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This Meditation Will Open Your Third Eye INSTANTLY WARNING THERE’S NO GOING BACK

this video I’m gonna be sharing with you
a guided meditation that will open your third eye what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna
share with you exactly how to do that and then a meditation to help wire that
in so that you have that experience for yourself welcome back to another video
my name is Aaron I’m hoping to expand their consciousness now in this video
I’m gonna be sharing with you a process that you can use in your own life to
open up your third eye and as the new style of these videos I’m gonna be doing
what I’ve been doing which is a in the beginning a 5 to 10 minute explanation
of how we go about this process the kind of like the understanding of how to do
it and then the last part of it will be that of the actual meditation that’ll
help to wire it in now let me say that recently I have been studying the 3rd
eye way more than I normally do now normally it’s all about the practical
tools towards understanding like how our story is creating our experience beliefs
create reality how to transcend certain beliefs and for the longest time I kind
of put this in the background because I’ve had a couple videos that I did a
year or two ago that got almost a million views on that of the third eye
and I realized that there’s such a strong interest for people but I just
felt like I wasn’t as passionate about it so I put it in the background then
what happened is recently I’ve been more interested in expanding my awareness
when it comes to that of understanding the third eye some more of the esoteric
type practices and it was actually my grandpa that explained to me and told me
about these guided meditations in this process from what is called the Monroe
Institute so the Monroe Institute is something I’ve heard of before and it’s
been around for quite a while now and it deals with understanding how we can
expand our awareness using meditations and exercises that help to see us more
than that of just physical reality like to see us more as just who we think we
are it kind of expands that perception now he and I had a conversation recently
a my grandpa and he told me that in the 90s he did it
and it really transformed his own consciousness and the way that he goes
about doing what he does like he has a he’s always been kind of and had the
ability to see auras he’s always had these well he’s developed and practiced
that as well but he’s explained to me that if I did these meditations and I
went through this process that he was almost certain that it would expand my
awareness and help me to see things from a completely new point of view so I had
decided that what I was doing is gonna get those so I got that CD set and it’s
hard to find and it’s not cheap it’s six CD set six CDs I paid over I got them on
sale and I got a great deal on them and I paid almost $400 for them so the
reason I say this to you is because some of the information I’m gonna be sharing
in this video it’s going to be stuff from that and just know it is a credible
source it’s been around for a long time you can read reviews on it it’s
something that’s very powerful and it’s something I want to share with you guys
in my own way by doing the guided meditation that uses some of the
principles from it that can help you also expand your awareness and help you
expand your it and open your third eye and before we get into that the actual
process let me explain a little bit of my perception of the third eye itself
now normally the stereotypical way that we think about the third eye is we
almost kind of put it on this pedestal and we think that it’s this really
mystical type experience that we must have and we get all these expectations
to it now not that the third eye is not mystical and not that we’re not going to
have experiences beyond that of what we think to be like possible like we can
really open up to a whole new reality but it’s about understanding let’s
understand the philosophy of the third eye first
so the third eye we think of as right here this is something that has been
shown the symbolism and many different religions many different spiritual
practices in their own interpretation but nonetheless think of it as duality
opening the third eye we must close ourself to duality now this doesn’t mean
resist duality it means be aware of duality think of duality as the left eye
the right eye the left brain the right brain the light the dark all of these
different polarized ideas are a part of duality
now we think of that towards the left and the right eye now the third eye is
that which is single that is right above it’s right it’s a pineal gland and well
it’s inside of the brain and what we can think of this as as when we close our
eyes to duality we then open our third eye we open to a higher level of
perception now the reason I like to explain it like this is because for a
lot of people it takes out the mysticism and thinking that it has to it has to be
something that is so far unrelatable what I’m saying is it can be much more
relatable by understanding who we are at a deeper level because at the deepest
level we are consciousness that is who we are and when we start to understand
that that which we’ve experienced in their life that which we give importance
to which may be giving importance to the events that happen in her life and
thinking that we are just our physical body that will keep us tied in duality
now the first key to that of transcending duality is learning to
observe your thoughts and learning to see them from a neutral point of view
because everything in life is fundamentally neutral when we shift to
this perspective we start feeling less charged by that of the of the duality we
feel less charged by the things that are happening so the first step to this
process is moreso learning to observe our thoughts from a neutral point of
view because when you do that we and when we do that what we do is we start
to see things and we start to feel differently as well because we’re not
being pulled in different directions with that of things that are happening
in our life we’re less affected by the external and we’re more centered in the
internal or more centered on who we really are so this is about
understanding as well that what it really is about is transcending that of
the ego transcending of the egos limits because the ego will say oh that’s not
real the third eye all of this stuff that how can that logically be real but
that’s a logical point of view that will only get you to the rims of that of the
ego and the ego is very limiting so the key is to be aware of duality
and to also plant seeds of knowing that you are more than your physical body you
are more than just the ego and when you start to understand this this is
