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Top 10 Poorest Countries in Asia

Top 10 Poorest Countries in Asia. Asia as a whole has long been seen as a powerhouse
of the economy. While countries like China, Japan and India
continue to grow and be major players in the world market, some countries continue to struggle
to keep pace. Here are the top 10 countries in Asia with
the lowest per capita income. All figures are drawn from calculations based
on World Bank Gross Domestic Product and Gross National Income data. 10: Cambodia, $2,600. The 70th most populated country on the planet
also happens to be one of the poorest. While home to beautiful landscapes and the
heritage site of Angkor Wat, the primary interest in Cambodia is the workforce. Businesses, especially those in the clothing
manufacture business flock to Cambodia as the cost of labor is among the cheapest in
the world. This poverty is further compounded by a history
of war, genocide, and a heavy reliance on sustenance farming. 9: Kyrgyzstan, $2,500. The mountainous country once known for being
a portion of the route called the Silk Road, Kyrgyzstan has kept itself quite traditional
in lifestyle. Agriculture makes up nearly a third of the
GDP, and forestry (namely the harvesting of Walnuts) is also an important economic factor. This may be a crisis in the future, as the
irrigation systems have been in a state of decay for over a decade. As a past member of the Soviet Union, the
central government still exerts control over the small mining enterprises throughout the
nation, even while the state transitions to a free-market economy. 8: Yemen, $2,351. Though neighbor to one of the richest countries
in the world, Yemen has itself seen much better days. Often cited as having a government unique
in being openly corrupt, there is also open corruption in the private sector that translates
to an excessive pay gap between wealthy and poor. Nearly half of the country is employed in
service and tourism jobs despite security risks consistently turning away a large share
of tourists to other locations such as the United Arab Emirates. To make matters worse, political violence
between government loyalists and Houthis has greatly increased in the recent past bringing
even further uncertainty to the region both in terms of security and economy. 7: Tajikistan, $2,300. A country with a history rich in culture,
but not always wealthy in terms of liquid assets. Tajikistan is still recovering from the civil
war nearly 10 years ago, the 2008 economic crisis, and at time of writing it is predicted
that this country may fall into conflict against ISIS. Even in the face of this threat, the economy
continues a long trend of improvement as it builds infrastructure to extract valuable
metals and move forward as a transition economy. 6: Papua New Guinea, $2,250. Despite being the 6th fastest growing economy
from 2011-2015, New Guinea has yet to cash in on large mining opportunities. Nearly 40% of the population live through
sustenance farming, and don’t directly contribute to the economy. Furthermore these groups enjoy unique protections
under the national Constitution to preserve the many cultures present. New Guinea while not the strongest economically,
has perhaps the most diversity per square kilometer. Blending Commonwealth, Asian and Pacific Island
cultures and values, it remains a peaceful society despite containing a large number
of languages and ethnic variation. 5: Bangladesh, $2,085. Bangladesh is a country of contradiction. Despite being among the largest producers
of Rice and Tea in the world and one of the largest banking sectors in South East Asia,
the average income of its citizens is among the lowest in the world. This can partly be attributed to the past
40 years which have seen all manner of small scale, but economically debilitating rebellions. This is particularly ironic, as Bangladesh
is the single biggest contributor to United Nations peacekeeping forces and as of 2015
was rated as the most peaceful nation in Southeast Asia. 4: North Korea, $1,800. This “Hermit Kingdom” is often seen as
the poster child for poverty. With the average citizen making less than
$15 a week through normal economic channels, the black or grey markets are the primary
sources of income for most. This of course means that a vast number of
citizens are subject to inconsistent paychecks as a result of government crackdowns and the
inevitable need to pay bribes to continue to exist. In defense of North Korea, they at least nominally
have a public food distribution system that reportedly sustains 70% of the country when
famines aren’t present. While exceedingly poor at present, it is thought
that there is an abundance of metal resources. With adequate infrastructure, it is estimated
the value of these metals could be between $4 trillion to $6 trillion. 3: Myanmar, $1,777. Myanmar has not had what anyone could call
an easy past. Almost 200 years of occupation, war and civil
unrest has followed this country (also called Burma) into the modern age, along with a large
list of human rights violations. Among these are common reports of forced child
labor, human trafficking and genocidal acts by the government. It comes as no surprise that this has greatly
hindered the number of educated workers within the country. The economy likewise has been rough. Since the banning of Opium Poppies, many farmers
have had no cash crop, and the economy relies primarily on the exporting natural gas to
neighboring countries. 2: Nepal, $1,500. Even before the earthquake disaster of 2015,
Nepal was already a place where health as well as poverty were major concerns. Over 40% of the population lives off less
than $2 a day, and nearly one third of homes are without modern sanitation (such as toilets). 70% find employment in the agricultural sector,
while garment industries and tourism make up a significant portion of the rest of the
workforce. 1: Afghanistan, $1,100. After suffering decades of being a war-torn
nation, it should come as no surprise that Afghanistan heads this list. Like many on this list, a majority of Afghanistan’s
economy is based on agriculture, even though only 6% of the nations land has proven usable. While animal husbandry used to also be a major
economic factor, up to 80% of domestically useful species were wiped out by incursions
of Iranian and Pakistani refugees in the early 2000’s. The future continues to look uncertain for
this country, as the entire region is engaged yet again with a large terrorist threat that
is sure to hinder growth and development.

Otis Rodgers



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    I'm glad I have just enough to get by and I am fortunate for that.. but I've seen the joys of having nothing ( growing up decently poor) and I've also seen the heartache of having too much. ( I've had money more than I needed at times).

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