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The Spiritual Successor to BLACK

I've had numerous requests to talk about black even prior to mentioning criterion which is convenient as it's a game I've got history with the humdrum critical reception hasn't stopped black from establishing a cult following who fell in love with the game's explosive action so naturally a follow-up was planned not only was a sequel teased within the game itself it honestly was planned by EA in 2007 according to stock reports and confirmed by developers a decade later though it was cancelled without a given reason since the game only existed within that report as far as the public was concerned but it's safe to assume with army of two battlefield crysis dead space mercenaries Medal of Honor and Tiberium EA weren't exactly starving for shooters the real follow-up would come in 2011 Black's co-creator Stewart black left criterion and EA to assemble an all-star development team in Guildford England under code masters and created body-count an experience that would enhance blacks vision delivering the truly visceral thrill of firing a gun making the cinematic action that inspired its creators interactive this is exactly what a cult following would want our purpose-built project made with the specific intent of its creators realizing their untapped potential and yet outside of a sponsored rocketjump video and reviews at launch I found only one video discussing this game it's official YouTube channel has a hundred and sixty-one subscribers that Wikipedia entry is four paragraphs long and over the years of comments I received body count has been mentioned exactly once how does a spiritual successor to such a hyped and beloved game fly solo under the radar well that's what we're going to find out but in order to do so black needs to be played for reference during the six console generation the FPS positively dominated except on surprisingly Sony's best-selling console it began with ports of PC classics before spawning Red Faction time splitters and Killzone along with niche titles like cold winter but nothing close to the scale of its competition this partially stemmed from Sony success and other genres like platformers driving in action venture but it also spawned from the tech even the Xbox the most powerful console available only started the ball rolling and giving the genre credibility and innovation beyond the PC that was already moving to the next generation with games like half-life 2 and fear this left the ps2 with its weaker processing capabilities as the platform to play shooters out of necessity rather than desire which would presumably extend a company's using the system's enormous install base for sales rather than its power but criterion were very experienced with the sixth generation and were always able to maintain sharp visuals and high frame rates on the ps2 as well as the Xbox and in the midst of burnout three take down the studio wanted to take their knowledge and apply it to shooters they envisioned a game without a weapon that could be described as weak not a level that didn't tap the action up to 11 and environments that react to every pull of the trigger the quote from the game's producer was it's got to be fun to shoot a gun in an empty room to that end black does impress with how it remedies a fundamental issue I've had with hundreds of games that being a lack of impact visually ensoniq Lee the game's best firefights turn rooms into canvases with enough dust to infect your lungs not unlike mana less demanding PC title fear or even the micro destruction synonymous with battlefield all the while rocking your sound system with gunshots unique to every weapon yet are consistently powerful with multiple eighth-generation titles failing in both these regards black isn't dated like I expected when the visuals effects and sound all come together it doesn't feel like a sixth-generation title in the same way that burnout revenge doesn't but unlike revenge which had the knob firmly glued to eleven black generously paces itself the opening urban war zones followed up by dark sweeping forests before transitioning to daylight in a graveyard with snipers lying in wait and while this all seems familiar today it lacks the collar choking claustrophobia of stereotypical military shooter campaigns with hidden objectives rooms and alternate pathways that even echoes the likes of Goldeneye in timesplitters this pacing is made even more prominent thanks to the music the score composed by Chris Tilton is of the quality found in Criterion's inspirations like Medal of Honor in Hollywood classics but it's rare usage is quite refreshing for an action game like this the majority of black is played with only the game soundscape to fill your ears it not only demonstrates criterions confidence but also makes the moments when the music comes in be it for action or atmosphere more enticing it sounds like I enjoyed my time with this game and I did but I don't mean to exclusively praised as being Criterion's first attempt there's many missteps some of them understandable others questionable critics sneered at the game's brevity lack of multiplayer and storytelling the first two are not issues in my eyes has demonstrated numerous times in this channel a game's brevity can be used to its advantage and tacked on multiplayer can be just as bad if not worse than lacking it entirely for