December 8, 2019
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  • 1:19 am God Will Provide | Dr. Ed Young
The Stay Proud Project – Episode 7: FAITH

I was born and raised in a strict, religious Muslim family in South India. We went to church every Sunday. Every Wednesday or Tuesdays
we had like Mutual. So, my life revolved around the church. People would say that people who are gay have the devil inside them and the whole time, I’m thinking, I think I’m gay and I think
I have the devil inside me. Had I come out, my own
family would have me killed and that would be an honor killing. I thought if I prayed hard enough, or if I sang these songs loud enough, that being gay would just disappear. There was this childlike belief that if I got closer to
God that He would fix me. And I did a lot of praying
to try and fix myself. God obviously never made that happen. I went through eight
years of reparative therapy. I led reparative conversion
groups for 11 years and I walked away from that. Being gay’s not unnatural. The most natural thing for me is accepting that I’m attracted to men. I’m learning to love myself. Accept myself because
I always hated myself. It’s really hard to feel like you’re trapped and there’s no way out. There also are places
like the tradition I’m in that do offer a sense of home and safety. I believe God created me
exactly the way that I am. I’m not a mistake and
God’s intentional on that. So, I’m a faith-based person still. I think God’s just fine with who we are. God is love. It’s that simple.

Otis Rodgers