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The Taoist Way – Alan Watts Chillstep Mix

One fine day you realize to your
astonishment there is no way at all of having your mind anywhere else but in
the present moment as even when you think about the past or the future
you’re doing it now aren’t you and that results in a very curious transformation
of consciousness you feel that you or that the present moment is flowing along
and carrying you with it all the time just like the flow of the DAO the flow
of the dow is as if what we would call the flow of the present and you’re with
it there’s no way of being anywhere else the jang-hyun the book called the
unwilling pivot says the dow is that from which one cannot deviate that from
which one can deviate is not the dow or to put it into the form of a Zen story
the master Joshu said to Nansen what is the dow Nansen replied your everyday
mind is the dahle joshua asked how do you get into a quart Nansen replied when
you try to record you deviate first of all I’m going to talk about
ideas which comes strictly out of loud sirs book the daodejing and cause the
basic thing in the whole philosophy is the conception of doubt this word has
many meanings and the book of loud sir starts out by saying that the doubt
which can be spoken is not the eternal dow or you can there’s a pun in there
but you can’t quite put into English you can’t give all the meanings because
the word Dow means both the way or course of nature or of
everything it also means to speak so the actual opening phrase of the book the
way which can be spoken describe uttered then give it its second meaning the way
that can be traveled is not the eternal way in other words there is no way in which
the Dow or following the Dow can there’s no recipe for it I can’t give you any
do-it-yourself instructions ABCD as to how it’s done now that’s awkward isn’t
it but we can gather what it is by absorbing certain atmospheres and
attitudes connected with those who follow it and from the art and the
poetry and all the expressions and the anecdotes and stories that illustrate
the philosophy of the way so this word then the the way or the course of things
is not you must understand this some Christian missionaries translated Dow as
the lagos taking as their point of departure the opening passage of Sir
John’s Gospel in the beginning was the word now if you look up a Chinese
translation of the Bible it says in the beginning was the Dow and the Dow was
with God and the Dow was God the same was in the beginning with God
all things were made by it and without it was not anything made that was made so they’ve substituted doubt there are
now that make a very funny effect on a Chinese philosopher because the idea of
things being made by the doll is absurd the Dow is not a manufacturer and it’s
not a governor it doesn’t rule as it were in the position of a king so he says the great Dow flows
everywhere both to the left and to the right it loves and nourishes all things
but does not lord it over them and when good things are accomplished it lays no
claim in other words the Dow doesn’t stand up and say I have made all of you
I have filled this earth with its beauty and glory fall down before me and
worship the dow having done anything you know always escapes and is not around to
receive any thanks or acknowledgement because it loves obscurity and loud sir
said the dow is like water it always seeks the low level so it’s a very mysterious idea thou then
is not really equivalent with any Western or Hindu idea of God because God
is always associated with being the Lord it was always the idea of the king and
the ruler attached but not in the Chinese Dowell philosophy the dow is not
something different from nature from ourselves from our surrounding trees and
waters and air thou is the way all that behaves and so the Chinese the basic Chinese
idea of the universe is really that it’s an organism and as we shall see when we
get on to Duan zur who is the sort of elaborate ER of loud sir he sees
everything operating together so that nowhere can you find the controlling
centre there isn’t any the world is a system of interrelated components none
of which can survive without each other just as in the case of bees and flowers
you will never find bees around in a place where there aren’t flowers and you
will never find flowers around in a place where there are bees or insects
that do the equivalent job and what that tells us secretly is that although bees
and flowers look different from each other they’re inseparable they to use a very important Taoist
expression they arise mutually so you could say positive and negative
to be and not to be yes and no light and dark arise and mutually come into being
there’s none is cause and effect it’s not that relationship at all it’s like
the egg in the hen so as the bees and the flowers coexist in the same way as
high and low back in front long and short loud and soft all those
experiences are experience about only in terms of their polar experience so the
Chinese idea of nature is that all the various species arise mutually because
they interdependent and this total system of interdependence is the down mutual arising is the key idea to the
whole thing it is the most important thing to grasp because you see we think
so much in terms of cause and effect we think of the universe in Newtonian ways
and in that philosophy the world is all separated it’s like a huge amalgamation
of billiard balls and they don’t move until struck by another or by a cue and
so everything is going dock dock dock dock dock dock dock dock
dock dock dock dock all over the place one thing starting off another in a
mechanical way but of course from the standpoint of 20th century science we
know perfectly well now that that’s not the way it works we know enough about
relationships to see that that mechanical model which Newton devised
was all right for certain purposes but it breaks down now because we
understand relativity and we see how things go together in a
kind of connected net it is said it’s always being said this
