed to speak into your life amen that's why you need to protect the place where the man of God can see your face never become offended with the man of God well he said something that offended me we'll grow up quit being touchy even if what he said was inappropriate when you know their heart is right you can overlook something that was stated maybe a bit inappropriately amen what if everybody left every family they were a part of just when they got offended no one would be married no one would be living in the same house together because offense is offered and part of being a family as you overlook things that aren't worth anything things that don't matter you overlook them don't let the devil get you in offense and cause you to leave the place where God is trying to affect your face and that's when a man of God sees your face amen when a man of God sees your face when your pastor sees your face then he can diagnose many times by looking at your face and I'm not talking about something natural I'm saying the Spirit of God will prompt him the moment he sees your face of what your need is I remember years ago I was prepared and actually God got up in the pulpit on a Sunday morning ready to preach the sermon that I had prepared and when I looked out I saw a minister a woman that head was in the full-time ministry and I had she had talked with me previously and let me know that she had been diagnosed with terminal cancer well she didn't regularly attend our church she would visit for special meetings but this Sunday morning when I looked out she was sitting there and I saw the worry on her face I saw the fear on her face of this situation she was facing so because I was able to see that and diagnose that by the spirit what it was I was seeing on her face I changed my sermon and I preached healing in faith hard and fast why to give her the answers that she needed if she would not have shown up I could not have seen her face to know what her need was calling for in her life amen a man of God needs to see your face no preacher no television Minister note no nobody that has a public ministry can ever replace the Ministry of the pastor in your life and if you try to dispose of the pastoral office in your life your faith will suffer for it because Paul said I want to see you face to face so that I may perfect what is lacking in your face every one of us needs something more to our faith every one of us can have our faith matured every one of us needs our faith to have greater development amen and so Paul said the things that I that your faith lack I need to I need to see your face so that I can properly diagnose by the spirit what your life needs amen I have had in times past at pastoring I remember one time in particular for several weeks around service time there was a certain congregation member and they I would see them before a service and after the service and and every time they would walk past me the word of the Lord would come to me and tell me what they were going through well I didn't at that moment stop and tell him because it was not an opportune time but for three weeks that happened every time they walked past me God would let me know the answer that they needed to help them through what they were facing why was he doing that because that's part of the equipment of the pastoral office and the other office won't have that equipment an apostle won't have that always a prophet won't have that evangelist won't have that a teacher won't have it like the pastor does because he's he will be equipped to help the sheep on a very specific particular way and so after several weeks of every time that person walked by me God would deal with me and let me know what they needed so after several weeks I had the opportunity to call them in and I gave them the answer I didn't tell them I know what your problem is I just said there was a time I went through a difficulty and this is what I did to get out of it what I was doing was telling them my answer which was really their answer and they said pastor thank you I've been struggling I said yeah I understand I've been there and I say if you'll do what I said this is how you get out of it well a week later the next time I saw him see them and struggling with this for months the next time I saw him that thing was gone off their face why because I was able to see their face she could not have gotten that home sitting and watching the live stream because if I don't see her face God's not going to speak to me about her God has answers for you but he can't speak to a pastor about absent sheep he's got to see their face and notice this Paul connected me seeing your face with the wealth excuse me with the health of your faith your faith is connected to where your face goes your face whether or not if you don't if your face is never seen in the local church you're gonna have faith problems because your faith can't get any better than where your face is at amen you're not gonna get stronger faith having going to the the movie theater all the time nothing wrong with going to the movie theater but there's something wrong when you have time to go to the movie theater but you don't have time to go to church then you're gonna have problems because your face is at a place where there is no faith being offered there's no instruction no knowledge being offered it matters where your body shows up amen and if we're interested in our faith growing we will make sure our bodies are in a place where we can have our faith to grow amen well praise the Lord anyway thank God for pastors thank God for the local church and people will say well you know I just can't find a church I want or or that I like maybe you need to make sure that it's not that you just don't fit instead of it somebody else isn't doing it right maybe if they're you don't want to be critical because you can you don't eat well at a place where you're critical of amen you need to be accepting of who God puts in your life and and just receive from them amen well praise the Lord so that's why we have to have a church that we're