it may take resources and focus away from the game's development but black story is frustrating because the setup on paper and presentation actually has potential the voice acting is good members of the show 24 directed the cutscenes and the writing if a bit dry does convey a mature tone in summary your protagonist is a CIA black operative tracking down someone who used to be in their own ranks it's a classic tale ripped right out of a Clancy novel with character development and investment has the potential to tell a personal story in a genre that typically focuses on plots of world and dilation the problem is at the entire story it's told rather than shown the antagonist is supposed to be like you is never seen or heard in the game this picture is all the player has to go off of I couldn't help but notice while playing that not a single element of the stories attached to the game's levels what I mean is this entire game could exist unchanged in its design structure and pacing if the story didn't exist character models don't animate their lines cut scenes are filmed separately and nothing significant to the plot occurs while the controllers in hand there's one in engine cinematic and it once again doesn't require any piece of writing voice work our animation it is admirable to make your gameplay engaging on its own and it's an efficient way to design levels but with these two elements being utterly separated there's no opportunity for them to elevate each other players can't experience what the protagonist describes villains can't challenge either of them in levels don't have a thematic context making blend into one another despite their good pacing it also makes this rip from the headlines world contrasts with a game that's echoing deliciously cheesy action movies where ammos infinite and dumping magazines as a requirement speaking of which Criterion's emphasis on holding down the trigger can have the opposite of its intent giving weapons quadruple their ammunition and bathing enemies in Kevlar is meant to have players squeezing r1 hitting the enemy's face and everything near them to trigger particle effects and destruction but at close range it just becomes a joke when you're not scoring headshots and makes these dramatic weapons feel like the airsoft replicas they're based off of I'm not a gun expert so all of its inaccuracies can be left for other content creators to dissect link in the description but even I got irritated by the game's insistence on repeating its obnoxious animations suppressors aren't cooler when they magically attach themselves to weapons and scope protectors shouldn't be fiddled with in the middle of a gunfight with all the more infuriating is that there are more efficient animations for changing weapons but they only trigger while being shot at without the developers considering the possibility for an enemy to come around the corner while these animations play out although your adversaries are dumb enough that nothing of consequence will truly come from these instances they're just aggravating so you see I don't mean to fellate this game or trash it I just want to show why I believe black is more akin to burnout 1 & 2 rather than criterions full-blown successes that got people hype for black in the first place which is fine everyone's got to start somewhere and when comparing burnouts origin to black the latter has far surpassed the former ones a gimmicky arcade racer with a budget of a ham sandwich and the others a highly polished FPS with aspects that still hold up today in spite of its irritations and missteps but I see this as a positive for body count while the point of remakes and successors is generally to bring back what's failed to be repeated or just print money I've always felt they should polish the dirty diamonds instead to give creators who struggled in the past a second chance and truly realize what they've envisioned for years blacks flaws just give more reason to reattempt an explosive over-the-top shooter without the corridor crawling non-interactive set-piece driven campaigns that plagued the 7th generation to make a glimmer beam with lights is the best kind of successor for developers and players body-count throws players into the action just as quickly as black granting a brief description of a West African region that's broken into civil war your character is part of the network a firm tasked with ending the conflict it's simplistic easy to understand and lends itself to a gameplay sandbox you're caught up in a crossfire almost immediately and the game leaves it up to you on how to dispose your enemies and navigate the environment it's reminiscent of blacks opening in the city streets only with more dynamic elements rather than a fully scripted sequence of events for the player to trigger it's even impressive when replaying this opening allowed me to go down a completely different path than when I started unfortunately the reason I replayed the level is because I set this game to Hard difficulty as I often do before realizing the game was not at all balanced for it and discovered due to there only being one safes lot without adjustment I had to make a new campaign to play the rest of the game on normal unlike Black were not only was hard mode balanced if a tad too easy you could select the difficulty per level an immediate downgrade already present in its spiritual successor let this be the beginning of