something we’re going to be doing in the meditations I’m gonna be helping to
facilitate wire this idea in this is something that they do as well in the
Monroe Institute and the Monroe Institute CDs is you get to a certain
level of relaxation and you remind yourself that you are more than your
physical body because by doing that and getting to a theta state which is the
deepest level of brainwave activity and reminding yourself of that you start to
program that into you start to go I am more than my physical body I just
believed so much in this this 3d world of duality that I’ve given it so much
importance that therefore I create more and more that experience in my life so
this is about first off being aware of that because in the awareness is where
we can really decide to change now the third eye is something that also must be
balanced out because think of it like this we have a chakra system the third
eye is one of those chakras and we have that of chakras above it and we have
that of chakras below it now in order to really experience a third eye opening
one thing we must also do is clear out the emotions and the chakras below it
this is something that’s not very often talk about but think about it like this
what we must do with our third eye in order to really open it is we must
balance out that of the root chakra which is the root chakra is kind of like
the one that is very at the bottom of like our spine to that of the throat
chakra now think of it like this the first chakra the fifth chakra is from
certain interpretation we could say that the root chakra is the first chakra this
is the fifth chakra the first chakra plus the fifth chakra which is the
throat chakra equals this third eye chakra which is the sixth chakra so
think of it like we must balance out these two and ground ourselves in order
to then go deeper into that of opening the third eye so how do we do that well
what we can begin to do is we can begin to do certain ways of
grounding ourselves making ourselves more present to the body present to the
moment so becoming more inside of the body rather than being so identified
with everything else part of the meditation we’re gonna do is to help to
wire these in and when we do that we start to see that we can start to loosen
up think of the the fifth chakra the end of the throat as the chakra of freedom
of understanding expression how we can express ourselves and when we start to
ground ourselves + feel that freedom loosening up that of the physical
reality of what is real and what is not real
that’s when so much in our life will begin to change so me for example I’ve
been expanding I’ve been doing these meditations every night the last couple
weeks now and I definitely felt a big expansion in my perception and let me
share with you a couple side effects of this the first one is you’re gonna start
to feel more creative it’s one of the most easy ones I realized that I used to
always believe in myself as well I used to believe that I wasn’t a very visual
person and because I believed that wasn’t such a visual person I would then
create the experience that that was the case but what I encourage you to do as
well is to pay attention to any beliefs that you have about this process any
expectations you have about the third eye opening and be aware if you say I’m
not a visual person I’m not this type of person that is the ego speaking that is
the ego telling you what it thinks it knows about you and when you observe
those thoughts you realize I am more than my physical body I am more than my
ego and when you remind yourself of this mantra you start to then gain this
ability to open up your perception at a higher level
so be aware of your beliefs be aware of your expectations observe your thoughts
start to pay more attention to that of the observation know that everything in
your life is a matter of perception everything is fundamentally neutral you
are so much more than you can even imagine
and the third eye is the gateway to that experience and that’s why we are about
to do that meditation I think is so powerful now there’s another part of
this that I think is so often miss understood and misrepresented and that
is knowing that there is also within our body within our heart center now what we
can begin to do is also connect our heart to that of our third eye because
the thing is is the mind can only take us so far and what the heart math
Institute is shown is that the electromagnetic energy around that of
the heart is thousands of times more powerful than at the head so what I
encourage what I’m going to be doing in this meditation is also connecting
helping to facilitate us connecting to that of our brain to our heart to create
a heart and brain coherence because as we create that coherence we expand our
energy field and then we really expand outside the limits of our body so this
is something that once again I think can really help you to / expand your own
perception realize that you are more than you can even imagine and now what
we’re gonna do is we’re gonna get into the guided meditation where we can learn
and start to embody more of this so the first thing we’re gonna do is we’re
gonna put the energy in our heart then what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna start
to relax certain parts of our body get into a deep state of relaxation then
there’s gonna be a certain thing I’m going to ask you to repeat in your mind
you can just repeat it in your mind and that mantra is gonna help it’s kind of
the mantra I already shared with you about knowing that you are more than
your physical body and then as you begin to do that we’re gonna do a
visualization exercise of then adding in certain lights into our third eye and
then connecting that to our heart there’ll be a period of exploration
where you can pay attention to what signs what messages your third eye has
for you because really the true information comes from within you so
there’s nothing I can tell you that you at a deeper level don’t already know so
what I want to help you do is connect to that of your heart and your third eye
and by doing so you’re connecting to your own intuition and from there
you’ll find that you go on your own exploration of it so this like I said
it’s from the teachings of something that I paid quite a bit of money for but
I want you to get value from it as well in a little bit different way than you
know I can’t just give you the actual CDs or anything there’s six of them and
yeah I can’t legally can’t do that as well so this is my version of
implementing that and adding value to you as well so let’s go and get into
the meditation and what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna take a deep breath in a
deep breath out we’re gonna feel ourselves relaxed so let’s take a deep
