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The Woman Who Tried To Play God – Genetic Engineering & The Nature Of Everything

everyday things happen that changed the way the world looks most days it changes in subtle ways that go unnoticed on other days on more rare days things happen that change it in dramatic noticeable ways changes that turn the world upside down and make it so the world of yesterday doesn’t even recognize the world of today on June 2nd 1993 a girl named Kristy Liana was born she was born to a fairly typical middle-class American family but she was anything but fairly typical almost immediately Kristi showed signs of uniqueness and high intelligence before age one she was able to form sentences and solve difficult problems on her own at three months old she figured out how to open the baby-proof latch on her crib and move freely around the house when no one was paying attention surprising her father one night when he found her in the living room watching TV on her own Kristi’s parents quickly realized how special she was and knew she would grow up to do something incredible they told little Kristi that she was going to grow up and change the world as Kristi grew older and started school she was almost immediately treated differently by her peers and teachers as they found her intelligence to be intimidating and freakish starting in kindergarten she outgrew almost every grade in every school practically as soon as she started her teachers would tell her how incredible she was and that she was destined to change the world and that she was too smart for their classroom and perhaps their grade in general Kristi would end up jumping around to a couple different schools until she finally found a program that could handle her intellect once situated in a school for gifted children like herself she would carry out her education and obtain incredible achievements as Kristi flew through elementary school into high school and in college she would graduate each stage of education multiple years ahead of the norm acquiring an Ivy League undergraduate degree by 15 years old and a master’s degree in computer science by 17 throughout her education she would do profound things far ahead of her age and was requested to appear on national TV several times for her accomplishments it was inevitable to everyone that she would go on and do something incredible and changed the world while she was receiving her master’s degree Kristi’s father was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer over the several months following the diagnosis Kristi watch her father wither down in pain she had never felt so helpless and tormented she wanted to help her father she began to research and talk with professors in a desperate attempt to see if there was anything she could do in the small window of time she had her father died not long after the diagnosis long before he could do anything the pain she felt from her father’s death would inevitably change the course of her future the course of everyone’s future the cancer research and efforts she made during her father’s final months would ignite her career guiding her decisions for how she would attempt to in fact change the world she realized in this experience of pain and more importantly the pain she witnessed her father experienced she would do everything in her power to rid the world of such pain to rid the world of disease early death and suffering all together to create a world that’s an ideal utopic version of itself she believed there was a future where this could exist having left her mark on so many important members of the Ivy League community during her time in school as well as receiving substantial awards and achievements Christie was sought out by leading research tech and software companies following graduation she went on to work for several companies in the medical sector and she soon found herself pursuing research and software development in the genetic engineering space specifically in terms of removing viruses from patients with existing DNA sequence mutations as well as encoding newborns with genes to have immunities to major diseases at this time in history this space was the next big wave in medical research and technology researchers and companies were racing to make the next big discovery and find safe predictable ways to edit genetic code and altered people’s biology’s however at the time christie only had so much control over the decision-making in the company she worked with and felt that decisions were often made poorly and money and focus were often put on the wrong things and so in her late 20s christie decided she would start her own medical software company several years later at age 32 in the year 2025 Christy and her company would develop software that could assist in safe highly predictable genetic engineering Christy would be responsible for creating an algorithm driven simulation software that could accurately model test and predict the effects of specific DNA editing and specific individuals what had previously been highly risky and complicated was now fully accessible genetic information could be mapped with extreme detail and the effects of genetic modifications could be accurately predicted holistically generations into the future ensuring that manipulations could be executed properly and safely with this genetic engineering could begin to permeate commonplace medical practice disease treatment and human childbearing in a short time following cancer and many other major diseases would be eradicated newborns would be encoded in ways so that all dispositions to physical ailments disabilities and diseases would be eliminated as well as all dispositions to mental disorders following that genetic engineering would begin to eliminate dispositions towards things like high-level violence aggression depression and anxiety during this time there were massive worldwide debates regarding the regulations on what should be allowed to be manipulated but with Kristy’s technology agreements and systems could be made much more efficiently and genetic engineering would soon become the norm not too long after the technologies implementation christi would be recognized publicly as one of the most intelligent and impactful members of modern humanity and for many of all of history she was awarded the nobel prize as well as innumerable other awards accolades and social recognitions she had the brilliance the discipline the virtuous social and moral intention the patience and the successful execution she dedicated her life to this she sacrificed her youth her young adulthood and her middle adulthood she worked non-stop she had no social life and now she did it she changed the world forever just how she wanted to just how she was told she was supposed to fifty years later the world had gone through about two generations with Christie’s technology and the world’s illness and disease rates were at an all-time low mental health was at an all-time high the average lifespan was rapidly increasing people were being born with exceptional talents and physical complexions incredible things were happening peace and cooperation were blossoming across the planet in a way humanity had never seen Christie was witnessing her impact unfold into a perfect utopic world just as she had intended 100 more years and four more generations would go by it’s the year 2100 and predicted to continue into the low thousands suicide rates are the highest ever in history having been encoded with specific traits and skills people find it increasingly difficult to find any meaning in their lives knowing they don’t have much of a say in who they are or who they become being in good physical shape having high intelligence and achieving success are generally easy and aren’t that impressive so people feel a void of motivation and doing much of anything mostly everyone is diplomatic with each other and conflict is almost inexistent so the majority of people are fairly bored with nothing to talk about there is very little risk of illness or early death so no one real cares to appreciate what they have essentially no one has any form of anxiety OCD a DD high anger sadness or anything alike so much of the arts lose their luster life is so perfect it flatlines and people are now soaking in this nothingness longer than the human brain has ever been equipped to deal with frantic the world begins to crumble and people begin to search for ways to reverse the effects of genetic engineering in her late hundreds now Christie wonders how this could be how she could have been so wrong how could a perfect world be so imperfect Christie was one of if not the smartest and most virtuous well intended individuals to ever cross humanity she dedicated her life to changing the world and making it a better place an ideal utopic version of itself where health problems were a thing of the past where pain and suffering were a thing of the past were aging and early death were a thing of the past and were peace health long life and happiness could be a thing of the present and future she thought she had done it everyone thought she had done it and in essence she did do it but here she was witnessing the world collapse back in on itself and in this moment she realized what she had missed even in her success of removing everything that appeared to be conflict the best she could really do was create new conflict that nature always had the last say and had a funny way of making sure things stayed interesting that perhaps no matter what she did or whoever would have inevitably done it after her everything was to return to the same fundamental balance of good and bad conflict and resolution happiness and suffering that the world upside down is really the same world just at a different angle in this moment Christie understood it was not that her efforts were a waste she was the person for the job and she did what she should have done and she did everything right except one thing she missed the point thank you for watching if we found enjoyment and value in this video please give it a thumbs up share your thoughts in the comments below and if you are not already be sure to subscribe to our channel we are constantly coming out with new videos to help you experience life with clarity and Wonder