what's to come remember my poke at blacks lackluster AI well body counts make each soldier and that game looked like Hannibal Barca with an uncanny ability to miss a standing target and blow themselves up perhaps they're aware of body counts poor control and feel the need to handicap themselves criterion shooter might have lacked basic sensitivity options but controls were smooth and simple upon getting the hang of them throwing grenades zooming in or punching someone in the chest flowed with the game's hefty action body count has sensitivity options but none of them feel comfortable hip fires blazingly inaccurate as with most military shooters making focus mode essentially mandatory holding down the left trigger tightens the weapons spread and allows you to lean in any erection this was during a time when even first-person shooters were trying to capitalize off of the cover system craze but at the end of the day getting a long-range headshot by holding down the left trigger leaning at the right angle adjusting the analog stick and compensating for the game's poorly configured aim acceleration and dead zones is so much more obtuse than clicking a button and pulling the trigger you can move and use focus mode at the same time but with an accuracy penalty encouraging players to either charge and pray that the spray patterns in their favor or repeatedly standstill for a moment to put enough rounds in the enemy's head despite trying to innovate and create something with more depth and aiming-down-sights I find myself falling into the exact pattern of mediocre games that use that mechanic where it's best to repeatedly lock-on a targets rather than actually aim ironically for all of the bullets you fire black actually requires more precision weapons are far more accurate and required distance compensation while body count does not and that clunkiness extends to far more than just aiming your weapons in this clip I'm hitting X from the very moment my weapons on screen but there's a permanent two-second delay from reloading in this game after switching weapons there's also a delay with your knife not through an animation for balance reasons like bad company – just a delay that sees our character using the knife moments after you've pressed it another thing that separates these games is a health system black restricted you to two weapons but didn't jump on the regeneration bandwagon instead opting for a decent health bar with kids players can use on the fly on easy and normal and small first aid drops from enemies on all difficulty levels on a hard mode this often forced me to be aggressive while taking fire with low health your only salvation would be found in pushing for health drops it wasn't always like this some battles would devolve into tedious stop and pop but those were the exception rather than the rule and served as a break from close quarters combat body counts death-dealing hero is given a puny amount of help that regenerates but thankfully there's a little more to it than that when enemies are killed they dropped Intel in the form of these crackdown orbs Intel allows you to use adrenaline boosts damage amplifiers and area-of-effect attacks as Intel always does it's good to know former criterion employees kept their Miss nomer quota so you can make pushes against large groups of enemies that ordinarily kill you by activating adrenaline which makes you completely invulnerable for a few seconds thing is there's only tension in this when you're low health and the adrenaline is used as a last resort and every other scenario it's effectively a win button regardless of how on target you are and no amount of one known abilities can stop the combat from falling flat the blood effects that were desperately missing from black have found their way in but are overwritten by the Intel enemies drop despite all of the excitement Codemasters attempted to put behind this game's destruction in weapons these are some pitiful firearms both in function sound the weapon selection is smaller than blacks as well which should at least make it a balanced roster but no the targets assault rifle has high accuracy fire rate and damage with low recoil and a 100 round magazine even the game's final weapon a bog-standard light machine gun cannot hold a candle to this thing making it the weapon to use throughout the game body count has certainly put blacks insistence on weapon selection into perspective for me it seemed arbitrary for your starting weapon to vary from stage to stage despite the game's events taking place over just four days but each firearm felt unique and punchy and there were at least other weapons to pick up in the level in body count you're forbidden from weapons enemies drop making these cash is the only time you can switch with levels featuring more open-ended sections hidden weapons to pick up would seem like a no-brainer but the minimal selection prevents this speaking of which I began praising this game's level design and I want to bring it back down a bit because that's only on first inspection yes it's neat to be able to proceed to objectives in any manner only the game quickly stomps the player back in line the moment they use a hint of creativity the pad for time levels in this game are repeated you visit the game's opening stage twice it's follow-up twice and the antagonist base are seen four times each of these repeats look identical and only