breath in right now go ahead and breathe out feel your body relax more and more
with every breath you take you will feel your body sink deeper and deeper into
more relaxation now put your hands on your heart and begin to feel inside of
your heart center because the more you feel in your heart center the more you
are growing the electromagnetic energy the more you are feeling present in the
moment now let’s take another deep breath in
you breathe it out and feel yourself go
deeper and deeper or relax now I invite you to close your eyes if you can and to
feel how relaxing it feels to close your eyes how warm and feels behind your
eyelids how much your body is sinking into it deep
taxation now what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna
bring the sensation to certain parts of our body to relax ourselves feel the sensation now around your head
feel it in your forehead into relax
squeeze your forehead and if you would relax now put the awareness behind your
eyelids and relax your eye muscles the awareness to your jaw and up your
jaw and feel it relax even deeper now bring the awareness in your throat
and feel your throat relaxed deep relaxation now flowing down into your
left your left
your right hand your right arm now feel the sensation inside of your
heart center and feel now that increase in vibration
in your hearts feel as if there’s a ball of energy that
is spinning faster and faster in your heart center speeding up your vibration
you can feel his energy with more and more intensity now put the
awareness your stomach every breath you take you can feel
yourself relaxing more but the awareness your left leg your
left foot relax your toes feel your left leg becoming heavy
more relaxed so your right leg come heavy deep relaxation fill your right foot begin to relax relax your toes now understand that your body
in a very relaxed State now we are going to connect to that come on
and create a heart and mind coherence so now take in
a deep breath and imagine that as you take a deep breath you are feeling
this energy this breath go through your body
to go through your head and to then go around down to your toes
so this breath is moving around your body in a circular type of way
take a deep breath in goes through your heart and through your
head and as you breathe out you let go of any stale air that no longer serves
you as you breathe out feel yourself let go
of any stale air any energy that you can let go now imagine that there’s a ball of
energy sphere around your whole body and this sphere of energy contains
within it your consciousness but become aware now that your
consciousness is actually so much further beyond that
of which you priorly thoughts become aware and repeat in your mind
that I am more than my physical body I have more than my ego now repeated in
your mind again I am more than my physical body I am more than my ego how understand that your life that what you experienced
in your life is limited
by your attachments to your beliefs to believing that you are only your ego to
believing in your limitations and set the intention now that you begin to
perceive more than you prior we do set the intention that you can begin to
observe everything in your life from a more neutral point of view and that by doing so you will begin
to see duality for what it is repeat after me in your head again I am
more than my physical body I am more than my now imagine there is a ball of energy
inside of your third eye at between your eyes you can feel a
vibration we start to feel this tingling sensation
in your third eye and the more you put your awareness here
the more you are growing that energy now imagine this ball of energy and your
third eye began to spin in a clockwise position and the faster it spins the
more you feel this tingling sensation and the more you feel the awareness of
your third eye now imagine this ball of energy spinning
faster and faster what I’m now gonna do is I’m gonna count
from one to ten and with every number I count you were going to feel
this more and more you’re gonna feel your third eye opening and you’re gonna
feel or creative you’re gonna feel more
connected to this intuition than ever before one feel it now side your third eye you
can feel that tingling sensation to every number I count you can feel an
increase in your Third Eye Center three feeling this energy spin faster
and faster for begin to feel this now spinning beginning to expand its energy
field five 6:7 feeling this energy now feeling more
and more warmth inside of your third eye seven eight nine ten now imagine that
this ball of energy inside of your third eye is beginning to expand more and more
and now it is all around your body now soak in this energy
and know that you can ask your third-eye any question that you want
and you will begin to see a symbol of the answer
and begin to communicate now in this way ask yourself any question that you have
and listen for the answer now ask your third-eye what you can do to open it more and more and pay
attention to the answer I set the intention
this connection with your third eye continues even after this meditation and
set the intention that you start to become more creative more intuitive you
start to perceive of more in your life after this set the intention that you are forever
changed and that from this point going forward you will perceive of so much now what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna count
down from five to one with every number I count you’re gonna
feel yourself becoming more alert more present to the moment no now if I start to feel yourself now become
more presence to here now for daily energy now and flowing through your body
three go ahead and wiggle your toes start to move around to open up your
eyes now one now you are present to the moment
you’ve connected to your third-eye in a completely new way understand that if
you do this for 21 days I believe you’re really gonna start to
see things in your life begin to change because you start to pattern yourself
for knowing that you are more in your physical body you are more than
your ego and when you start to become more open-minded to that of your
third-eye to that of this intuition connection that you already have things
begin to change in a very powerful way so with that I hope you guys enjoy this
video I’m gonna be doing more live Q&A s if you want to ask me questions about
this if you want to also become part of live meditations on Instagram so you’ll
see my Instagram right here you can follow me there you want to have more of
an interaction and other than that as always I hope you enjoy this video feel
free to like this video if you like to subscribe if you haven’t already hit the
little notification gear so that you could see the new videos and the new
meditations that I do and other than that as always peace much love and

