January 22, 2020
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Top 10 Overlooked Disney Films

Hey guys! It’s Carlee from Gemr and I’m back to count
down the 10 most Overlooked Disney Movies. Before we start adjusting our mouse ears,
and dusting off our VCRs however, I want to remind you to subscribe to our channel, and
hit that bell, so you never miss another Gemr top list. Walt Disney’s name is synonymous with the
world’s most popular cartoons, yet some Disney films have gone criminally overlooked. NEXT If you’re a Disney fan who’d like to discover
a film you didn’t see 100s of times as a kid, (What we need is some good quality stuff
man) we’ve put together a list of 10 Disney movies that may have slipped under your radar. Bibbity, bobbity, boo! Number 10, the Emperor’s New Groove. This had BETTER be good. With a direct-to-video sequel and a spinoff
series on the Disney channel, it may seem odd to consider The Emperor’s New Groove
“overlooked.” Yea… Go Figure. However, with rather modest marketing and
a humble box office performance by Disney standards, (I can’t believe this is happening!)
many seem to forget that this was indeed a movie made by the studio responsible for Mickey
Mouse. I bet you weren’t expecting THIS! [Incoherent screaming] Ah, whew, okay Number 9, the Rescuers Down Under This is my idea of fun! As the first sequel to ever premier in the
Disney animated features canon, The Rescuers Down Under is a bit of an anomaly. In fact, this follow up to The Rescuers remains
one of only three animated theatrical film sequels by Disney. Oh no! What’ll I do? The Rescuers Down Under unfortunately suffered
at the box office due to debuting the same weekend as Home Alone. Although more sequels were planned for The
Rescuers series, this pair of movies are instead oft forgotten curiosities for the average
Disney fan. Oh that’s real nice. Number 8, Oliver and Company! Due to mixed critical reviews and even some
scorn among Disney’s own animators, Why don’t you pick on somebody your own size. Oliver & Company did not stand the test of
time as its other animated counterparts have. Ey man, if this is torture, chain me to the
WALL. That’s not to say the film is without merit,
of course. With music performed by the likes of Huey
Lewis and Billy Joel, Check it out Tito, Oliver & Company is an unmistakable relic of late
80s animation. Ey freaky man, whatchu watchin man, does he
get the girl? What happens? Shut up, you little rodent. Coming in at Number 7, Home on the Range. Now we’re talkin! Released in 2004, the western musical would
be Disney’s last 2D animated film until The Princess and the Frog revitalized interest
in “classic Disney” 5 years later. Come, we pucker. That’s new. Home on the Range received mixed critical
reviews, DAGNABIT but fans stand by its merits as a unique Disney film. It aint over till the Fat Man Sings! [Fat Man Singing] [Cowbell] [Cowbell causing
pain] Number 6, Atlantis: The Lost Empire. Pause for Effect. The film’s lack of musical numbers and whimsy
led to mediocre reviews and small box office earnings. What!? That’s impossible. That’s not to say the film doesn’t have
fans. OOH, I like her. On the contrary, as Disney’s first sci-fi
movie and a massive departure from the studio’s traditional formula, Atlantis: The Lost Empire
is a prime example of a cult classic. Alright, whose not dead? Sound off. Number 5 on our list, the Brave Little Toaster. It’ll be fine! The Brave Little Toaster is a movie that tends
to be ignored amongst talk of Disney films, We’ve been Dumped! Abandoned! Perhaps it’s because The Brave Little Toaster
isn’t a fully Disney-produced movie in the traditional sense. Booooooooo Whether you fancy yourself too old for the
film or not, The Brave Little Toaster still delights children to this day. Number 4, Treasure Planet WOOOOOHOOOO this big budget version of Treasure Island
in space seemed to have everything going for it. Ya got the makins of Greatness! Unfortunately, Treasure Planet didn’t just
do poorly upon release: it bombed. [Pained ooooooo] Though its planned sequel didn’t pan out,
Treasure Planet remains a unique and accessible Disney film. WHOA, hehehe Number 3, the Great Mouse Detective As one of the movies that set the stage for
what is now referred to as the Disney Renaissance, The Great Mouse Detective is more significant
than what many give it credit for. The tense climax atop Big Ben remains as thrilling
today as ever. [Mice cheering smally] Coming in at Number 2, The Sword in the Stone. The Sword in the Stone gets surprisingly little
recognition from modern audiences. I’m, I’m afraid magic can’t solve this problem. While its characters and themes do go remembered,
it pales in comparison to any of the Disney princess films of the same era. The Sword in the Stone is a film that deserves
more recognition than it receives. [Owl Screaming] Number 1 on our list, The Black Cauldron
The Black Cauldron was both a box office flop and a critical failure upon its release. I’ve never had the chance to fight
The truth is that most Disney fans haven’t even seen it. DO SOMETHING. If you’re one of those people, then you
too may find it to be a hidden gem among Disney’s vast library of animated classics. How many of these movies have YOU seen? None what so ever. Let us know in the comments, or, better yet,
show off your whole Disney collection in Gemr’s Disney Club. The best place for fans of the House of Mouse
to connect, and collect together. Hope to see you there!

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