distinguish themselves by putting stages in reverse order like it's a racing game yet unrepeated stages the designers have blocked one or two pathways that were vital in your previous missions forcing you to take an alternate route that can potentially have players going in a circle to make matters worse it even fails to retain blacks commitment to inputs in that game once a level starts control isn't taken away until it's completed there's no set pieces that fix your characters perspective there's not even events that force you into a location or action I believe the layout of body counts levels is what led to the designers using cutscenes as references for players but these interrupt the action and the game's UI always has a waypoint for you to chase these in engine scenes don't contain anything else of interest the objectives that trigger them have all the drama of my grocery list and they even appear in invite Cera's Linear's a t-square even the games scoring system is lackluster rather than chaining kills in quick succession the multiplier isn't time-based instead it's increased by a list of actions those include headshots obviously but also shooting people in the back and using explosives begging the question of how it's supposed to be a measurement of skill and due to the game's poor control scoring headshots either take such careful precision or dumb luck that it's not even satisfying in succession plus it's far easier to just kill everyone with grenades even the visuals aren't weighed in body counts favor yes there's more detail with its environments color palette and destruction but the framerate frequently dips there's a persistent soft focus that I can't figure out is intentional or technical and multiple stages are cluttered and/or contrasted to the point where enemies are barely visible compared to blacks clean monochrome that while hardly the most visually striking game today it doesn't harm the gameplay experience this begs the question then what happened how does a spiritual successor with the minds behind the inspiration manage to disgrace every element of what came before let alone stand on its own well the tale of stuart black forming his all-star team after breaking away from the clutches of EA and criterion to make this game wasn't exactly true many could have felt that at the time from what the publisher and developers were saying but after collecting all of the information possible a narrative has emerged it really starts with black – the sequel that never came to be oddly enough work began on at 10 months before the original game was seen on shelves with concept art done by Christian bravery due to sources being anonymous this can't be confirmed but thankfully there's evidence to support the following black 2 grew from being a direct sequel that featured Jack Keller's pursuit of Lennox into a full-blown reboot of the IP and naturally this would cause tension amongst the staff these images were also done by Christian bravery and feature not only a vibrant color palette but four distinct characters this was done around the time Warren Jensen said there would be a next generation version of black and EA stock report reading it again with these images however brings to attention how he used next-generation version rather than sequel it was around this time three months into pre-production at Stewart black the brand's co-creator left criterion to pursue his own goals it's safe to assume the team couldn't decide where to take this game these concept images look like the setup for a co-op action game meanwhile the two images we have from criterion internal concept trailer look like a direct sequel which inevitably led to the game's cancellation in Alex Ward the project's leader moved on to work on the racing games instead outside of criterion Stuart black was using his connections along with other members of criterion to form a studio with code masters in their location of Guilford England which was created in 2007 you might assume a triple-a studio was formed due to the popularity and production of Indies not yet existing but really it probably would have happened regardless of the timeline due to store its ambition having already made black and dealing with the tedium of its sequels production the developer was done with shooters for the time and set his sights on making an open-world cop game the project has no details beyond vague words from the man himself but considering the challenges in cost other developers went through with similar ideas it's hard to imagine this game wasn't a massive undertaking in an early interview for body count when film director Michael Mann's mentioned Stuart black says the shipyard fight from Miami Vice has a connection to his unnamed project it's hard to say where this game would have fallen between our references of the getaway Sleeping Dogs in la noir but we'll never know as after a year and a half was spent with nothing to show Codemasters Guildford decided to shift its focus towards something that wouldn't take half a decade to quote Stuart himself it wasn't my life ambition to make another shooter after black but it was something we could do relatively easily as a result we have the first strike against body count its creation the studio wasn't formed to make it and its leader didn't originally have the passion for it but this knock wasn't irreversible lots of great works have been spawned by