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The Woman Who Defended a Muslim Subway Rider Meets Ellen

>>Over 10 million of you have seen our next guest’s simple act of kindness. She stepped in when two people were being
screamed at on a subway because a woman thought they were Muslim. Take a look at this.>>Why are you here? Why are you in this country? You’re not with us.>>Who’s us?>>Us!>>I’m not telling you to be quiet. I’m asking you to please respect her. In Spanish, in English,
in Chinese, in French. Whatever language you want me to say it,
I will say it to you. Whether you’re born from here,
Puerto Rico, wherever. Wherever you are from. Okay, because I am born here, and
I don’t like the way you are treating her. It’s rude. We’re here in it together. Okay?
We’re all in this together.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Right? So, I saw this video and I needed to
bring her here to say, thank you. From Queens,
New York please welcome, Tracy Tong. Wow. Well good for you! I mean, first of all,
I know you’re a fan of the show and I know you’re a fan of Brielle’s.>>My God, Brielle.>>She’s adorable, but
why do you love Brielle so much?>>She’s such a smart little nugget! She can school anyone, and I just
want to go watch movies with her and just be best friends and just hang out.>>Alright, well we’ll see
if we can get that arranged.>>Okay, perfect.>>Okay, so do you know who even
shot that footage and posted it? Do you know the person that did that?>>No, I have zero idea. I mean, I was hanging out with my friends
one Friday night and someone from middle school, I haven’t spoken to in probably
like 10 years, reached out and is like, hey, is this you or you have like a twin
going around looking just like you around?>>Wow, so you didn’t even know
that someone was doing that. You were just stepping in
just to help this woman. Who was she talking to?>>So, if there was, like an African-American woman wearing
either a head scarf or a hijab. I didn’t really focus on that. It was just,
I saw she had a briefcase with her and then once you saw that,
she felt the need to attack in.>>So, she was basically saying,
what do you have in the briefcase and she was accusing her of being a terrorist?>>Yeah, basically.>>And why did you feel the need, besides you wanted to protect her,
why was it important for you to do that?>>Well, I’ve been bullied for
a couple of things, like your weight, your height, whatever it is, and
those are things you can change. Those are things that,
like happen that are easy to change. But when it’s your religion, that’s your
identity, and you should never feel bad about your religion, or your race,
or your color of your skin, never. That’s who you are and
you should let that be ok.>>Right.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>What did the woman say to you
after you defended her?>>So,
I got off a couple stops before her and ironically she was next to
the door that I got off. And as I sat there, she was actually in the middle of
the argument, put on sunglasses. I guess she maybe wanted to cry or
something which is understandable, and she took them off, she looked at me,
and she was like, thank you. But it hurt almost because this should
have never even happened in the first place, this is something where you’re
in New York city for crying out loud, that’s one thing that should never
happen and it hurt, it really hurt but it was really nice to [CROSSTALK]
>>I bet she thanked you, that’s amazing. And you have a big dream,
what is your big dream?>>So, I think after I’ve done paying all
those crazy credit card bills I got going on and my student loans,
I definitely want to help to create a comfortable lifestyle for
my parents, just take care of them. Cuz they’ve worked so hard all their
lives to put me where I am today and bring me where I am today. So I definitely want to like, one day just
take care of them, make sure they’re good.>>Well, that’s a very sweet dream. I have a little surprise for you. Brielle, come on out.>>Wait, what? [MUSIC] [APPLAUSE]
>>Hi. Hi.>>I like how you look so nice.>>Thank you I love your hair.>>Thank you.
>>Look at it, it says thank you Tracy, love how you’re so nice, love Brielle and
look she did it on the back of something.>>Our friends at Shutterfly believe
in sharing life’s joy and they want to give you
>>My God.

Otis Rodgers