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    When you realise that to be the truth , then everything that happens makes perfect sense.

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    Really good story but there is a big problem with the outcome. You see, the future is described with the eyes of a man from the past who lived in our times but by that, generations will born and die. So, each of them comes to this world where threat is always smaller. Example: gen 1 is born into a world with threat lvl 10 but gen 2 is born into a world where threat lvl is lvl 7. My question is this: how can you miss something what you have never experienced? Like, I live in Hungary in a peaceful village so why would I miss the experience or whatever of a god damn desert walk or a life in Afghanistan? People in the future will have no clue about threat or whatever, so they cant miss it. Do I miss the black plague so I can tell everyone how awful was it and how lucky I am to survive it? No, because I do not know what it is. And even though if you are bored, you can notice yourself that you will certainly start to look after something to do. It is a reflex, it cannot die out.

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  31. PatrickIamonfire Posted on August 18, 2019 at 1:04 pm

    The story is good but it has flaws. Such as why would they want go back the way it was if they are not angry or sad or anxious. When we are happy we keep a open mind but when we are sad or angry we feel we want the things we are familiar with. So why would people want to change back if they are happy and in peace. People would more likely change their ways if they are unhappy. Would change you your way if you’re in a utopia or in a dystopia.

    The medical is also caught my attention. The reason we go we want to cure ourselves so that we don’t have problems to deal with as infections and other things that cause pain.

    My other opinions:

    I don’t believe in necessary evil or bad. The reason because good things are called good cause they have values that benefits you but doesn’t harm anyone or benefits you and everyone. Bad things harms you and everyone. Such as smoking a cigarette will you get lung cancer and cause brain problems for children if they are near.

    About how bad things are bad:
    You think that corrupt or criminals live a good life but that’s false cause they live fear more than us. Think about they have to constantly hide evidence and monitor which and hard work. They can’t trust anyone cause they know that one person can ruin it all. So they have make sure to keep no loose ends. The bad guys tries to scare others cause they themselves are afraid so by scarring others they could suppress the people which only works for a short period of time until people had enough of it. Look at the French Revolution. So yes bad ways are more hard work than good ways.

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    What about the universe? Was it too far away?
    Why would a God stand on the line of peace?
    What is with the genetic coding, that is soo simple for her, if not the understanding of something new? something modern?
    Is this the problem, bein a kid, changing the world, but no chance to step up with the changes once have done?
    What is further? how would it end up being the mistake of the invention of the kind?
    Is there always a chance to make things darker, or brighter?
    Or should we call it that way, the simple, the perfect, the grey?

    Does a god just do once and rest twice?
    Is there a meaning if you call it that way? Or is there more?
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    It seems like the end is the begining. If the deed means loosing the self. If we go that far, where we are not animals anymore, where life doesn't made up by the nature, where peace means boring, that every' rule could have ever been made to avoid every' bad aspect of the sence that could have ever been. Then what is sence, if not the lack of it? What does a God do? The Odyssey, where the herd must lay down by the sunset, to witness the dawn i suppose. Is there an "and, if, soo"? Isn't that just another step forward? but where, you might ask… Well, not all the questions should be answered, are they? 😀 There are secrets for her. The last mind-state of someone like her, should be… Is the more to it?

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