December 7, 2019
  • 2:15 pm Greek Orthodox Church in Adelaide is up in flames on Agios Nikolaos Feast Day
  • 2:14 pm MABON: Ritual equinoccio de otoño l Sabbats Wicca
  • 2:14 pm ¿DAVID ROCKEFELLER ha muerto o ha sido SACRIFICADO en un extraño RITUAL? | VM Granmisterio
  • 2:14 pm With Us – Hillsong Worship
  • 2:14 pm Now That Your Near – Hillsong Worship
Theology and Religious Studies at the University of Chester

Hi, my name’s Dr. Hannah Bacon. I’m Senior
Lecturer in Contextual and Feminist Theology here at the University of Chester, where I’m
also Deputy Head for Theology and Religious Studies. That basically means that I have
oversight of all Undergraduate programmes. So Chester is a really exciting place to study
Theology and Religious Studies for lots of different reasons. One of the reasons is that
we have our own building, which is quite rare for Theology and Religious Studies departments.
We’ve got our own study space, our own computer space, we teach in our own building as well,
and that means that our students actually get to know us very quickly and that we get to
know our students quickly too. All of our programmes are designed to give the student
maximum choice. There are opportunities to study abroad and to undertake fieldwork in
places like Jerusalem or India. Theology and Religious Studies graduates from the University
of Chester get jobs in a whole range of professions, from things like social work to care work,
other forms of business and industry, publishing, ministry and so on. So if you’re interested
in a degree in Theology and Religious Studies, why not come and visit us at one of our Open
Days? Or contact me directly on [email protected]

Otis Rodgers