is oh you leave this in every art book about Chinese art that in Chinese
painting man is always scenes in nature rather than dominating it you’ll get a
painting entitled poet drinking by moonlight and you see a great landscape
and after some search for the magnifying glass at last you see the poet stuck
away in a corner somewhere drinking wine whereas if we painted the subject poet
drinking by moonlight the poet would be the most obvious thing in the picture
there he would be dominating the whole thing the landscape off somewhere behind
it but of all the Chinese painters put man I mean the painters of the great
classical tradition there are Chinese painters who specialize in family
portraits do these very formal paintings of someone’s ancestor sitting on the
throne it’s quite a different category but the taoist inspired painters Zen
inspire painters have this view of man as an integral part of nature something
in it just as everything else is in it flowers and birds and not they’re sent
into this world commissioned by some sort of supernatural being to come into
this world and farm it dominated so then the whole conception of nature
is as a self-regulating self-governing indeed Democratic organism but it has a
totality it all goes together and this totality is the doubt Sidorov as this is called or she’s an
and Japanese means spontaneous yes it happens as your heart beats you don’t do
anything about it you don’t force your heart to beat you don’t make it beat it
does it by itself now figure a world in which everything happens by itself it
doesn’t have to be controlled it’s allowed the whereas you might say the
idea of God involves the control of everything going on the idea of the DAO
is the ruler who abdicates and lets all the people trusts all the people to
conduct their own affairs to let it all happen so
this doesn’t mean you see that there isn’t a unified organism everything is
in chaos it means that the more Liberty you give the more love you give the more
you allow things in yourself and in your surroundings to take place the more
order you will have when the time comes that you start to
get out of the chain of karma all the creditors that you have start presenting
themselves for payment in other words a person who begins say to study yoga this
felt that he will suddenly get sick or that his children will die or that he
loses money or all sorts of catastrophes will occur because the karmic debt is
being cleared up and he is in no hurry to be cleared up if you’re just living
along like anybody but if you embark on the spiritual life for certain hurry
occurs and therefore since this is known it’s rather discouraging to start these
things the Christian way of saying the same
thing is that if you plan to be to change your life shall we say to turn
over a new leaf you mustn’t let the devil know because he will oppose you
with all his might if he suddenly discovers that you’re going to escape
from his power he’ll for example if you have a bad
habit say you drink too much and you make a new year’s resolution that during
this coming year you’ll stop drinking that’s a very very dangerous thing to do
because the devil will immediately know about it and what will happen will be
this see he will confront you with the prospect of 365 grinches days and that
will be awful you know just overwhelming and you won’t be able to make much more
than 3 days on the wagon so in that case you compromise with the devil and say
just today I’m not going to drink you see but tomorrow maybe you know we’ll go
back then when tomorrow comes you say oh just another day in its trial that’s all
and the next day you say and one more day won’t make much difference so you
only do it for the moment and you don’t let the devil know that you have a
secret intention of going on day after day after day after day but of course there’s something still
better than that and that is not to let the devil know anything and that means
of course not to let yourself know one of the many meanings of that saying let
not your left hand know what your right hand doeth is just this and that was why
in Zen discipline great deal of it centers around acting without
premeditation as those of you know who read Harry wills book Zen in the art of
archery it was necessary to release the bowstring without first saying now there’s a wonderful story who may also
have read by a German writer von Kleist about her a boxing match with a bear the
man can never defeat this bear because the bear always knows his plans in
advance and is ready to deal with any situation the only way to get through to
the bear would be to hit the bear without having first intended to do so
that would catch him and so this is one of the great great
problems in the spiritual life or whatever you want to call it is to be
able to have intention and act simultaneous by this means you escape
karma and you escape the devil so you might say that the Daoist is
exemplary in this respect that this is getting free from karma without making
any previous announcement of simply supposing we have a train and
we want to unload the Train of its freight cars you can go to the back end
and you can unload them one by one and shunt them into the siding but the
simplest of all ways of unloading is to uncouple between the engine in the first
car and that get through to the whole bunch at once and it is in that sort of
way you see that the Daoist it gets rid of karma without challenging it and so it has the reputation you see of
being the easy way there are all kinds of yoga’s and ways for people who want
to be difficult and one of the great gambits of a man like Virgil was to make
it all seem as difficult as possible because that challenges the vanity of
his users if some teacher some guru says really
this isn’t difficult as always easy some people will say oh he’s not really the
real thing we want something tough and difficult
than that when when we see somebody starts out giving you a discipline very
very weird of rigid people think now there is the thing that that man means