people who initially lacked interest and while Stuart hadn't been thinking about making a shooter for the last two years he surprised himself upon replaying black to find its enjoyment in style had only been repeated in tone and visuals and not the core gameplay that's where body count came in the game entered full production at a much quicker rate than the team's open-world project and just prior to e3 2010 the bosses announced an aggressive recruitment program for the studio to ensure this progress wouldn't slow down like before all of this led to the games reveal at e3 2010 where its reception was not kind and I can see why were used to games even in their pre alpha stage looking polished up for presentations where his body count just looks like a straight-up pre-alpha with notably bad AI week explosions low framerate and sound effects that are clearly placeholders but personally this build has a lot of things in it that are more appealing than the final product firstly I quite liked the trailers music it's got a good beat with a hefty punch and immediately conveys body counts original tone of over-the-top action whereas the finals mixture of orchestra and electronics fails to distinguish itself the female voiceover is clearly played up to give a sense of unease rather than empowerment and validation the final build pursues the HUD is much cleaner with the majority of its information located all within one corner of the screen and its health system is the same as blacks there's plenty of other differences mentioned in interviews and previews the intel drops were really the original multiplier the developers talked about needing to create optimal kill paths to maximize their Intel that would let players spend their resources to upgrade weapons on the fly spawn helicopter gunships predator missiles and turret drones the game's three-act structure originally allowed players to select whatever mission they wanted in that region with each zone concluding in an assault on one of the targets bases and this meant eventually that the three FEMA operatives giving commands would start to contradict each other and you'd have to decide who's worth listening to and that right there indicates one of the biggest changes Stewart black said to the Guardians that he wanted body count to engage players emotionally and that our hero was a distinct character with a strong personality and indeed his voice can be heard in the games e3 2010 bill all of this isn't properly conveyed and the games reveal but I see flashes of it meanwhile almost none of these things are in the final product Intel exists but it's easy to collect no matter what actions are taken one of the female operatives exists but she's a completely wholesome soul who vanishes from the game in the third act the three act structure exists but without any freedom for the player the co-op mode that was promised to fill in the back story of the games two main factions was just a horde mode across four levels so what causes build that disappointed players but had promised to evolve into a game that only featured a scrape of what the team aimed for well after e3 tensions began to mount between the game's creative director in the studio's owner Codemasters what specifically happened has never been aired publicly but the most that's been said on it is from stuart black he even goes on to mention the games marketing and trailers and how they failed to do the game justice but it is worth mentioning that from codemasters perspective their new studio with hundreds of employees and millions of dollars invested had in three years produced not one shippable product and a poorly received first-person shooter in an era crowded with successes and failures in that genre with neither party able to satisfy the other stuart black quit the project just months after his tour at e3 and severed all ties in October 2010 in retrospect he said leaving the project was the hardest choice of his career at this point it's a bit of a classic tale the autor who comes in with a distinct vision that's unable to be realized but actually there's another layer to it maybe it's because of his last name or his distinct excitable personality but this co-creator is often referred to without the prefix meanwhile the man himself has said that Alex Ward was Black's creator and that while he's pleased of being the one who assembled according play he was Alex's baby body-count wasn't made to be a continuation of black as we know it but Stuart taking full control of what he created for Alex until in his words the future shattered in front of him it's possible two things Stuart is the type of person who's just running their mouth and blaming other people for their own failures though I'm hesitant to further that line of thinking when his own resignation was followed by other key members of staff most significantly the studio's general manager and former criterion member adrian bolton while reporting this story Eurogamer claimed their sources describe body count as a problem project and later on the studio was contacted by one of the game's programmers who detailed 400 hours of overtime spent in an 8 month period without compensation work that far exceeded his job description all the while being consistently turned down raises or promotions from management and according to the worker concerns around overtime were raised by pretty well everyone at the studio