faithful to attend because nothing else will substitute for nourishing our faith amen so not only is it important for our faith it's dangerous to have imperfect faith or flawed faith at a time of emergency emergencies will show up I don't care who you are I don't care how long you been saved the emergent seas of life will come to all of us and if our faith is so flawed that it is at such a state of under development then we are in a dangerous position Smith Wigglesworth made a statement years ago when he was ministering and he said many times people wait until it's too late to try to get faith well is he saying it's too late for God no it's not too late for God is it too late for the word no it's not too late for the word but it's too late many times to get people's minds renewed it's a process and it takes time to get our minds renewed so that we believe right you're not believing with your mind you're believing with the faith that's in your heart but your mind can short-circuit the faith that's in your heart if you think wrong it will hinder you from believing right if you have an unrooted Smith Wigglesworth was referring to it's a process and it takes time to renew the mind and that people are waiting till a time of crisis to renew the mind it's like trying to take a swimming lesson while you're drowning very difficult to get the drowning person to listen amen so we want to make sure that our faith is growing and being protected and developing before the emergencies of life show up amen so Paul said that he wanted to see their face so that he could perfect what was lacking in their faith well imperfect faith gets imperfect results and he knows if your faith stays at a stage of imperfection you're not going to get the results that your faith could get if it were developed right amen but perfected faith gets perfected results and when we talk about perfected faith we're talking about matured faith faith that's growing in faith that's developing in my home I have a safe and there are you know different items that I keep in the safe and on the front of the door of that safe there's a handle that you would you know turn to open the safe but you don't you don't have to try to turn that handle don't even try to touch the handle until you have entered the proper combination on the keypad for my safe there's a there's a there's a keypad that has a come that has numbers and you have to enter a combination after you enter the combination then you can pull the handle and the door will open well when when my husband was alive we had that the same safe in the house he never knew the combination I knew the combination but he didn't know the combination and it wasn't that I was trying to keep him out of the safe I would tell him the combination but he didn't listen and so I did say I needed the safe today what's the combination so I'd tell him and I'd come back to later that day and he said I need you to open the door and safe for me and I said well I've I told you the combination yeah but I forgot it what if I had forgotten it the household would be in a whole heap of trouble I tell you what there are there are combinations to faith if I could say this there are steps and there are ingredients to faith there's laws of faith that we have to learn so that when we touch the right combination the door always opens always opens so before when Edward needs something he would say I'm going to need in the safe later today and I know you're not going to be there so just go ahead and open the door right now and then the safe door would be left open all day long because he didn't know the combination and again I'd tell the combination and he'd say yeah he said just just do it just do it that's the way a lot of Christians are they just want to come up and let the pastor or somebody else use their skill with faith and they want the door open on their behalf because they haven't listened to learn what are the steps of faith what are the principles of faith what are the things that govern the law of faith because faith is a law amen it's a law and so he always had to rely on me to open the safe and if I wasn't there he had to do without if we don't have a strong developing faith for ourselves we're going to have to do without some things and God doesn't want us to do without and Paul did not want the church in Thessalonica to do without he said that's why I'm going to come and I'm going to be able to prescribe by the spirit what your faith needs where is it lacking and then I will be able to properly diagnose and help you by the spirit and by the word with what your faith needs so that you're not left at a disadvantage and so ed was always left at a disadvantage and I don't know if you if you were ever in one of the services when we talked about this not and I would say as an example I'd say I'd have to input the code because they didn't know the code and they'd would call out I do know the code and I said then what is it he didn't know the code he just didn't like people thinking he didn't know the code but there's a lot of Christians who don't know that the law of faith but they don't want other Christians thinking they don't know the law of faith it doesn't free it doesn't work to pretend when it comes to faith you can't pretend you have it you can't pretend you know how to believe God you need to be sober about it and say teach me and I'm going to listen remember what Jesus said he would warn he said be careful what you're hearing the measure and an amplified says this in Romans are in Romans anyways Romans Romans 4:16 I believe it is and he would say the amplified says he would say be careful to them to the measure of thought and study you give to the word because that is the measure of virtue and power that will come back to you so and then he says to those who hear more will be given to those who don't hear what they have will be taken away from them it's all in listening my husband did not remember the code to the state because he didn't listen and I'm talk about listening with the intent of remembering anybody ever have