business see and so they flatter themselves by
going to subject guy that they are serious students whereas the other
people are only dabbler the song alright if you have to do it that way that’s the
way you have to do it but the Daoists has is the kind of person who shows you
the shortcut and shows you how to do it by intelligence rather than effort Taoism is in that sense what everybody’s
looking for the easy way in the shortcut using cleverness instead of muscles so in the whole domain of ways of
liberation there are rules for the stupid people and roots for the
intelligent people and the latter are faster this was perfectly clearly
explained by point on the sixth patriarch of Zen in China in his Sutra
where he says the difference between the gradual school and the sudden school is
they both arrive at the same point but the gradual is for slow witted people
and the sudden is for fast witted people can you in other words find a way that
sees into your own nature that sees into the dow immediately and at the end of
this morning’s talk I pointed out to you the immediate way the way through now
when you know that this moment is the dow and this moment is by it’s
considered by itself without past and without future eternal
neither coming into being or going out of being there there is nirvana Dogen the great thirteenth century
Japanese Zen Buddhist studied in China and he wrote a book called shrub organs
Oh Hiroshi recently said to me in Japan
that’s a terrible book because it tells you everything it gives the whole secret
away but in the course of this book he says you don’t there is no such thing as
a progression in time the spring does not become the summer there is first
spring and then there is summer so in the same way you now do not become
you later this is TS Eliot’s idea in Four Quartets
where he says that the person who was settled down in the Train to read the
newspaper is not the same person who stepped onto the train from the platform
and therefore also you who sit here are not the same people who came in at the
door these states are separate each in its own place there was the coming in
that read or person that there is actually only the here and now sitting
person and the person sitting here and now is not the person who will die because we are all a constant flux and the
continuity of the person from passed through present to future is as illusory
in its own way as the upward movement of the red lines on a revolving barber pole you know it goes round and round and
round and the whole thing seems to be going up or going down whatever the case
may be but actually nothing is going up or down so when you throw a pebble into
the pond and you make a concentric rings of waves there is an illusion that the
water is flowing outwards and no water is flowing outwards at all water is only
going up and down what appears to move outward is the wave not the water so the
this kind of philosophical argument says that our seeming to go along in a course
of time it doesn’t really happen the Buddhists say the suffering exists
but no one who suffers deeds exists but no doers are found a path there is but
no one who follows it and Nirvana is but no one who attains it so in this way they look upon the
continuity of life as the same sort of illusion that is produced when you take
a cigarette and in the dark were lit and the illusion of a circle is created
whereas there is only the one point of fire the argument then is so long as you’re in the present there
aren’t any problems the problems exist only when you allow presence to
amalgamate one thought follows another without
hesitation the thought arises it doesn’t wait to arise as when you clap your
hands the sound issues without hesitation when you strike Flint the
spark comes out it doesn’t wait to come out and that means that there’s no block thought thought thought yuen yuen yuen
describes what we call in Hartwell the stream of consciousness blocking
consists in letting these the stream become connected chained together in
such a way that when the present thought arises it seems to be dragging it’s past
or resisting its future when then the connection the dragging is better to
call it of these thoughts drops you’ve broken the chain of karma you have to be in a position where you
no longer feel the symbol the thought the idea of a word as a block to life no
longer feel it at something you are using as a sort of means of escape to be
able to use the symbol not as means of escape you have to know in the first
place that you can’t escape and not only that you can’t escape but there is no
one to escape there is no one to be delivered from the prison of life that
then the the liberation of the mind from identifying
itself with symbols is the same process exactly as breaking up the links between
the successive moments the illusion of a self a continuing self that travels from
moment to moment and picks them all up corresponding to the illusion of the
moving water in the wave and the moving light the the the solid circle created
by the moving cigarette point in the dark if you think of this in comparison with
certain problems in music it’s very interesting because when we listen to
music we hear melody only because we remember the sequence we hear the
intervals between the tones but more than that we remember the tones that led
up to the one we are now hearing and we are trained musically to anticipate
certain consequences and to the extent that we get the consequences we
anticipate we feel that we understand the music but to the extent that the
composer does not adhere to the rules and gives us unexpected consequences we
feel that we don’t understand the music and if he gives us harmonic
relationships which we are not trained to accept that is to say to expect we
say well this man is just writing garbage but of course it becomes
apparent that the perception of music the ability to hear melody will depend
upon a relationship between past present and future
sounds and you might say well you’re talking about a way of living that would