it is worth noting that this 8 month period was up to the games launched long after adrian Bolton had left the company the worker filed a complaint with HR listing all of what's been mentioned plus no vacation time despite being promised multiple times infringing upon legal directives and not once receiving their monthly slip on pay day and a few weeks later Codemasters closed the studio but wait I'm not finished yet the recent former employees all noticed a substantial extra sum on their final packets assuming their bosses had finally seen sense and gave everyone extra after running the studio illegally they had a good night at the pub and moved on only for their phones to buzz with a message from Codemasters claiming that all of them had accidentally received an extra month's salary and would need to give it all back within 5 days in the case of this programmer that money had already been spent erasing the debt he accumulated from moving to work masters Guilford in the first place let alone while he was in the midst of transitioning between jobs and finding a new home during Christmas season when the debt was inevitably not resolved and code masters were forced to push the deadline back by two weeks the company's lawyers sent a letter to the programmer it said unless payments received by the 20th of January Codemasters will take your failure to pay as evidence of your insolvency in which circumstances it will be entitled to petition for your bankruptcy Codemasters did respond to these accusations and denied pursuing legal action but nothing else this was the final blow to body-count its development production seemed to be going smoothly until III were shortly afterward tensions peaked at the workplace and the pressure to release a game began to take priority over ensuring that it's any good I believe how something is made comes through the work itself you can tell when a project has passion and precision behind it and when those have faded for all of its faults black had a vision that was realized enough to engage players and leave some of them wanting more body count also had a vision but even with it only spinning in a tray it's clear that something was left behind and researching the game's development has only confirmed those suspicions the flashes of Stuart and company's intent he'll occasionally witness and body count are currently best experienced in black it's backwards compatible with both the 360 and Xbox one with solid controls and performance and for those with a computer that's powerful enough can be enhanced with higher quality visuals at 60fps light Criterion originally aimed for body counts best left for the dangerously curious as it holds nothing to offer for players that can't be experienced elsewhere what it does best is serve as a reminder that art and entertainment is not only a product of those behind it but also where they were and when they did it a spiritual successor may not succeed due to circumstances form by time and place but I think the deepest wound a body count was set from the start it wasn't a product made by a pursuit but has something to fall back on so what happened to me well preparation for Mass Effect Andromeda also led to reacquainting myself a Dragon Age Inquisition knowing the amount of play time both these games require I knew there'd be no way to stick to my goal of two videos per month so I paused the patron and figured I'd play black and body-count thinking that being short games a little story it'd be a short video shows what I know who is your favorite member of the royal family and why Prince Phillip because of this clip the Queen and the Duke certainly do seem particularly at ease here is the Duke himself who decided that they should spend the actual day of their anniversary on Malta for this [Laughter] he has done counting ability to look up at people as if they wrote who has the best cheekbones and Metal Gear Solid 5 skull face or these two but definitely Nakajima you play D&D only for a little online with a group had enough fun to understand the appeal of it but there's a lot of downtime and having to manage multiple tabs while doing improv on top of that isn't exactly elegant at least with real D&D the dice can multitask do you even lift my wish favorite k-pop group whichever one I could actually remember when will you start doing tech reviews and when is the Zune HD review probably never I'm far too lazy to buy camera equipment in a mini set for b-roll on an unrelated note my friend bought a Zune when we visited two states and he loved it goldstar Microsoft what will you do for your 300,000 subscriber video what are you talking about I don't have 300 Oh [Applause]

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  33. GorTheMovieGod Posted on May 23, 2019 at 6:45 pm

    You know your game is bad when you can't even get the reticle to be in the middle of the screen like most games. Bodycount sucked ASS!

  34. Mac Posted on May 23, 2019 at 6:45 pm

    What is the background music from the first section from? I can't put my finger on it.

  35. Warsmith Honsou Posted on May 23, 2019 at 6:45 pm

    I think the thing I hate the most about Bodycount is how the reticule is below the middle of the vertical axis of the screen. I feel like the gun is down by my fucking hips

  36. TheBrazilRules Posted on May 23, 2019 at 6:45 pm

    What version of Black were you sugesting to be played on PC?