a habit that when somebody's introduced to you you don't listen to their name and you're just shaking their hand hi nice to meet you and say what you're not uh didn't listen right that's if we can get in that habit you can do that with the word if you're not careful that you go to church and don't even really listen because I'm just a church and I'm taking my notes but you're not really listening with the idea of just going in my heart praise the Lord so when I have to input that code into the safe let's say there's eight numbers that have to be inputted it's not enough to input seven correct ones in one wrong one the door won't open unless it's all correct amen and you can't even stand in front that safe and say bless God I'm the owner open I own you I bought you you own the wealth of Christ it's yours but you can't just say well I own it it's going to come no you have to input the laws of faith have to be operating and let's say this let's say if the combination was one two three four five you can go faith faith faith faith faith and it'll open you go faith faith worry faith faith it won't open faith faith faith faith complain won't open faith faith faith faith offense no open right faith faith faith faith unforgiveness won't open and then they say why doesn't faith work faith works you're putting in the wrong codes it's got to be faith faith faith faith faith every day you have to use faith you can't decide I'm in faith Monday Tuesday Wednesday but Thursday is loaded with doubt and unbelief it's not going to open and things aren't going to work right and evidently Paul was recognizing there are things that are not working right because you're trying to mix the wrong thing in with faith can I tell you what has to be mixed with faith faith you can't mix worry with faith and get a faith result you can't mix fear with faith and get a faith result you can't miss mix complaining with faith and get a faith result you can't mix offense which is a huge one robbing from so many Christians lives they're offended at somebody you can't mix offense with your pastor with fellow believers and think that your faith for your finances is going to work because you're inputting wrong combinations what mixes with faith faith you can't mix disobedience with faith and think that faith is going to work right and this is what Paul said your faith is imperfect what does that mean you're mixing things in with your faith and your faith is not working and then you then what happens people start accusing faith if the combination doesn't work don't accuse the safe but that's what people do the word is the safe full of all the wealth of Christ that belongs to us and then people say this word stuff doesn't work this faith doesn't work this confession stuff doesn't work yes it does if you don't keep putting the wrong combination and you got to get rid of the offense you got to get rid of the fear you got to get rid of the worry and the doubt and the unbelief and the bitterness and the complaining and the murmuring and you have to get rid of everything that isn't faith amen you can't go to you can't go to bed praising and worshipping God for your answer showing up and wake up and then talk doubt and unbelief to your spouse about that need amen to have perfected faith you have to purify what faith hangs out with that's why it matters who you hang out with because if someone is living carnal and living as close to the world as they can even though they may be Christians living as close as they can to the world it was there their conversation will start seeping into your thought life and into your words that's why you can't just go any old worldly place now I'm not against you going to a place that is a good time but go where there's really a good time not what the world calls a good time but I'm talking about if you want your faith to be pure you have to hang out with those who are hungry for the same thing you're hungry for you can't hang out with offended people and think that you're going to have pure faith you can't hang out with people that have no regard for the word and think your faith is going to grow stronger because of it that's why your highest fellowship should be found in the local church because in your local church body is where we're all reaching and going the same direction no we haven't arrived but at least we all honor the same thing and at least we're reaching for the same thing and we're believing for the same thing if you want if you really admire and really want to have a faith that strong and robust it'll affect who you hang out with and where you go because you know you cannot pollute your faith by contaminating it with things that are not facing for faith to work faith must be mixed with faith where is faith the word Amen you can't mix it with offense you can't mix it with your emotions you can't mix I tell you what if yet if you want to have strong faith quit living out of your emotions there's no faith in your emotions amen so how about this how about 2019 this year we say we're walking by faith we're gonna quit in putting fear well you know you know pastor Nancy I've just been afraid on my life well delete that delete that push the delete button on that family you know you can reset a keypad if you forget the combination if you have the right instructions there are steps to reset the keypad Summa some people need to reset get that fear out that they've been pushing in their whole life on their keep out of their life they've been pushing in fear offense unbelief quit quit in putting that into your children and your home and your marriage into your life why because what awaits us is perfected faith and when we have perfect faith there's nothing we can't receive from God when our faith is growing and developing and healthy there's nothing we can't receive from God hallelujah hallelujah praise the Lord how about this I'm growing in faith say this with me I'm growing in faith I live by faith it's the way I live hallelujah amen well praise the Lord we trust 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