Otis Rodgers



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    I do encourage everybody who is thinking to open their third eyes to do it so.
    This is the first of the 21 days I'll be listening to this video while I'm meditating.
    Hope everybody do this as I just started!
    I think this video can be listened directly through speakers. I've done it with my smartphone hands free and the music sounds superb.
    Listen to this as you wish, on speakers or headphones.
    Thank you Aaron, thank you!


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  60. Elmer Bunton Posted on October 26, 2019 at 5:44 pm

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    Thank you Aaron, I am so in love with this Meditation 💐💐💝

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    It’s simply a no-go-back such as when you went to elementary school. You had to complete 1st grade and then begin at 2nd etc etc.. When you were done at any grade you couldn’t go back but lookin back at it you’re happy because you now see how much cool thing happened by graduating to a newer and more educated you

    It’s the same concept in spirituality

  67. Gadget. Lover Posted on November 4, 2019 at 10:30 am

    Hi people first of all I want to ask what is the third eye and why would anyone want to open it. is it good to open up your third eye and how long will it take for your third eye to be open if you doing this or any other meditation for like about two hours a day. thank you very much can anyone answer my question!!!

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    I noticed around 14 or 15 I was able to see things before it happened, I seen 2 car wrecks one day when me and my mom was out and something told me we were going to wreck and we did. My aunty went out of town when i was babysitting my little cousin and sister and one night I pulled out here gun in her drawer and learned how to use it and walked around as if someone was going to break in. The next morning they broke in. I had a heavy feeling my dad was going to get into a wreck and during that week i was praying for protection for him came home and told me he almost wrecked and I never told him about the feeling I had. Its like I see things before they happen and I feel things are going to happen. I felt me and my homies were going to get robbed walking home one night and as soon as we turned the corner they put guns on us. I write music as well and it seems almost everytime I do a song someone famous comes out with that same concept song. So I feel im connected and have a gift I used to meditate a lot but didnt really know what I was doing so I stopped but now I'm going to try again and feel what my talents really are.

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    You guys are setting yourself up for failure. You shouldn't open your third eye unless you really been taking care of yourself, and meditating and opening your chakras in order. If you just open it on purpose you might not be prepared for what you going see. And plus if you open your third eye the demons have a connection to you now and your consciousness will be so high that you will actually be able to feel them. So people just be careful 🤝. And realize what you're getting yourself into before you do it in life.

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