be equivalent to listening to music with a tone-deaf mind so that you would reduce you would
eliminate the melody and have only noise and so in your taoist way of life you
would eliminate all meaning and have only senseless present moments up to a point that’s true that is in a
way what Buddhists and also mean by seeing things in there such nurse what is so bad about dying for example
it’s really no problem when you die you just drop dead that’s all there is to it
but what makes it a problem is that you’re dragging a past and all those
things you’ve done all those achievements you’ve made all these
relationships and people that you’ve accumulated as your friends all that has
to go see it isn’t here now if a few friends might be around you but all that
past that identifies you as who you are which is simply memory all that has to
go and we feel just terrible about that but if we didn’t if we were just dying
that’s all death wouldn’t be a problem and so like why is the chores of
everyday life they become intolerable when everything ties together all the
past in the future you’ll feel it dragging at you every way supposing you wake up in the morning and
it’s a lovely morning let’s take today right here and now here
we are in this paradise of the place Big Sur and some of us have got to go to
work on Monday is that a problem for many people it is it spoils the taste of
what’s going on now when we wake up in bed on Monday morning and think of the
various hurdles we’ve got to jump that day immediately we feel sad and bored
and bothered whereas actually we’re just lying in bed so the Daoist trick says simply live now and there will be no
problems that’s the meaning of the Zen saying when you are hungry eat when you
are tired sleep when you walk walk when you sit sit
RINs i the great tang dynasty master said in the practice of Buddhism there
is no place for using effort sleep when you’re tired move your bowels
eat when you’re hungry that’s all the ignorant will laugh at me but the wise
will understand this as I said into intimated just a
moment ago seems to be an atomization of life things just do what they do the
flower goes poof and people go this way go that way and so on and that’s that’s
what that’s what’s happening it has no meaning it has no destination it has no
value it’s just like that and when you see that you see it’s a great relief
that’s all it is but then when you are firmly established in such nurse you can begin again to play with the
connections only you’ve seen through them and but now you see they don’t
haunt you because you know that there isn’t any continuous you running on from
moment to moment who originated at some time in the past
and will die at some time in the future all that’s disappear so you can have
enormous fun anticipating the future remembering the past and playing all
kinds of continuities this is the meaning of that famous Zen
saying about mountains and mountains to the naive man mountains are mountains
waters are waters to the intermediate student mountains are no longer
mountains waters are no longer waters in other words they’ve all dissolved into
the point instant to the shona but for the fully perfected student mountains
are again mountains and waters are again waters when we speak in Daoism of following the
course of nature following the way what it means is more like this doing things
in accordance with the grain it doesn’t mean you don’t cut wood but it means
that you cut wood along the lines where wood is most easy to cut and you
interact with other people along lines which are the most genial and this then is the great fundamental
principle which is called wool way not to force anything I think that’s the
best translation it’s often call not doing not acting not interfering but not
to force seems to me to hit the nail on the head like don’t ever force the lock
are you been the key or break the law you jiggle until it revolves so wool way
is always to act in accordance with the pattern of things as they exist don’t
impose on any situation a kind of interference that is not really in
accordance with the situation for example we have a slum and the
people are in difficulty and so on and they need better housing now if you go
in with a bulldozer and knock the slum down and you were right put in its place
some architects imaginative notions of what is a super efficient high-rise
apartment building to store people you create total mess
utter chaos the slum has what we would call an ecology it has a very complex
system of relationships going in it by which the thing is already a going
concern even though it isn’t going very well anybody who wants to alter that
situation must first of all becomes sensitive to all the conditions and
relationships going on there it’s terribly important than to have this
feeling of the interdependence of every form of life upon every other form of
life how we for example cultivate animals that we eat
look after them and build them up and see that they breed in reasonable
quantities we don’t do it too well as a matter of fact especially troubles are
arising about supplies of fish in the ocean all sorts of things but you have
to see that life that the so called conflict of various species with each
other is not actually a competition it’s a very strange system of
interrelationship of things feeding on each other and cultivating each other at
the same time the idea of the friendly enemy the necessary adversary who is
part of you you have conflicts going on in your own body all kinds of
microorganisms are eating each other up and if that wasn’t happening you
wouldn’t be healthy so all those interrelationships whether they appear
to be friendly relationships as between bees and flowers or conflicting
relationships as between birds and worms there are actually forms of cooperation
and that is mutual arising you have to understand this as the basis apply this
not forcing anything and you get in spontaneity a life which is so of itself
which is natural which is not forced which is not unduly self-conscious you

Otis Rodgers



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